Equine Rescue

Feel Good Sunday: Video~Rescue Donkey Couldn’t Walk Until…

The Dodo/Faith=Restored

A rescued donkey, who couldn’t even walk, gets a new chance at life.

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  1. Its beyond belief how any animal that debilitated could recover. And also unbelievable that any human could allow or cause that to happen. The difference in just two months – 8 weeks – is amazing. It takes so little to do the right thing for any animal – I dont understand – period

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  2. I just saw an email from RTF (yes still receive emails from them) it said there had been some kind of outbreak of disease – has anyone else heard this?

    “Today, the Bureau of Land Management announced that 85 captured wild horses have died from an “unknown yet highly contagious and sometimes fatal disease” with respiratory and neurological symptoms at its crowded Cañon City (Colo.) corrals.
    Although photos and videos posted on the BLM website during the West Douglas roundup appear to show healthy wild horses, a BLM spokesman seemed to imply in an interview with television station CBS4 this week that the West Douglas wild horses were not in good shape when they arrived at Cañon City last summer. “That is a really tough area for wild horses to exist and remain healthy,” he said.”

    Now, I dont know about anyone else, but if the horses were in good shape before they were rounded up – sure does seem odd to me that after they arrived in BLM holding – they got sick – right???

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    • Wild Hoofbeats
      Update: 85 dead wild horses at Cañon City facility. Still no cause explained. Updates posted here: https://www.blm.gov/…/herd-management-areas/colorado
      BLM Colorado is supposed to be providing daily updates. The lack of news points to terrible possibilities if they are in fact working with many veterinarians, CSU, research facilities, the state vet, etc. The BLM’s history of compulsively hiding as much as they can from the public does not inspire confidence. They are not giving information on ages of horses that died, only one media outlet late yesterday reported respiratory and neurological symptoms, otherwise there has been no listing of symptoms, leaving the public to guess at what this “mysterious illness” could be. Is it going to be something serious enough to lead to putting down a significant portion of the 2550 wild horses at the facility? We don’t know. The silence is deafening.
      Call Governor Jared Polis and ask for an investigation:
      303-866-2885 email: governorpolis@state.co.us
      Call OIG Office of Inspector General 800-323-8603

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      • Thanks GG will check Carol’s site. I remember a while ago there was some possible pigeon fever, but dont remember which BLM holding facility. The stress alone on these horses & burros makes them so vulnerable & putting them into these crowded pens just aggravates the whole thing. And THEN there is the secrecy & hiding of info.

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    • Distemper? Strangles, which also is known as horse distemper, is a highly contagious disease of horses. The disease is caused by the bacteria Streptococcus equi, which infects the upper respiratory tract of equine species (horses, mules, zebras).

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      • When I first got my horse, the boarding stable was also a hack stable & horses coming & going from the local auction etc. There was a bout of strangles while I was still there – had never seen it or heard of it till then. A friend of mine & I had been handling a yearling & realized he had a swelling under his jaw – which we made known. I have a feeling there were other horses infected. I had my horse vaccinated & he was fine – but it is a nasty disease. And in those pens with horses from all over & so stressed & unhappy – bad bad situation.

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