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Hey Bob Abbey, This One’s for YOU!

Original post by Cindy MacDonald of American Herds

The Iron Curtain

Sec. of Interior Ken Salazar with Director of BLM Bob Abbey

Hey Bob, I thought about titling this post to you. I thought you might want to know. At first, I toyed with Dear Bob or Dear Director Abbey or something that would speak directly from one interested stakeholder to your ears, but as you can see decided against such a simple framing for the massive subject I wanted to tackle.

See Bob, I’ve been a little busy examining your Program statistics again, combing through BLMs FY2011 Budget Justification report to Congress and making a few graphs of my own.

I spent a month working with some great gals, Carla Bowers and Leslie Peeples, in trying to figure out ways to summarize one, giant oozing festering mess – something BLM and their support team are markedly proficient in coating with Teflon©.

It’s an alternative perspective on the Wild Horse & Burro Program that uses almost exclusively the BLMs own publications and numbers to make its case to Congress about why you need to be cut off from any more money until some real answers are coughed up or you are allowed to pedal your sugar coated solutions based on a foundation of non-credible data and lies. If you haven’t already seen it, you can check the “Report to Congress: Refuting FY2011 Budget Justifications and Request to Defund Roundups and Removals Through Appropriations For FY2011 and FY2012” here.

So as you might imagine Bob, I was a little busy when Sue Wallis & Co.’s Slaughter Summit agenda came out announcing you and other key BLM personnel and associates were invited guest speakers.

I also wasn’t able to pay too much attention to your national public response now posted on the front page of BLMs website explaining why you have tentatively accepted the invitation because you are so “fair and balanced” as to meet with such diverse stakeholders – that now include a high dollar conference comprised of the Who’s Who of the horse slaughter industry.

After all, while BLM will post every letter of support, agreement and enthusiastic applause for BLMs actions by any group or agency who often has glaringly apparent conflicts-of-interest with wild horses and burros on public lands, “our” public website stays curiously silent, some would say almost censored, of any voice, argument or document that challenges or refutes what the BLM does.

Which reminds me, will the BLM be posting our report on the Wild Horse & Burro website too so everyone can see what some of the “other” issues are because you are so “fair and balanced” towards all diverse stakeholders?

So now I’ve finally made a little time to see what you’ve been up to and I’ve have a few questions for you Director Abbey.

A few weeks ago, I sent an email to you and a whole list of key BLM employees expressing my concerns about a BLM Press Release for the Callaghan/New Pass/Ravenswood roundup.

Here is the portion of the Press Release I take issue with,

“NDOA brand inspectors must verify the animals are wild horses and burros as defined by the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. Once verified, the brand inspector will provide the BLM a certificate to transport the animals”.

See, this is kind of a problem because it’s deceptive and reminiscent of one of the oldest tricks in BLMs sending-wild-horses-to-slaughter books. You remember, how BLM had been conspiring with state agriculture agency’s or turning their heads so brand inspectors could send tens of thousands of wild horses to meat packing plants by citing state jurisdiction over federal law during the first years after the passage of the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act?

You do remember that, don’t you? It’s in your own statistics. How almost 70,000 horses counted as roaming free on the range were “privately claimed” between 1971 and 1980. You know, those “non-wild” horses who were carted off to slaughter due to new found private status, thanks to state brand inspectors working in “close coordination” with BLM personnel.

So, I’m sure you remember this as well, how a big legal battle developed and the courts had to decide who was actually responsible for making the determination of what qualified as a wild horse/burro. And the courts said it was you Bob, the authorized agent of the Secretary, who had jurisdiction and ultimate responsibility to make that determination. If the state brand inspectors couldn’t verify the animals were privately owned, they fit the definition of a wild free-roaming horse and burro and were entitled to protection under federal law.

Remember, I sent you those links to the federal court cases, American Horse Protection Institute v. US DOI (1977) and Sheridan v. Andrus (1979) that clearly outlined how state agriculture agencies jurisdiction only extended to verifying animals did not have brands, bills of sale or sufficient evidence to establish private ownership.

See, it appears that BLM and Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDoA) recently pulled this jurisdictional shell game last June with respect to the Toana “wild” a.k.a. the Pilot Valley “feral/estray” horses as each agency batted the ball back and forth until a “compromise” was reached. Finally, NDoA “verified” for BLM how those horses were not “wild” in the most suspicious manner possible in order to sell them at state livestock auction – but I’ll explain how that happened a little later in this post.

Well anyway Bob, you didn’t bother to reply, much less address my concerns. In fact, neither did BLM Wild Horse and Burro Chief Don Glenn, BLM Nevada State Director Ron Wenker, Nevada Wild Horse and Burro Lead Alan Shepherd or Tony Lesperance of Nevada Department of Agriculture.

However, I did get a phone call from the local field office promising to get back with me about my concerns but we ended up playing phone tag for so long that BLM re-issued the same statement again in the Clan Alpine round up press release; I guess I should consider that BLMs response.

