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A ‘tragedy beyond reckoning’ as Colorado man avoids jail in Horse Deaths

By LANCE BENZEL as published on The Gazette

A Peyton man who let a dozen horses starve — two of them until they died in knee-deep manure — avoided jail Tuesday.

Brian Holloway – El Paso County Sheriffs Office

Prosecutors instead brokered a plea deal allowing Brian Holloway, 53, to serve two years on supervised probation. He is banned from owning animals for five years, must perform 100 hours of community service, and is to complete therapy required by probation evaluators, including at least 12 therapy sessions.

“The tragedy of this is beyond reckoning,” 4th Judicial District Judge David A. Gilbert told Holloway, blaming him for the destruction of a “magnificent animal.”

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  1. That’s IT??? Two years probation, therapy and banned from owning animals for 5 years?? How could so little worth be placed on those 12 lives lost in such a terrible way? Shame on them letting him bargain his way out of jail or prison time. Until this kind of animal abuse and neglect is taken more seriously as a crime, these kind of people will continue to walk away with barely a slap on their wrist. Megan Miller summed it up well “His embarrassment is not an excuse for letting an animal die,” .

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  2. How can this be since animal cruelty is now a felony? He should be facing at least two felonies here for the deaths, and more for the others neglected and intentionally starved. I live in Colorado and will send this information to our Governor and others. This is a disgrace that isn’t squared by such a light sentence.

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  3. “prosecutor Kelson Castain’s assessment that “proof problems” could have made it difficult to obtain a conviction on a felony at trial”
    Sounds like his assessment might have been wrong! A trial would have hopefully meant a jury of “peers” who should have been as horrified as we all are about this animal abuse. AND seems to me per the FBI – animal abuse is a felony!
    The picture of two horses living in TWO FEET of manure might just have convinced any human being who cares about animals, right??
    I would also imagine the physical appearance of horses that are starving might have done the same.

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  4. I wrote Governor Jared Polis and requested a response. I asked him to use his status to have Brian Holloway held accountable for his inhumane, brutal actions against these horses, not just get a slap on the wrist. He should be in prison and NEVER be able to own an animal again. What he did is unconscionable and inexcusable. In my opinion Brian Holloway doesn’t deserve to walk the earth among us and breath air. I truly hope that my letter, and hopefully others will write, will make a difference.

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      • I also posted the article on FB to the “public” asking for others to write. Although thankful for the address given above I went to Jared Polis’ gov’t page and clicked on the “contact us” button. Just another suggestion. No matter how we reach out and be a voice for these horses I am just appreciative to anyone that writes and hope that we are all heard. Brian needs to be held accountable and sent to prison.

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