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US judge may suspend Wild Horse roundup in Nevada

A federal judge is considering temporarily suspending the capture of wild horses in Nevada where their advocates say the federal government is “needlessly and recklessly” killing free-roaming mustangs in violation of U.S. laws.

Wild Horses under attack by BLM in Nevada~ Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

U.S. District Judge Miranda Du says she expects to rule by Monday, maybe sooner, on the advocates’ request for an emergency court order pending another hearing next week to learn more about the potential danger of roundup near the Utah state line.

The Bureau of Land Management insists it must gather the mustangs before the end of February — one of several scheduled on an expedited basis across the West due to severe drought.

“If the court grants the temporary restraining order and sets a hearing next week … halts the gather for a few days through next week, what’s the harm?” Du asked lawyers representing the agency Wednesday during a hastily called hearing in Reno.

Maggie Smith, a Justice Department lawyer, said a delay of even two or three days would prevent the agency from completing the removals before the end of the year.

The bureau is prohibited from using helicopters to drive the herds into temporary corrals from March 1 to June 1 when mares typically are pregnant and give birth. After that, the summer heat adds stress on the animals and in the fall, contractor availability becomes a problem, Smith said.

The horse advocates say the agency is squeezing the roundup of 2,030 horses in Nevada into a month under an illegal environmental assessment of a series of gathers over 10 years. Of the 1,048 gathered as of Wednesday, the bureau says 11 have died.

The horse groups says the low-flying helicopters combined with “unsafe muddy conditions on the ground in mid-January create a purely artificial hazard that is deadly to these wild horses, a congressional protected, public natural resource.”

“This particular herd is foaling now and pregnant now,” Jessica Blome, their lawyer, told Du on Wednesday. “If they had followed the proper process and monitored the herd, they would know that.”

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  1. ALL round ups need to stop & ALL: horses should be released back to their homes! Nevada is so right how abusive the BLM is in round ups; they don’t care if horses live or die! The draught doesn’t have anything to do with these round ups. The Wild horses have been taking care of themselves for many years regardless of weather conditions! Round ups are for the ranchers who want to get richer than they already are. Horses are paying the price with their lives so cattlemen can add to their millions $$$.
    This whole program needs to be stopped! Feds are bowing to the ranching industry. Wild horses & Burros are supposed to be Federally Protected by law. Protection affords them from harm of any kind, but the Gov. isn’t protecting them anymore. I applaud the judge for calling a halt to this even temporarily maybe this will lead to shutting it down permanently.

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  2. Good to hear that someone is finally looking at the truth of this issue. I hope something good can come of it BEFORE its too late. But this roundup is only one of many – the same attitudes & treatments here are going on in every case!

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  3. Stop herding the wild horses with helicopters now ..stop using the excuse to stop them from over grazing..cattle and sheep overgraze much more ..we have to find a natural balance for all life to live in harmony

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  4. The judge ruled against the advocates and allowed the roundups to continue. Is that really a surprise? I don’t why horse advocates continually rely on lawsuits as the best way to help wild horses. Most of the time they’re costly, too slow, and you can lose.

    Real activists understand that only the public, acting together in visible sustained protest can help the horses. People feel angry and frustrated about what’s happening, but horse advocates fail to unite and harness that anger. They should certainly know by now that writing to politicians doesn’t do anything (unless you threaten to not vote for them and start a campaign against them to do just that), nor does the countless lawsuits they file. I told Biden a couple of weeks ago that he has lost my vote over this issue. Imagine if thousands of others told him the same thing. Start a postcard campaign to Biden telling him the same thing. If enough people do it, maybe we have a chance. But no, they continue to file lawsuits and give us more opportunities to write to our congressmen. Today’s outcome should be a lesson to them to change tactics.

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  5. I hope this will end and other judges in all other states do the right thing this is another words than animal abuse inhumane treatment with all the open land come on. These people lie every time they open there mouth B.L.M. needs to be completely shut down no if ands or buts

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