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As Track Makes Headlines For Horse Deaths, City Eyes Santa Anita Potential

Joseph Pimentel, Bisnow Los Angeles

As horse racing at the iconic Santa Anita Park faces new scrutiny, the city of Arcadia is pushing to come up with a master plan for the 300-acre site, a city official told Bisnow.

The privately owned track has weathered a barrage of headlines related to horse injuries and deaths at the site over the last two years, and the city has been asking the track owner, The Stronach Group, to work with it on development plans, with or without horse racing.

“The Stronach Group has been very clear in recent years that they are very interested in keeping horse racing going and perpetuating the sport,” Arcadia Assistant City Manager and Development Services Director Jason Kruckeberg said.

Kruckeberg said the city is supportive of that decision.

“Horse racing is something that we would like to continue, and there has been expectations that there will be some sort of development on the property,” Kruckeberg said. “They don’t need 300 acres of parking lot. So there’s been some expectation on both sides, Stronach and the city, to have some type of plan or project there.”

A contingency plan for the site is a particularly timely development. While Santa Anita Park has been a mainstay in the city since the 1930s, it continues to grapple with a rash of horse racing deaths, and animal rights groups and activists have been pushing for the track’s closure. Just last Thursday, another horse died while training or racing on the track, the LA Times reported.

It was Santa Anita’s eighth horse racing death since the racing season started on Dec. 26. More than 30 horses died over the last year, prompting Stronach to put in place several safety measures, including adding more veterinarians and using PET scans to reduce the number of horse deaths.

Still, those measures have not quelled the calls to close.

More than 223,000 people as of Monday have signed a petition to close down Santa Anita on At the most recent Jan. 20 meeting of the California Horse Racing Board, which overseas horse racing in the state, April Montgomery, and activist with, a grassroots animal rights advocacy organization, told the board members to shut down the track.

“For 87 years, California sacrificed thousands of racehorses under the guise of sport for gambling,” Montgomery said. “It’s time to ban the race and California voters are ready.”

A Stronach Group official said they have no plans to close the track. Adding a mixed-use entertainment component similar to venues in Florida is also not something they are looking at adding to the track for now, Stronach Chief Strategy Officer Aiden Butler told Bisnow.

“At Santa Anita Park, The Stronach Group is entirely focused on evolving our racing platform with integrity and modern thinking,” Butler said.

Butler said Stronach is doing what it can to invest in the safety of the horses on the track. Kruckeberg, the city official, said the city has no say or power to close the race track.

“[The horse injuries are] a horrible thing and it’s a nationwide concern,” Kruckeberg said.

From an economic development standpoint, Santa Anita Park has a lot to offer. The track currently contributes more than $1.5M in direct revenue to the city, along with 1/3 of 1% for every dollar bet from parimutuel betting at the track, Kruckeberg said. The parimutuel revenue has declined in recent years due to off-site and mobile betting, but it is still money that goes toward capital improvements in the city, he said.

Lee & Associates’ principal Dan Bacani said the land around the track is ideal for mixed-use commercial of all types, from retail and office to townhomes. There is a demand for all product types, he added. “It could become a Downtown Disney-type of area,” Bacani said…(CONTINUED)

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  1. Close Santa Anita – all horse racing seems to be about people making money off the suffering of horses. From the stories about race horses ending up being sold to slaughter after no longer ‘useful’ to racing, to the abominable doping of horses, this industry just shows how callous and self-serving humans can be. Everyone associated, from owners to jockeys should be forced to work in rescue and rehabilitation projects to try to atone for the suffering they have caused. A pox on these people.

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  2. Well, if they close and fill the space with roads and buildings, they should name all the streets and buildings after horses who were sacrificed here at the altar of money.

    Here’s a new article on the uniquely modern problems of inbreeding Thoroughbreds:

    “… what we found was that there has been a highly significant increase in inbreeding in the population over the last 45 years, and probably the greatest increase in inbreeding is seen in the last 10 or 15 years.”

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