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Congressional Conference Committee Appropriations Bill Would Require Taxpayers to Subsidize Foreign Horse Meat Industry

Equine welfare organizations denounce the agricultural  appropriations bill that if passed, would make equine slaughter for human consumption legal again in the US  and dump horsemeat that is unfit and unsafe on foreign markets

Washington, D.C. – Last night, November 14, 2011, a Congressional Conference Committee tasked with reconciling differing House and Senate versions of the FY 2012 consolidated appropriations for Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science and Transportation, issued a report failing to recommend de-funding of inspections of equines for slaughter for human consumption. This means for the first time since 2006, and in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression, Americans would be required to subsidize a foreign owned industry that exports horsemeat served as a delicacy in fine restaurants in some European and other countries.

Americans don’t consume horsemeat. Polls have consistently revealed over 70% of Americans oppose horse slaughter. “It is outrageous,” says Vicki Tobin, vice president of Illinois-based Equine Welfare Alliance, “that American taxpayers would be required to subsidize foreign owned businesses that Americans oppose and that produces meat from animals that are not raised for food”.

Simone Netherlands, founder of Respect4Horses, added, “In this time when the focus of Congress is supposedly on reducing spending and creating jobs it is a ludicrous measure to spend tax dollars in order to reinstate an inherently cruel predatory business, from which Americans stand to gain nothing. Horse slaughter plants operating until 2007 have never created a total of more than 178 jobs.”

And, they are not good jobs, according to Paula Bacon, former mayor of Kaufman, Texas where a horse slaughter facility operated for years. “Horse slaughter means very few, very low wage jobs, meaning workers and their families overtaxed local resources like the hospitals and government services. This so called business brought in virtually no tax revenues and local governments incurred substantial enforcement costs in trying to regulate these facilities. The standard of living dropped during the time horse slaughter facilities operated. Having a horse slaughter facility drove away good businesses.” Equine slaughter has also been found to increase and abet horse theft in areas where facilities are located or horses are held for transport to slaughter.

In addition, American horses are not raised, fed and medicated within the FDA and European Union guidelines established for food animals, making them unfit and unsafe for human consumption. Equines are given many drugs banned in food animals such as pain killers, steroids, de-wormers and ointments throughout their lives.

A 2010 study in the Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal showed a drug given routinely to equines like aspirin, phenylbutazone or Bute, is a carcinogen and can cause aplastic anemia in humans. It has no withdrawal period. The FDA bans bute in all food producing animals because of this serious danger to human health. The recent EU FVO reports on U.S. equines exported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter show banned drug residues and falsified drug affidavits. (

The unsubstantiated claims of pro horse slaughter legislators such as Jack Kingston (Georgia) are that it will solve neglect and abandonment. All we have to do is look at Canada to confirm that this erroneous. They have had the same increases in neglect cases as we have here in the US. The often talked about GAO report states: We cannot rule out the effect of the economy. The demographic of people who hang on to their horses in spite of their inability to care for them, is the kind of demographic that does not want to send their horses to slaughter, therefore horse slaughter is not a solution for that demographic. One could argue that horse slaughter in fact makes people afraid to sell their horses to anyone for fear of them ending up in the slaughter pipeline. Even Kentucky Derby winners such as Ferdinand have ended up on someone’s dinner plate in a foreign country.

“In fact, it creates the problems it claims to solve,” says R.T. Fitch, co-founder and President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation “As a convenient and lucrative means of disposal, Horse slaughter has created an over-population problem of horses, by enabling irresponsible breeding, and encouraging a quick turn around and dumping of horses. Very much like the housing market and the banking industry, the horse breeding industry is self destructing by saturating the market and horse slaughter is the bail out”.

Equine Slaughter is a grave risk to public health, it is inherently inhumane and it causes the very problems it claims to solve. It is fiscally irresponsible for Congress even to consider re-funding these inspections.  The focus should be on stopping the risk altogether by ending the export of American equines for slaughter for human consumption.

“After all, there is a large market for dog and cat meat as well in China and Japan, does that mean that American tax payers should foot the bill to pay for the USDA to start inspecting dog and cat meat?” asks Richard “Kudo” Couto, founder of Animal Recovery Mission.

These equine welfare groups ask Congress to de-fund horse inspections and also protect the welfare of American equines by taking immediate action to pass the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011:

Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA)

Respect4Horses (R4H)

Animal Law Coalition (ALC)

Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF)

The Cloud Foundation (TCF)

Animal Recovery Mission (ARM)

Americans Against Horse Slaughter (AAHS)

The Celebrate the Horse Network  (CTHN)

Animals’ Angels (AA)


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  1. Where can we get the list of the senators’ votes so we know how they voted? If they didn’t vote to defund, they need to know that our supporters WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEM, EN MASSE.


