The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Video~Woman Slowly Becomes Best Friends With An Anxious Wild Horse

The Dodo Faith=Restored

Rescued mustang wouldn’t let her mom go anywhere near her head — now she lies down in the field with her and loves to be ridden

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  1. That’s just how I respond to a terrified rescue cat who moves in with us…learning that each one has a different time span and route to confidence and finally, enjoyment of the “pack”.
    They didn’t want to join up at first (or even for a year!) but they sure were hungry for the peace the others already had. Then they show you a tiny door that can open to their trust. Yum. What a moment!
    Call me crazy but I get so happy fantasizing that one day, in some other sphere, the cats and we who-mans? will be in a single pride on a golden plain, being pure cat together. A newly “past” dear friend and dear cat joined together in a waking dream to show me how it could be done. Amazing!
    I fantasize enjoying being pure wild horse on a different plane with those that were captured and suffered here. It makes the roundups slightly less horrific. Time and experiences are so transitory. Why not envision a better space?

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