The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Video~Horse Lets Herself Into The House Whenever She Wants

Source: The Dodo

“We have a particular member of our herd that would LOVE to partake of such activities, but for the safety of the horse and the home’s other occupants, such liberties are not permitted.  Now coming out into the yard to play when we are working outside is another story, but horses live in the pastures and humans, with cats and dogs, reside in the house.  Fortunately, the horse in this video appears to be calm and somewhat bombproof.” ~ R.T.

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  1. This story brought me to tears which frankly during these times does not take much. His total devotion to Amerigo even

    after his terrible injury and multiple injuries speaks volumes about his character. I hope both have many more years ahead of them and memories to share.


  2. Yet another true rescue – for both of them. Really love the “rub the nose on the glass” request! Glad he puts no blame to the mare for the accident. Like Carole – hope for many more years for both of them.

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