    • Well, not everyone is up for reelection in 2012. I’m still waiting for #OWS to start a movement to vote EVERYONE out of office in the next election; problem is the parties at state levels have the process locked up…..good guys can’t run, much more win. And there are some decent folks in Congress.

      But this is Reid, Boehner, Pelosi, Cantor, McConnell at work…I guarantee it.

      The only thing we can do is (1) contact our reps with specific food safety concerns, and (2) start a campaign to say something about US meat products safety because if they want to peddle horseflesh as “good” for ya, then what is happening to the other traditional US meat products.


      • Good campaign ideas Denise. Are you willing to take that on for your 2 state senators and your one congressional rep., and deliver the info to their offices at home? This is a perfect opp. for good, fact-based, citizen advocacy to your two senators Then you could model it to other advocates in your state, and have them visit their house rep., and the senators offices as well! It would be a great example to other advocates in other states as well!!


      • My 2 senators are a bit of a problem…they sign on to equine legislation when they know it won’t pass. The rep is Republican, but a decent human and has supported equines in the past. Certainly it is worth a try, but sadly money buys access. I don’t have any money.


      • i don’t know…there is a strong scent of Searchlight here. Why would the others care? We know how much Reid cares, and he could pull this off all by his little lonesome.

        However, I absolutely agree that these nitwits are placing the health of the whole meat export and possibly domestic production industry in danger. I have have read several Facebook entries the last few days staying that evryone uses bute in cattle, and people don’t die from it. Now if this is true, this means that the USDA is not protecting either the domestic or foreign meat market.


  2. What Kudo said… Don’t ask! I’ve heard untold amounts of folks that think this is a great idea too.

    And yet one more great reason to get behind the Occupy Movement – Obviously tax dollars are not going to what folks want to support. With this sour deal I’m more part of the 99% than ever!

    I won’t pay taxes that go to slaughterhouses and war!!!


  3. You want to scare the poop out of these creeps (committee, Congress and meat producers’ lobby)? Start an internet, social media campaign to inform export, and yes US consumers that our food safety system is a mess, driven by special interest and dishonest; at the same time encourage folks to buy locally from reputable antiHCHS meat producers and legitimate crop producers. Gonna hurt consumers to make a stand? Yep. But it will hurt the Carghill’s, Monsanto’s, NCBA more in the long run.

    US Meat Export Federation will pretend not to be concerned at first, but they are still trying to expand exports as I type. Every organization concerned about equine welfare should send a joint letter to USMEF, NCBA, pork and poultry that if they and Farm Bureau do not stop their covert efforts to support the efforts of Walls, her sham groups and reckless owners/breeders, we will do everything in our power to inform the world on the food safety issues in the US.


    • I REALLY like that idea, Denise! But we’ll have to get together and have a group signing to get their attention. One person here and there won’t get it. I’ve tried…


      • There is a way. Americans Against Horse Slaughter had a good in state network . I don’t know what happened.

        There may be a way with the WHFF IF we keep the networking on track with food safety….not an anti meat agenda.


      • Goodlatte is pure Ag Hag evil and very powerful. Cantor has a large area of his district that is ag rural (gerrymandering), but relies heavily on Goodlatte for ag policy direction. Goodlatte has been in Congress TOooooooo long and needs to go. The arrogance of Goodlatte is appalling.


      • In today’s environment, petitions are a waste of time. They look at them like one opinion instead of the number that signed. Our White House petition reached the 5,000 signatures in record time. Wallis was still behind 2,750 signatures when we reached 5,000 and she started before us. It did nothing. On Popvox, all our bills are in the upper 70 percentile and one in the 80s. They did nothing.

        We need people to meet one-on-one with their legislators or key aids and send individual letters/faxes and make phone calls. They have to keep hearing from their constituents until we get through to them. Our advocates need to stay focused and deliver a consistent message. Bible quotes and gory pictures won’t change their minds. Wasted taxpayer dollars, local environmental clean-up costs, litigation costs and tainted meat, will. But we have to keep up the pressure. Don’t only call the oppostion. Our legistors that support us must also hear from us so they know the support is still behind them.

        Everyone has worked so hard and we have more support now than in past years. We must press on. The EU is tightening regulations and they are on to the deceit. The FVO reports on the Canadian and Mexican plants proved it.

        We WILL get it done but we have to stay united and deliver a consistent message.


  4. I thought Dianne Feinstein was more animal friendly than this. I’ll have to find out why she didn’t vote this garbage down.

    I know our economy is in the toilet but bringing back slaughter is just flat out wrong.

