Equine Rescue

Horses of the Storm: The Incredible Rescue of Katrina’s Horses

“In late August of 2005 Terry and I had the privilege of working beside the Louisiana State University’s Equine Rescue Team while rescuing not only horses but all sorts and types of animals after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  It was life changing stuff and thanks to the book, below, Ky Mortensen documented the efforts and has even provided a guide for others to prepare and recover from such devastation.  Click on the book cover, below, to learn more.  But in the meantime, in honor of the dedicated work that my wife, Terry, accomplished during Katrina and several weeks later with Rita, I share a kind excerpt from Ky’s book for your preview, today.  Stay safe.” ~ R.T.

On August 29, 2005, the United States suffered one of the worst disasters ever when Hurricane Katrina slammed into southern Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. In the midst of uncertainty and chaos was born the largest equine rescue ever. Horses of the Storm is a collection of gripping and ultimately inspiring first-hand accounts of how the Louisiana State University’s Equine Rescue Team spearheaded a dedicated group of heroic staff and volunteers that saved hundreds of horses. In addition, Horses of the Storm will also contain a take-away of tips to prepare horse owners before, during, and after a disaster. ~ by Ky Mortensen

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  1. I think I remember seeing the first video back after Katrina. Sounds like there should be a market for this book – considering the hazards of the present day. Good advice is sometimes hard to come by!


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