After all, BLM needs NDoA to issue a certificate of transport, right? Except I can find no such authority in the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) requiring BLM to verify the status of a wild horse/burro with NDoA or needing NDoA to issue BLM a certificate to transport them.

Given the historical abuses that have occured with state brand inspectors and how Congressional testimony during the passage of the Act clearly expressed grave concern about the lax and sometimes conflicted interest states had with respect to the livestock industry, I find it curious that neither you nor your authorized agents charged with protecting wild horses and burros nor NDoA itself didn’t feel this was important enough to respond to, couldn’t be bothered to provide the NRS provisions supporting your newest press release statements about NDoA’s power, or didn’t feel the need to share any cooperative agreements granting NDoA this sort of jurisdiction over federally protected animals.

Which leads me to the Slaughter Summit you will be speaking at – but I have to confess, I’m kind of confused. See, I thought the BLM was charged with protecting wild horses and burros from that kind of crowd, commercial exploitation and all. It’s all the BLM ever says, “We don’t sell horses for slaughter”, so I’m a little confused why there’s a veritable cornucopia of BLM’ers listed on the Horse Slaughter Industry’s Summit agenda.

By the way Bob, you do know that American horsemeat is tainted and dangerous for human consumption but these people promote their own pocketbook at the expense of those who eat it anyway, don’t you? Could it be that is why you think the BLM and the horse slaughter industry is a perfect match? Do you think Sue & Co might be interested in acquiring mustang meat free of the drugs given to domestic equine?

Tell me something, Bob. Before you decided to tentatively accept an invitation to Ms. Wallis’s shindig, did you ask her why she came out of nowhere and has made the commercial exploitation and slaughter of wild horses one of her number one goals in all she publishes, says and does?

So this leads me to my next question. When BLM conducted the free and public forum in Denver last summer to discuss “management solutions”, Sue was there and never missed an opportunity to bring up wild horse slaughter as a humane and fiscally responsible alternative to BLMs primary management tool of roundups and removals. Except in the public forum, BLM’s MC poo-pooed Ms. Wallis and told her this kind of solution was neither appropriate nor on the table for discussion (pardon my pun).

Yet here we sit just six months later and while you couldn’t bother to make a guest appearance at the “free” public dog and pony show packed with “diverse stakeholders” interested in the Wild Horse & Burro Program, now Bob, you are going to personally speak at Sue’s Slaughter Summit. What’s that about? So what makes her and her cohorts so special and above the public arena? The privacy from prying public eyes? The fact that what you say will be “off the record”? Are you getting a fee for your attendance on top of your taxpayer funded salary that legitimizes your “expertise”? Or is this highly controversial and clear conflict of interest sales pitch going to allow you to meet “key” contacts over salsa in order to coordinate better with Secretary Salazar’s “new direction”?

So just to try and summarize how this works (and please feel free to set me straight if I have something wrong):

If I attend a public forum on discussing wild horse and burro management, BLM will tell those trying to bring horse slaughter to the table that it’s not appropriate and will not be allowed. But if I want to be part of the Slaughter Summit to hear what you have to say, to hear what other BLM and BLM affiliates recommend, I’m going to have to cough up $300-400.00 dollars to hear a discussion that BLM refused to allow in the “public arena” nor did you feel was worthy enough to attend.

And after I write my check to United Horseman in order to attend your presentation, it will be deposited in an account that will be used for the lobbying and promotion of commercial exploitation and slaughter of wild horses and burros.

So tell me Bob, how is the presence of BLM employees and affiliates as public representatives not considered indirectly contributing money for the promotion of commercial exploitation and slaughter of wild horses and burros or a serious breach of the public trust?

Which leads me to my next line of questioning. I have heard BLM say that if advocates have evidence of BLM selling horses for slaughter, come forward with the proof.

With no access to long term holding facilities, limited access to short term facilities, armed guard access to roundups, humane observers limited to a handful at a time on hand picked days, closely guarded or set back at a half a mile or more away, (by the way Bob, what are we spending to protect you from us and our camera’s these last few years – I couldn’t find that in the budget info), blanket closure of public lands, refusal to disclose gather locations in advance, and discussions in the 2008 Team Conference Calls about how to block access by the media, the citizenry and Congress through secret locations and sealing the deal by justifying such secrecy from those attempting to ascertain the whereabouts of horses and burros by labeling them potential eco-terrorists, with all that going for you Bob, when exactly do you think the public will be able to “get proof” from behind the BLM’s Iron Curtain?

One a side note, this also leads me to ponder; Bob, are you and other BLM personnel and affiliates worried about your safety at the Slaughter Summit? After all, there will definitely be people in attendance who do not support the BLM’s “humane treatment “ of wild horses and burros via non-slaughter, do not believe wild horses and burros have any place as integral components of the public lands and who feel the BLM is failing to be fiscally responsible. Will you and other BLM affiliates be shadowed by armed escorts to protect you from them like the BLM does to the general citizenry who advocate for lawful, transparent and humane treatment of wild horses and burros?