    I am the 99% when my Senator ignores my pleas from the last two years. Wonder if we advocates could “camp out” at BLM offices across the country and if that would make a difference?

    My morning bathroom break is dedicated to the fine people we have in Washington representing us.


    • She didn’t vote this down…this is in the reconciliation committee. There are procedural shenanigans that continue in both houses of Congress.

      Re: Ms. Feinstein and Boxer, the Senate is way different than the House. I believe she and Boxer have signed onto to antiHCHS legislation, but it never comes to a floor vote (leadership and filibusterer, again). It is good PR onto something you know won’t be voted on; going to the mat against leadership and special interest is way, way different. Also, I believe her last reelection was a tight race…kinda of like Reid. Democrats hate equines and think they are “meat” just as much as Republicans do. (Not all of course on both sides)


    • It was in the reconciliation committee; it had reps and senators on the committee. But they got their marching orders from the leadership for both parties in the House and Senate.


      • And I wouldn’t be surprised if the staffers of specific issues (Ag?) aren’t in there really doing the work with summations/daily updates given to their rep/sen boss. The actual elected officials go in to hash out BIG things re the Ag Bill; ergo….funding US based HCHS inspection is lost in the process.


      • They have all lost their minds, and their individuality, How long must we watch this complete fail ???????/ Money talks …………………. decency loses………………. Call my Senator Sherrod Brown who is on that Committee , they didnt even know how he voted or even if there was a vote????? i am waiting for my answer?????? Through all of this I am now losing my cool……………….. I find this a total sherk of responsibility by all who voted on this issue for the inspection, it opens the door, we had better find a way to stop all of this now,


  5. FLOOD the White House comment line: 202-456-1111. A real person will take your call and record your message: State your full name, the state in which you live AND THEN: “NO to USDA funding for horse meat inspections, NO to the reopening of horse slaughter plants in the United States INCLUDING tribal lands! YES to a complete ban on horse slaughter and finally FULL protection for all domestic and wild American horses from kill buyers and transportation to slaughter. It must be a FELONY offense.” Another note: 4 million cats and dogs are humanely euthanized each year….one every 8 seconds. NOW HOW COME we cannot seem to humanely euthanize 100,000 horses that are “supposedly unwanted”? Because the majority of these horses are NOT in nee of euthanasia! They are young, fit and healthy. It’s all about money! One more note: If you get a busy signal for the number above… 202-456-1414 and it will connect to the switchboard and then ask for the comment line for the President and it will put you right through. NOW GET GOING! Thanks. 🙂


  6. The important issue here is that if the powers that be can’t get equine welfare and safety correct, what exactly is going on with our “everyday” foods?

    Hit them on this…can’t get the discrepancies regarding less than 200K US equines right….what are you allowing to happen to the USs traditional food sources (and yes, I know the answer)?


    • I didn’t know about this specific case, but I know how the governments (atate and Federal) are conspiring against non-HUGE corporate farming/ranching interests.

      I don’t need a piece of the puzzle….I know what is going on.


  7. Denise and Margaret: It sounds like you are in CA with notation of Boxer and Feinstein. I am as well. Are we in close proximity where we could get together and go to their offices to demand a stop to this madness. I think all our Congress should have their butts kicked out of office – the sooner the better. It’s about time our legislators listen to us and sign on to what we want done and not get bucks in their pants from well heeled companies, etc. It’s about time we demand ACTION ON THIS ISSUE. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS WHERE WE CAN GET A FULL FLEDGE ANTI SLAUGHTER, ANTI INSPECTION DEMAND GOING WHERE WE WILL WIN?


    • Well, legally I could also claim Warner, Webb and Cantor. Not important, but I was born and raised in California and left for military duty and eventual marriage. I don’t like giving that info on a public site….not the way I post.

      WHFF needs to set up a state by state organization to specifically lobby, probono on behalf of all US equines. And I’ll tell you…it will be tough and ugly.


      • Denise—when I talked to Chris Heyde, he again complained about the lack of cohesive campaigning by advocates targeted toward the critical players, and addressed at town hall meetings and email communication. He said some, like Rockafeller, reported only hearing from the pro-slaughter faction, and not from us. Chris also said, the lack of advocate focus on the message—fiscal constraints and public health dangers, was damaging. Too many hysterical calls to politico’s staffs turns them off. I am from CA and know Feinstein and Boxer were signed on with us, as well as my rep., Hahn, but it was the lack of voice from the difficult areas of the country where we need organization—the mid-west is Big Ag meat. There is seemingly no advocate listing organized by districts and states, but it seems we need it.


      • Good points Susan. When dealing with budget issues talk $$$’s. When you call be armed with facts not rants. You have to remember these people get calls all day long and the ones that can calmy deliver facts that they can deliver to the legislator is the ones that are going to be listened to. If you are going to call remain rational and make your time and their time count.


