Equine Rescue

Feel Good Sunday: Video~Pony Is Thrilled To Have Her Overgrown Hooves Finally Cut

The Dodo

As soon as the expert blades of the farrier’s tools trimmed the overgrown and tangled hooves of the neglected pony, a burst of relief surged through Stella’s heart and soul. Without delay, Stella gallops around the lush green pasture became a blur of lightning-fast movements, her mane flying in the wind as she let out an exhilarating whinny of pure joy, as she romps and plays with her new-found friends on her lighter than air hooves.

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  1. I’m sickened that people would let this happen. Wild horses and burros are going to suffer the same neglect. standing 24/7 in dirt and mud. There isn’t any place to go to get out of it, plus standing in their own feces and urine. Sickening!!!


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