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Obama Wild Horse Agency Concludes Animal Cruelty Legal Under Current Administration

I simply cannot believe this, then again maybe I can. How in the world can you allow an agency to conduct an investigation upon itself and it’s contractors and call it impartial? Where are the checks and balances, where is American honesty and transparency, where is the law? This is so outlandish that I cannot even put my thoughts into words. The only thing that I can say is this singular report substantiates, verifies and validates all that I said in yesterday’s article, we have to act and we have to act NOW! This has GOT to stop!

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Stop the Obama Horse Harvesting Machine

Recently, during the Antelope Complex stampede, the BLM reported that one of the horses that they had run for miles and miles in freezing temperatures had a gunshot wound to its upper left shoulder.

The mare was transferred to the holding facility and allegedly kept separate but according to the BLM the horse “spun around” and broke that same leg resulting in the horse being euthanized the following day.

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Illness is Killing Young Wild Horses in Obama’s BLM Mustang Concentration Camps

Behind the closed doors of the BLM’s Indian Lakes Road holding facility near Fallon, Nevada, pneumonia is suddenly claiming an alarming number of wild horses. During the week ending February 4th, 12 horses perished in the short-term holding pens known as “Broken Arrow”; eight of them were yearling victims of “secondary pneumonia.” Upper respiratory disease has been rampant among the young horses confined at Broken Arrow since last June, and now it’s attacking the latest arrivals, whose immune systems are at their most vulnerable.

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Equine Writer Blasts Chauvinistic Wild Horse Blurb

I spent some time reading your “Special Report MUSTANG Legends and myths. Faith, hope and charity.”
And, I must say that I was completely and utterly dumbfounded at the depth of misguided opinion put forth in this so called “report.” This is no report. This is a poorly drawn editorial and to call it anything else is an insult to any thinking person’s intelligence.

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Recognized Wild Horse Expert Adds More to Obama’s BLM Dunce List

On page 23 of your document you paint a very rosy picture of the results of the roundup, but in fact overlook many positive aspects of leaving the wild horses alone. You mention that the rate of foaling will increase after the roundup. Yes, I agree, but is this not what you want to prevent by allowing the herds to self-stabilize? They do self-stabilize if allowed to fill their niche. I suggest you look into natural boundaries, predators, buffer zones, etc., as part of an effective Reserve Design concept.

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NV Congresswoman Speaks Out on Obama BLM Animal Cruelty at Wild Horse Stampede

The disturbing images of the roundup going on in eastern Nevada have upset many. We showed Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley the video and she was appalled by the pilots behavior. Shelly Berkley–“I was troubled by images from the recent wild horse roundup. The Bureau of Land Management must ensure that all rules are followed during any roundup. Those who are hired to perform wild horse roundups must obey these rules and if they fail to do so, appropriate steps should be taken.”

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