  8. What really nags at my brain is this – These pros have to know that they cannot sustain the exporting of unregulated non-food animals. The EU has already said have an ID system by 2013 or they won’t accept our horses. The pros KNOW all this. They are not that dumb, so what IS their long-term plan? Only thing I can think of is that they believe they can shove a passport-like system down our throats too. And, maybe they can.

    Here’s a quote from the Animal Welfare Institute: “I have been in Washington for a long time and this move baffles me. Both parties talked about making the hard cuts in federal spending and yet behind closed doors, three of the four men thought it was a good use of taxpayer dollars to ignore their colleagues and restore a federal program that will cost Americans at least $5 million a year and pull limited USDA inspectors from ensuring the humane treatment and safety of our nation’s food supply. To make matters worse, this was all done to appease a few foreign companies and Big Ag,” said Chris Heyde, deputy director of AW I government and legal affairs department. “This action shows the true nature of some elected officials—that they are more concerned about helping special interests than doing what they were elected to do.”

    Who, may I ask, are these “foreign companies” who are influencing legislation HERE? Now, that’s just going TOO far, IMHO.


    • They (the cruel killers and dirty meat purveyors) are hoping for a delay for the legislation and time to shift markets to the third world….not the EU.


    • Which segues to, Ireland has just announced that banned drugs found in slaughtered horses will be traced back to the prescribing veterinarians, who will be subject to prosecution.

      Even the strict EU microchip passport system – requiring every horse owner to pay for microchips and vet-attest drug records that travel with the horse – is not working.

      I talked to a prominent UK vet last year who visits EU slaughter houses; he indicated 2 out of 3 slaughter-track horses were testing positive for banned drugs post-mortem and had to be discarded. His opinion was the cost would eventually send the plants into bankruptcy.

      Why will owners of 99% of US horses that don’t go to slaughter want to pay for an expensive passport system in 2013, when the EU will make US horse owners comply, and put vets and maybe horse owners at risk of prosecution? It’s not like our horses will be raised differently.

      Most of us don’t believe in horse slaughter. Why can’t our horses be left alone? Dear EU, we stopped being a colony in 1776.

      Is horse slaughter’s on its way to be taxation without representation, to benefit a small handful of horse breeders, lobbyists and offshore corporations?

      This whole saga … the banned drugs, the lack of hearing the wishes of the US electorate … makes me wonder why my family fought for a better way in the Revolutionary War.


      • So the Belgium owned slaughter facilities aren’t lobbying? Not that France wouldn’t, but there was at least a rumor that France might quit importing US horse meat.


    • Actually, last I checked it was the Belgians with Canadian French with a ton of help from the Italians. Throw in the USMEF and other export Ag Hags…you’ll locate the conspirators.

      This is corporate ugly, not just countries and certainly not just one country.


      • The Asians are not blind, deaf and dumb. Japan banned our cattle over BSE for years. If the EU stops taking our horses because of contamination, the Asians will surely do the same sooner of later.


  9. if you want fingers pointed, point at this: campaign donations from the farm bureau, AVMA, Pfizer and the AQHA to : Kingston, Nelson, Blunt, Kohl and Hutchison.
    If you want to know which legislators are still honest, all you have to do is look at which legislators are animal welfare friendly. Because that means that they have rejected campaign donations just to stand up for what is right. These legislators are the only honest ones left.
    Pretty easy way to determine who to vote for isnt it? Respect4Horses has a vote4horses page on facebook where it is easy to find out who voted for what and who is a co sponsor. We need a manager for that page as I cannot handle the work load anymore.
    For next voting season, make signs similar to campaign signs that say do NOT vote for this legislator, his record is inhumane, or something like that, or he wants to slaughter horses. Put it right next to the legislators campaign signs.


    • great idea Simone–look forward to planting my signs, taking a pic and having a good snicker. I will once again give my Rep a chance to announce one way or the other if he is animal friendly (I really already know). If not I plant my sign Hee-hee.


    • But what about Feinstein who says she animal friendly but WON’T LIFT HER FINGER TO HELP?

      I’m finding that politicians are totally two faced. Obama is a PRIME EXAMPLE of two facedness that we see. Say one thing, be on a committee to fund DOI, but they won’t do a thing to help defund BLM. It’s so easy to say “we Love The Horses” (BLM’s normal chant to Laura) but when push comes to shove we know who’s gonna get it.


