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Feel Good Sunday: Video~This Teeny Horse Steals All The Attention When The Camera Comes Out

The Dodo – Little but Fierce

This teeny horse loves to steal the attention! Whenever his mom takes any camera out, he will surely run in front and start showing off his tricks! When he’s not stealing the spotlight, he loves to hang out with his best friends…sheep!

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  1. They are annihilating our horses right now. Please do a story about the brutal round ups and the slaughter of our Mustangs.

    100 horses have died in the care of the BLM this week. Over 100!!’


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  2. Got a post today from TJ at Spring Creek Basin showing pictures of the Canyon of the Ancients Visitors Center showcasing mustangs. Something said by their BLM manager was very true: “mustangs are the only resources BLM manages that have beating hearts”. If only all the “management” of BLM felt that way!

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