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Video: Cattle Grazing Devastates A Wilderness Alpine Meadow

Cattle are ruminants that digest all the seeds they eat. So they end the life-cycles of plants & grasses adversely impacting other animals, even pollinators that need native flora.

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  1. This is just breaking my heart. Horses aside, the cattle (producers) are destroying our land. I can imagine what would happen here in Ohio if cattle were unleashed to graze in Ohio’s 240,000+ac of publicly owned land. (Wayne National Forest has some lovely grasslands and wilderness) Ohio is one of the top leading producers for livestock, Ohio’s cattle farmers raise close to 300,000 cows annually… AND they do it on their OWN dime! On their OWN land.

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    • Thats how dairy & beef cows are raised here too (NY).
      This kind of destruction has been ongoing for decades. Actually “managing” the range doesnt appear to be a huge priority for the BLM (as in bureau of land “management”) These days its more managing livestock & mining.

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  2. It’s amazing that both cattle owners and the BLM don’t zero in on this. It looks like the grazing land is destroyed for both the horses and cattle. So what do cattle owners do, just keep looking for new grazing land? Somebody ought to keep pushing the Dept of Int on this. This is causing our horses and burros toose their habitat.


    • Sad that this is somewhat old news. This has been going on for decades. And yet there still are people who are unaware that its happening. The BLM, and DOI are aware and have been aware for many administrations. Yet it continues. The livestock lobby is very large and very financially able to push for what they want.


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