  10. It is just very hard to get people to comitt. I have a address book with about 30 people who signed on for anti-slaughter info. But I never hear from them nor do I know if they make calls or send emails. I send the email alerts and hope they respond. When we had a demonstration in downtown Chicago only 10 people showed up to fight for the wild horses. When I went to court to close Cavel at times there were only 4 or 5 of us. I have called for all in my address book to take a stand now and help save the horses. And guess what I got one response and it was not to pledge to take a stand. We must figure out how to get people more engaged. I think that now that we have no other choice or our horses will go to slaughter that maybe now they will take a stand. But we must get people off the couch and get them to step up or they will soon see the trucks with blood dripping out as our horses go to the tortureous painful slaughter houses for foreign consumers and people like Wallis to make some money. We can not let Wallis win! TAKE A STAND NOW!!!


  11. State Ag. reps are proslaughter as are their equine feeding specialist(nutritionalist ith degree and no sense)I sat in on a WV State livestock welfare committee meeting last night and most of the big igs are proslaughter as are many local”farmers” they are being told by ag dept that PETA and HSUS are trying to use horse slaughter as an excuse/foot in the door to stop all animal slaughter!I heard that with my own ears.And most at that meeting believe the whole line of pro-slaughter bulls#@*&!So a state Equine care specialist is pro-slaughter!I did contact Rockefeller-my state senator via e-mail and recieved a reply stating that he had voted for no slaughter in the past. He did hear from me!


    • Yes, & Senator Jay Rockefeller has Definitely Heard from ME, as well….on each & every one of these issues!
      Although he was never the HUGE Horse and Animal anti-cruelty Advocate that his llooonngg-time partner, Senator Robert C BYRD was,
      He would never Cross-vote Against Byrd! (As far as I know, not on much of anything…but I’m not aware of a time that Rockefeller did Not fully back Byrd’s “animal-friendly stance”)
      *actually, I was a bit amused once, when Sen. Byrd ALSO “cc’d” his Own response to ME—to Sen. Rockefeller, as well! :). I believe it was 1 of letters regarding the Sheldon “Refuge” wild Horses…still have letter somewhere…
      Of NOTE, & in extreme Contrast TO “politics as we now see it”… you Know that the late Sen, Byrd almost ALWAYS sent a Response back TO me personally!!, on each 1 I’d written regarding Animal cruelty, Horses, wild & domestic, Slaughter, etc??
      Several times, he even followed up by forwarding a copy of His letter of concern or inquiry And the Reply he received, if any…e.g from US F&W Svc ! 🙂 (*sigh*, afraid we won’t see a lot of That type of Politician response in days to come….)
      *however, as to Sen. Rockefeller—he’s HUGELY into Child-health & Child-safety….so, the “aplastic anemia” & “cancer-risks” associated with Bute & horse meat–‘had him @ Hello’ !
      He’d never back down from that type of issue, I Know!
      Our new Senator, Joe Manchin is Not a “back-down type” either, & in each correspondence to him, I include a statement mentioning his predecessor’s pro-horse/pro-animal stance.
      So far, he has stayed With those lines of support/thought, as far as I know….of course He does not yet have the High-Ranking positions that Byrd did.
      (He will certainly Hear very loudly from me, if that changes….)
      1 of our Congressmen is Nick Rahall, who co-sponsored ROAM & other pro-horse agenda on House side, with Cong. Grijalva, so he remains “on Our side”, as well.
      (The other 2 in Congress from WV are more likely to vote with the $$, 1 is ingrained, supported by big Gas, Coal, RR, Industry $$; the other is new—don’t have a good Feel yet, for where he’ll stand on such…)
      I need to research/follow them more closely, if/when more ‘Horse-issues’ come toward full House votes… [I know, I know, shoulda Done that already…]


  12. My vote?–KICK EVERY SINGLE WASHINGTONIAN OUT OF DC! Not residents of DC but the rest of them.

    Then start totally over with a clean slate. No more money lobbying, kickbacks and scratching each others itchies.


  13. Their long term plan is simple, to feed this Nation the toxic meat. Sue Wallis let the cat out of the bag with her press release that she holds ownership in the Company intending to dominate the horse meat industry to include all animal groups, ie., circus, farmers, ranchers, and breeders. We knew all along this sick, perverse woman had a money interest in this, as it sure as hell wasn’t about horse ownership, when she owns none. Now we know, she stands to make millions and our dirty politicians have been bought and paid for. Go to and just type in your Senator or Reps name and a few of the pro slaughter orgs. to include Pfizer (PMU – premarine manufacturer). The whole damn ag industry has bought them. No longer does the majority speak for this country, it’s the special interest that line the pockets of our dirty boys that win. We need the public to fully understand that these boys, Kohl (who apparently is not running again, so slips out the door with blood on his hands), Kingston and Blunt were bought. Send Simone’s letter to EVERY Newspaper, TV press release and news org you can. We MUST NOT lay down for corruption!


