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Jane Velez-Mitchell interviews Richard Cuoto, founder of ARM, about dairy calf abuse scandal

SOURCES:  janeunchained.com and Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) From janeunchained.com: “Undercover investigators from Animal Recovery Mission documented abuse at Fair Oaks Farm in Fair Oaks, Indiana, one of the largest dairies in the U.S. which produces dairy products for the Fairlife milk brand – which is produced, marketed and distributed by the […]

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Congressional Conference Committee Appropriations Bill Would Require Taxpayers to Subsidize Foreign Horse Meat Industry

Washington, D.C. – Last night, November 14, 2011, a Congressional Conference Committee tasked with reconciling differing House and Senate versions of the FY 2012 consolidated appropriations for Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science and Transportation, issued a report failing to recommend de-funding of inspections of equines for slaughter for human consumption. This means for the first time since 2006, and in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression, Americans would be required to subsidize a foreign owned industry that exports horsemeat served as a delicacy in fine restaurants in some European and other countries.

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NBC2 Investigates: Illegal Florida Horse Slaughter Farms

Couto says horse meat runs between $7 to $40 dollars a pound. “People are eating it for medicinal purposes; they think it cures blood disorders; it helps with side effects from chemotherapy,” says Couto.

But it’s a myth. Horse meat can actually be unhealthy. The products and drugs pumped into horses to keep them healthy, toxifies the meat.

Last year, state law makers made it a felony to slaughter horses.

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Mexico Equine Advocates Appeal Globally for Help

Chicago (EWA) –Equine Welfare organizations around the world are responding to an appeal by their Mexican counterparts requesting support in forcing an end to the blatant cruelty and abuse at the San Bernabe Slaughter Auction in the Municipality of Almoloya de Juárez.

A video appeal was released on July 3, revealing the common place abuse of equines heading to slaughter. In an incident that is said to be typical of the mistreatment, a pregnant mare with a broken foot was pushed off a ramp that resulted in her breaking both of her knees. In obvious agony, she was dragged off to slaughter.

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Nevada Wild Horse Herd Catches a Break

Animal Recovery Mission and Respect4Horses have been working with the BLM and the Army Depot in regards to the Walker Lake Herd, a herd of approximately 104 horses living around Walker Lake in Hawthorne, Nevada on Army Depot property. On October 20th the BLM signed a Record of Decision to roundup and remove this herd by the end of November 2010.

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