The Force of the Horse

We Have Dropped Off the Radar; Here’s Why!

by R.T. Fitch

“Life Happens!”

Since early 2008 this Blog, “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” was how I would start my day, regardless of my location, the blog would roll.  Originally set up to promote our book by the same name, the blog quickly turned into a sounding board for equine related issues.  From the bloody business of horse slaughter to the outrageous conduct of the BLM as they stripped public lands of wild horses and burros…we were there, daily.

But for the past two weeks, you have not seen us, you have not heard from us and we have not reached out to even say so much as a neighborly “Hello”.  What’s the Deal?  Pretty simple, really…to coin a phrase that my bride, Terry, likes to use, “Life Happens”.

In a nutshell; back in May of 2019 we accepted into our home a most wonderful soul and one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen all bundled up into the body of a young German Shepherd named “Tesla”.  We were contacted by the Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue about a young dog, who was born with Hip Dysplasia and they were having difficulty finding a home for him as he was in serious need of not one but two full hip replacements.  We were cautioned that he would be quiet a project but being that we had adopted from them before, they felt we were up to the task and we were.

I have never met a canine cousin like Tesla, for all his pain, discomfort and inability to walk correctly he is hands down the happiest dog in all of Texas.  There is not a human or animal that he does not like and befriends anyone who meets him.  He lives with the pain and only squeals when he rolls, attempts to run or his border collie sister, Roxy, tackles him.  I believe that the word “stoic” fits him as he just presses on and lets nothing bring him down or depress him.  I love that in him, he sets a good example for all of us two legged whimps to follow.

It took Terry months of vet appointments, second opinions, discussions and meetings until she finally ferreted out one of the best hip replacement doctors in the U.S. and in February of this year, we got Tesla in front of him.  Plans were made for the first hip to be operated on in March at their surgical clinic in San Antonio and then the virus struck.  Each month it was postponed until finally in June we snagged an appointment, it was going to be a trip to span several days and we were going to stay right there with him.  Careful accommodation arrangements were made, I drove in from out of state to help, we drove to San Antonio and dropped him off in the late afternoon for surgery the following day and while relaxing at our rented apartment that evening we received a call from the surgical clinic that they were not going to proceed and canceled his surgery due to a possible skin infection on that hip.  Bottom line, we had to wait another two months.

But we repeated the lengthy and timely process last week and won.  Tesla is under Terry’s care and walking about on the first leg joined to his hip EVER in his life.  It is going to be a slow process but in about 3 months, we will do it again for the other side and that poor pooch is not going to know what do with four solid legs underneath him.  I am certain that we will have to peel him off the sealing on many occasions.

So that’s where we have been, that’s what we have been up to and that’s why the blog has been bogged down…family first.

Hope all of you are well and safe, we will get back after it, soon.


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  1. Having had the joy of four different German Shepherds over a span of years back when… Hes absolutely beautiful on the outside and sure does sound as beautiful inside. Have wondered about your absence but boy, its in such a good cause. Please keep letting all of us know how things are going – when you can. Sending good luck & lots of thoughts & prayers for this sweet boy and you & Terry.

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  2. Natahay! Hope she recovers quick and complete. I Never noticed you were gone, but the Wild Horses have. Much damage is being done by the coronavirus pulling attention from the abusive violent roundups. Horses have died in the past several weeks of roundups, many have been traumatized by being separated from their herds and their lands. We Need to stop the BLM from removing the horses from the landvthry long to live on and have a spiritual connection to. I have noticed the horses have a longing for their home land. This should be grounds to stop removals. They thrive on their attachment to their range. Its emotional and mental damage to remove them from their home on the land they know as theirs. It needs to stop

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  3. I had missed your beautiful news and did winder if I’d been lost from the list….But to read this important and wonderful news I’m more than happy in many ways of being ‘missed ‘LOL
    Much love and God’s dearest blessings to you and the family. The world need more folk like you.
    cheers Ros (the custodian of two 12 yr old Afghans and a 30yr old paint horse rescues)

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  4. I had been feeling concerned about your absence so Im glad to read this. I wish full and fast recovery for Tesla, this beautiful guy. God bless you and your wife for the care you have given him. Hoping you will come back and report on wild horse and burro issues at some point. These creatures have done nothing to deserve the persecution that has been going on thanks to Bureau of Land Mis-management and cattle industry.

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  5. You were certainly missed! I am a devoted fan! Your dog is such a beautiful spirit! Thank you for taking on Tesla! I have three german shepherds who are all majestic spirits! Two are rescued with serious issues. One has had 4 surgeries over two years to rebuild his crushed pelvis after being run over by his first family when he was only 4 months old. They chose to put him down but the vet called me because I am known as a sucker for the underdog. The other has seizures (no longer – yay! – better living through chemistry) and has been blind since birth. They don’t know they have problems unless they are in the middle of an issue. It will be so rewarding to see the progress your Tesla will make and how you will be changed for the better because of the extra love and compassion you get to experience. Who knew these animals were such powerful healers! Many thanks for all you do for the horses. Wishing you health, safety and many blessings.

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