    • Pretty sad…I’m watching MSNBC Morning Joe with Peter Schwiezer, author “Throw Them All Out” and Steve Croft, journalist 60 Minutes about legal graft in Congress. They are talking about Pelosi and Baccus (I hate him) and how they profited in the stock market…Boehner and Kerry are also featured.



    • Agree, Sue Wallis has been pushing for Americans to start eating horses from the beginning. “The other red meat” indeed! I don’t believe it will happen. Americans don’t want to eat horses, and we can at least make sure they know the facts about toxicity. Just look at what eating horses has done to Wallis!


  14. I do not want to look at photos to see them , i want to always know that they are there Free to roam as was always intended….. I want to share this Beauty they poccess with the future, they represent not only the Beauty of America , and its freedom, they show to us just what it is, and what it looks like and feels like ,this is what we are fighting for…………………. FREEDOM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> If we cannot demand this , if we cannot give it to them we are LOST…………………….


  15. I’m telling you, not only are Livestock Boards, NCBA, Farm Bureau, et al killing our equines…they are killing our advocacy with money funded lobbying. Another problem, that freaking, false premise GAO report that was designed to give the killers and fence sitters a covert approach to resuming HCHS in the US.

    The filth that has sucked the morality and ethics out of Congress (and states too) is catastrophic.

    But I won’t give up because I have truth on my side….which is something money can’t claim.


  16. Here’s the problem:

    Since 2006, Congress has prevented horse slaughter in the U.S. by cutting funds for inspections of horse meat from its annual Agriculture Appropriations bill, but the fate of America’s horses has been undercut by THREE MEMBERS of Congress in one swift move. There has been overwhelming support by the American public, the horse community and the House of Representatives to include defunding language in the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill but special Conference Committee members
    Representative JACK KINGSTON (R-GA), SENATOR HERB KOHL (D-WI) and



    For Immediate Release
    Nov 16, 2011
    Wild for Life Foundation,
    Los Angeles, CA

    Since 2006, Congress has prevented horse slaughter in the U.S. by cutting funds for inspections of horse meat from its annual Agriculture Appropriations bill, but the fate of America’s horses has now been undercut by three members of Congress in one swift move. There has been overwhelming support by the American public, the horse community and the House of Representatives to include defunding language in the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill but special Conference Committee members Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA), Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI), and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO), just removed that language from the final bill.


  18. Janet Ferguson found this and posted it on HORSEBACK
    Here are 3 of the legislators that are responsible
    Since 2006, Congress has prevented horse slaughter in the U.S. by cutting funds for inspections of horse meat from its annual Agriculture Appropriations bill, but the fate of America’s horses has been undercut by THREE MEMBERS of Congress in one swift move. There has been overwhelming support by the American public, the horse community and the House of Representatives to include defunding language in the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill but special Conference Committee members
    Representative JACK KINGSTON (R-GA), SENATOR HERB KOHL (D-WI) and


  19. @
    Representative JACK KINGSTON (R-GA), SENATOR HERB KOHL (D-WI) and
    Janet Ferguson posted this on HORSE BACK. I don’t think she will mind my posting it here:
    Here are 3 of the legislators that are responsible
    Since 2006, Congress has prevented horse slaughter in the U.S. by cutting funds for inspections of horse meat from its annual Agriculture Appropriations bill, but the fate of America’s horses has been undercut by THREE MEMBERS of Congress in one swift move. There has been overwhelming support by the American public, the horse community and the House of Representatives to include defunding language in the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill but special Conference Committee members


  20. This won’t the USDA problem but is there any way to get the Burn’s Amendment revoked?

    Maybe it would help some of the horses I don’t know.

    I’m just feeling very let down by OUR government that is suppose to be for the people but mostly just caters to whoever starts dropping the big bills in their face.

    I will say don’t trust Feinstein. Years ago when she was assistant Mayor in SF, I remember the day Moscone was killed. She came out on the steps and threw this great big bawling crybaby scene. Okay, it was horrible what happened. But SHE KNEW that with Moscone’s death her political career just got the shot in the fanny that it needed. And she’s never looked back since. You have to see the entire newsclip to understand the context because the last time they aired it, it was only a bit here and there.


