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Pro Horse Slaughter Politician Suffers Another Stinging Setback

HOUSTON (SFTHH)-This past Tuesday the Wyoming House agriculture committee shot down Rep. Sue Wallis’ “Wyoming Food Freedom Act”.

Wallis, currently under investigation for fraud and ethics charges, has publicly claimed that she supported the act to encourage the sale and consumption of homemade foods outside of the scope of standard government inspection. In reality the act is alleged to be a thinly veiled attempt to circumvent federal law regarding the inspection of meat so that Wallis can profit from her planned horse slaughter plant. This would also allow Wallis to slip around the issue of carcinogenic drugs which are used upon American Equines as horses are not considered a food animal in the United States. The European Union has banned U.S. horse meat unless it can be verified that it is drug free.

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Cloud Foundation Demands BLM Call Off Massive Winter Mustang Roundup

Reno, NV (January 10, 2011)—The Cloud Foundation opposes spending millions of taxpayer dollars to wipe out America’s wild horses. Currently the BLM plans to roundup and remove up to 2,228 alleged “excess” wild horses from the 1.3 million acre Antelope Complex in northeastern Nevada. The Foundation asks that all roundups halt until the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) completes their study and new Appropriate Management Levels (AMLs) are set to prevent the American wild horses and burros from being managed to extinction. This dead of winter roundup is scheduled to begin January 20, 2011 and last for 40 days.

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Let the Trouncing of the Truth Begin

While under investigation for fraud and ethics vilolations
Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis and her dubious appendage Dave
Duquette kicked off their rip roaring “BloodFest” last night to an
un-packed room of a several dozen people. Empty chairs were the
theme of the evening as Wallis and Duquette stumbled through
introductions of non-present people while waiting for their much
heralded master of ceremonies Trent Loos, known for cattle rustling
and stalking, to appear out of LaLa Land.

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New Year’s Day Horse Eater Attack Backfires

True to form and working along their “assbackward” philosophy “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette’s trumped up Native American complaint on Madeleine Pickens Rose Parade float totally blew up in their faces with the net result of garnering the Wild Mustang float an easy 10 times the publicity that it would have received if they simply would have stayed beneath that slimy rock that they live under.

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Equine Rescue Group Publicly Challenges Horse Eaters

GLENVILLE, PA (Angel Acres) – With the US press awash with misinformation regarding the plight of the American horse, Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue is stepping up to educate the public about horse slaughter via a billboard & internet campaign. Two billboards are up in Baltimore that display 2 horses with the statement, “Stop Killing Us” and a new website http://www.stopslaughteringus.com has been launched.

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Hey Bob Abbey, This One’s for YOU!

Hey Bob, I thought about titling this post to you. I thought you might want to know. At first, I toyed with Dear Bob or Dear Director Abbey or something that would speak directly from one interested stakeholder to your ears, but as you can see decided against such a simple framing for the massive subject I wanted to tackle.

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