Equine Rescue

Feel Good Sunday: Video~Abandoned Work Horse Has The Happiest Reaction To Getting His Hooves Trimmed

The Dodo Heroes

Abandoned workhorse gets his hooves trimmed and he’s thrilled to run again — a year later, his mom’s rescued 80 more horses!

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  1. Bless these small rescues that make a difference to EACH single animal they take home. This subject seems to be so hidden from the general public. The animals that are shipped to Japan – trucked to Canada or Mexico – the absolute lack of care & cruelty involved in this “industry” – and it IS an industry – a slaughter industry. Like the same lack of care & cruelty involved in the factory farming INDUSTRY!

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  2. I wish we could get all horses to be this lucky! Great people doing great things!

    Please people do all you can to let our gov. know rounding up, warehousing and sending OUR horses to slaughter is NOT okay! Corporations, greedy ranchers and all others are claiming OUR public lands and pushing the horse off their promised land. Let them know this is not the wishes of the American people!

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