  21. Louie, asked this question a while back-why would anybody quit a high paying job to work in our government? I ran across this and it may answer this question also—-Lobbyists, are the hidden, secret group of people in Washington that most of us have no idea even exits. These people on average make between $300,000 to $400,000 a year, plus hundreds of thousands more in perks. Their job is simply to walk up to a congressman or senator and try to persuade them to a certain line of thinking, or to pass a certain piece of legislation, or vote a certain way. Lobbyists can’t walk up to a member of Congress and say–Please vote a certain way on this bill and I will give you $200,000.—That would be called a bribe. But what the lobbyist can do is say—Do you have a son or a daughter, Mr. Congressman? Fantastic! I know your son or daughter has absolutely no experience whatsoever, but we would like to give your son or daughter a job for $200,000 a year And the best part is they don’t even have to show up for work. By the way Mr. Congressman, can you please vote a certain way on this piece of legislation which will help the special interest group I represent? Remember even other countries can have lobbyists in Washington. Lobbyists can make huge donations to a congressman’s favorite charity or school or hire companies the congressman is affiliated with. Lobbyists bribe and payoff congressman and senators, but it is not a bribe or payoff because they make the laws and they have made that way of doing business legal. Remember it’s all about money, they will do anything, and knowingly hurt people, the enviroment, and animals that stand in the way of that money.That is why we are stalled at every turn we make~~~the advocates here are just PO FOLKS with an mission. But I believe we can make a difference~just look at what Laura and her attorney are doing. Just don’t know if it’s to little-to late.


  22. We can’t NOT fight. This is a matter of HAVE TO FIGHT. It is our Civic obligation and our responsibilty to our Children and Grandchildren. That is probably why “they” are in such a hurry. They hope to get out of Dodge before the Posse catches them. Americans are realizing that something is very wrong.


  23. People have to very careful now and not fall into that old trap of being pitted against one another. That has been used over and over and has worked very well. DON’T let it work this time. Find out who and what is behind all of this. We’ve found some of them and need to keep digging and looking under rocks.
    We need to stay focused and keep following the money.


  24. Don’t get me wrong I never ment we should stop fighting for our horses, I, along with everyone else in this fight will continue to be here for the horses as long as a horse needs us, remember a lot of bloody trucks rolled before wild horse Anny say her first truck , didn’t stop her and won’t stop us, at this point we are not only fighting for our horses, but for our very freedom in this country. Didn’t mean to give anyone the idea we should give up.


  25. Geri, I didn’t think for a minute that you were going to stop fighting. Everyone here has their heels dug in. You are so right about Annie (Velma Johnson). At the end of her life, she took to keeping a gun at her side when she answered the door. She was one brave, determined little gal.


  26. With our experiences in the last few days with regard to potential tragic legislation for our country, it is important that each and every one of us who have worked to expose the cruelty issues of horse Slaughter (to seemingly deaf political ears) also begin to work equally hard to expose TO THE WORLD reasons why it it unsafe for human consumption so someone besides us starts paying attention. Let’s not just go national, let’s GO GLOBAL!

    Kim Sheppard


  27. HoofHugs ~ Where on Facebook have you read posts that said everybody uses bute in cattle. Who posted that?

    I don’t believe that for a moment because the vet that prescribes bute to a food animal can loose his/her license.


  28. Thought you all might like to see this…one of the readers commented on HORSEBACK

    “All three of the politicians have a FaceBook page and are they getting a ass kicking over the removal of anti-funding amendment for horse meat inspections. Every one here should join in the ass kicking. They read their facebook pages too.”


  29. You may recognize this or something like it, since I’ve posted it on several Facepook pages:

    “I think everyone needs to remember that, to Congress, the horse slaughter issue was one of the least important parts of H.R. 2112. It was a “Minibus” bill that, essentially, had to be passed, just as the “Omnibus” bill that brought us the Burns Amendment had to be passed. In both cases, the changes were intentionally made in Committees, guaranteeing there was no way to debate, alter, or remove them. Politicians know exactly how and where to place controversial and odious amendments to assure their success. Now, more than ever, we need to respectfully remind our Representatives and Senators that, while we realize the necessity of their votes on this bill, they can still stand for the protection of American horses.”

    Congressman Moran has been contacted, and said that the best way we can help him is by sending postcards or other cards (not faxes or emails) to his Washington office. They don’t have to be complicated. Just a short message thanking him for his efforts and encouraging him to keep fighting the good fight. We should contact the sponsors of S1176/HR2966, because this may help them as well.

    This is Paula Hooper Denmore’s response to my initial comment: “… it could work in our favor, and we may be able to push S1176/HR2966 out of committees by sheer force of numbers. We obviously will not get it by money. (Note: The next part is CRUCIAL!) I’ve been talking to my Progressive friends on other sites. THEY ARE READY TO HELP US. We need to be willing to help them with school kids health, using cuts in military spending, as wars are winding down, to put soldiers and others to work on infrastructure at home.”

