Equine Rescue

Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Donkey With Overgrown Hooves Runs Free For The First Time

Source: The Dodo’s Comeback Kids

Jenny and her mom Josie suffered through years of neglect, and their hooves grew so long that they could barely stand. Help has finally arrived — watch them fall in love with their new lives.

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  1. Its beyond me how anyone could allow that kind of abuse to go on & not understand its wrong. There are far more rescues out there that would have taken these 2 donkeys years earlier! Getting feet trimmed is not optional! Its part of the care for any equine.


  2. Great story, but also very sad to see Josey was a wild BLM burro (see the brand at around minute 5), and evidently suffered decades of abuse in domestic life. The Xrays are heartbreaking and outrageous. I wonder if the owners were ever held to account of any sort whatsoever? Or anyone else for that matter. Who knows how many hands Josey passed through until she was found by these kind rescue folks.

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    • Yes, I noticed the BLM brand too and these years of living with this torturous hoof deformity would never have happened if the burros were left in the wild where they naturally and legally belong. So, not only the previous owners of these burros are guilty but BLM and their corrupt “management” of our wild horses and burros is also guilty.


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