Equine Rescue

“It took an army” to rescue horse bound for slaughter

Source: WVLT.TV

An East Tennessee community came together to perform one act–saving a horse bound for slaughter.

Susie Bailey Lones, a horse lover, told WVLT News Anchor Amanda Hara that she had “never been so stressed dealing with a horse emergency” when it came to trying to save a two-year-old Belgian. Lones said Jordan and Lindsey Ayres, who operate Triple Hill Farm in Farragut, rescued the horse after Elizabeth Baker agreed to pay the fee to buy him from Sexton’s Horse and Mule Company, located in Sneedville, Tennessee.

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Lones said Charlie’s health “was questionable” and made the rescue “even more dire.” The rescue, Lones said, “took an army” and included the help of family friends, Horse Haven of Tennessee, and the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Charlie was rescued from the auction house, but when he arrived in Loudon County, Lones said he was “so exhausted from the trailer ride and ordeal” he was unable to walk or even stand up on his own. They reached out to Leg Up Transport for help, Lones said, and that organization brought a glider and a four-wheeler to pull Charlie. This part of the rescue was “extremely stressful,” Lones said, because Charlie was sedated, and it didn’t work at first.

Lones said they were able to make it to the UT Vet School where Charlie has since made some progress. “Charlie is doing very well,” Lones said. “The vet said his appetite is incredible. Right now it looks like he will require the help of the sling to stay standing for quite some time until he regains his stability, but everything else is looking good so far!”

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  1. This is heartwarming but what is the back story? Was he ill, or starved, or both, and why did someone get paid for harming this horse? Why aren’t any of them facing legal consequences? The odds are the conditions that Charlie had to grow up in are shared by others, and will continue to be. If this was intentional abuse the law should be taking a closer look.

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  2. May God bless all those who save, contribute and go into these disgusting auctions and kill pens. At be UniSun Farm in Homer Glen, Illinois we have five kill pen horses. Two were suppose to be on their final ride in the am, two not too far behind and little Colt whose mother was sent to slaughter. He was left behind because to send with his mom would be illegal! Like they care! At any rate, this is on going! And it must stop! And we must continue to network and help pay their for their expenses until we shut the damn slaughter pipeline down! We need to educate people that there are other options too! All of our horses are doing well and you can see it in their eyes when they finally know they are safe! Call your US House and Senate members and ask them to support and Cosponsor HR 961 and SB 2006- the Safe Act! The numbers have been declining. But in my estimation 1 is just too many! I believe the declining numbers are related to the group’s saving and rehoming! Two to three days is not longing enough to collect jail bail, find homes and transport! But our groups have been doing it! Again, God bless all involved in our saves!


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