    IMO, there are many groups with networks (some of the very large) who would be willing to help if we reach out to them, offer our support in exchange for theirs, and, most importantly … follow through! To get the numbers we need, we have to cast the widest net possible.



  30. Linda, you have a GREAT idea! You could get some serious momentum going. The post cards would work…and we need to keep our Post Offices up and running.


  31. It never ceases to amaze me on what people will try to use to argue their viewpoint. Do you have any idea of how much land that has been taken away from producing beef, which most Americans love to eat, to pay landowners to allow Mustangs to graze??? In OK alone there are thousands of acres that once sustained beef production that our government now PAYS the landowner to not graze cattle and allow these horses to roam on until they drop dead of old age. They are not ridden, most of them are not fed anything because they are to live off of the range and are not productive in any way. Do you know how many children in our country that could be fed on that money? And for what? So someone can drive by and say “Look at those Mustangs!” Get your priorities straight!


    • Sorry, but the Feds w/state pay farmers/ranchers money to do or not do lots of things.

      And believe me, nobody here wants the wild equines anywhere except the range they pulled them from out West. You don’t like it, talk to your asshat Senators and rep (and OK has a couple of gems!).

      I think you are a bit off on your “beef calculations” and the American public, The feedlots around here are majority full of dairy/dairy crosses….that’s what the majority of Americans are consuming (Taco Bell, McDonald’s, et al…I don’t even want to start with our garbage grading system). The better stuff is exported quite a bit, factor in pork and poultry.

      And the people warehousing the wild equines didn’t have to, so there must have been some incentive to do it.


    • Nona, I happen to be an omnivore, but, if you’re concerned about feeding children, you might want to consider that U.S. livestock consume 70% of all the grain produced, and nearly half the water is dedicated to their production. If we raised fewer livestock, what they ate and drank would go directly to people, and land no longer needed for grazing could be repurposed for food crops. The result? Far less hunger in our country, and better health as well.

      BTW, in terms of total grazing acres, exactly how many are set aside for mustangs vs. other animals? Feel free to answer with either numbers or a percentage.


      • Correction on “drank”. A huge percentage of the water goes to irrigate the crops they eat and pastures they graze, so that would be less of a factor. Sorry.


  32. The Mustangs should never have been taken from the Western rangeland and placed in the midwest or in holding facilities. It costs nothing to leave them where they are, in the West……and that is where they belong. Over 20 Million acres were taken from them. The continued round-ups and removals fly in the face of the Free Roaming Wild Horses and Burros Act of 1971. The Wild Horse and Burro program, as it has been run for the last 40 years, has been a losing situation for all but a few.


  33. Thursday, September 6, 2007
    Where Have All The Geldings Gone?
    From one of the comments:
    I spoke to the BLM PRIVATE CONTRACTOR WHO OWNS 2 OF THE LONG TERM FACILITIES IN OKLAHOMA, and he explained that no stallions or mares are brought in to the facilities which hold the geldings, and that each facility is required to hold at least 2,000 horses. He also informed me that Osage County in Oklahoma is the home to 4 of BLM’s long term holding facilities……..


  34. “It never ceases to amaze me on what people will try to use to argue their viewpoint.” I have to admit, that’s exactly what I thought as I read your comment.

    The UN, The Worldwatch Institute, Carnegie-Mellon University, and just about every other organization that’s studied the issue has shown that beef is a highly inefficient way to produce food, and that practically every alternative requires less land, water, and other resources. Scientists around the world are just about begging people to consume fewer animal products so that we can feed an ever-expanding human population.

    There is more than enough food for all Americans. In fact, we’re suffering from an obesity epidemic and are the fattest nation in history. Practically every mainstream medical organization warns that we consume too much meat and not enough fruits and vegetables. We should probably increase our consumption of legumes and nuts, also. A thousand studies – from the decades-long Framingham study to the 500,000 person AARP study a few years ago – show that high consumption of meat, and red and processed meat especially, is linked to heart disease, certain cancers, and other deadly conditions.

    Furthermore, every time an undercover investigator shoots video at a slaughterhouse, we see horrible cruelty, such as shown here: A Washington Post investigation a few years ago revealed that, due to high slaughterhouse line speeds, cows are often still alive and conscious as their bellies are ripped open and their limbs sawed off.

    Wild horses exist for their own sake, not for us. They are “productive” by their own measures. I am exuberantly happy that animals can roam free for their own enjoyment, regardless of whether I can watch them. As cartoonist and author Dan PIraro once said, “We’re not the only species on earth; we just act like it.” Horses’ (and cows’) lives matter, too. They want to live just like us. They have a capacity for joy and happiness, and suffering and sadness, just like us. We have the power; do we have suffiient humility and kindness to use that power responsibly? How would we want to be treated if we were in their position?


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