But back to that “proof” thing of the BLM selling wild horses for slaughter. Let me start by saying, as soon as the BLM starts letting advocates follow the wild horses and burros from the roundup pens through transport and from short term to long term holding, maybe we will have a chance. But then again, the BLM seems pretty adamant about not letting the public in to anything but the most carefully controlled slices of “management” they have yet to privatize and even much of that, advocates are having to fight tooth and nail to get.

Since you called advocates out on the issue of proving the BLMs selling wild horses to slaughter, I have to confess – you are right. I don’t have photos from start to finish showing BLM gathering horses, transporting or selling them to killer buyers with follow up shots of killer buyers transporting them and making the trek to Mexico or Canada with their carcasses finally hanging from a meat hook. Is that the kind of proof you mean, Bob?

Read the conclusion of this outstanding article by clicking (HERE)

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  1. Excellent piece. Some excellent questions that any government agency should be able to answer altho we know they won’t. So much for the transparency in government Obama and what up with that scientific integrity. Oh yeah Prez is too busy calling the Eagles and praising them for giving scumbag a chance. Guess under those parameters his BLM monsters are doing a superlative job.


  2. This is the Single best Letter I have ever seen written to bob abbey, most informative , dealing with all aspects of this Rogue Agency !!! From start to finish superbly written , But if you are expecting some kind of intelligent response from them, I doubt seriously you will get it , If he would answer it would be extremely incriminating of this entire Rogue , lying deceiving , bunch of murdering uneducated in anything that breathes bunch of Betraying , low life people……………….. His attendance at this totally ridiculous event is enough to have all taxpayers in a tizzy…….. Getting the word out to the American Taxpayer is essential !!! Believe me the American Public will be so undeniably enraged this Agency will be dissolved ……………..This needs to be on the FRONT PAGE OF EVERY NEWSPAPER IN THE US >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OMG the American People will set this right !!!!!! Be assured get this in the NEWSPAPER and ON TV>>>>>>>>>>>> The Power of the Press is essential here and has always been……….

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  3. Thank you for writing such an articulate letter with such authentic facts.
    It is clear to me that Ken Salazar and Bob Abbey epitomize evil. I despise them both, and hold this administration largely responsible for the deaths of helpless horses which has continued against the wishes of citizens and taxpayers of this Country. For so long as I live on this Earth, I and all my friends and family will have contempt for Salazar, Abbey, for all the BLM persons and “hired hands” involved in the atrocities toward our horses, and for Obama in his refusal to listen and for his support of all that Salazar has done that is detrimental to this country, to horses and to defenseless wildlife.

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    • Arlene;

      This was written by Cindy MacDonald and is posted in it’s entirety on her blog “American Herds”…the link is at both the beginning and the end, which is not the end, of the post. Pleas go there to read the entire thing and ask Cindy, I am certain that she would not mind.

      Sent from R.T.’s iPhone


  4. Cindi, you are a wonder! The first part of your article impressive enough, but the entire article is a mindblower!

    EVERY government agency avoids accountablity by simply ignoring facts and those who provide them. It’s up to ordinary folks to out them every day, in every way possible. “Power to the people! Right(s) on!”


  5. Reading, I was SO impressed. You got it all. Point>Counterpoint. You took the “man” to task. Then my blood boiled…could feel it in my chest! This is a nightmare horror that cannot continue. It gets worse and worse when one thinks he/she has seen and heard the ultimate. I hope this has been sent to DC…esp. Reps. Rahall and Grijalva, Sen. Mary Landrieu. Celebrities: Cheryl Crow, Willie Nelson, Paul Sorvino… Something massive needs to happen! There are so many of us. Why can’t we have a rally on the DC Mall? That said, I do feel that 2011 will be the year FOR the horses. How more cornered can the opposition get and still squirm out? Have a good feeling this “Slaughter Summit ” is going to backfire in their faces with a stinking blast. Ok, maybe some Pollyanna here, but I think not much. Thank you.


  6. It is unfortunate that our daily lives in the ursuit of life, liberty and happiness is distracted by the ridiculous banal interference of the civil servant. I hate to say this but I think the government needs to disband and privatize. At the very least, ethical standards have got to be met. If this conference proceeds, Abbey and his blanket crew will have to recuse themselves from any decision making regarding future population control (slaughter being one of those controls) if he indeed attends and conferences within this private slaughter conference. This article should be printed and kept as part of one’s library. It can not be ignored by any member of the general that an issue dealing with a component of compassion is continuously beat down with manipulation of facts and outright lies by our civil servants and the agencies they live off of. Frankly, this is disgusting to me.


  7. “If I attend a public forum on discussing wild horse and burro management, BLM will tell those trying to bring horse slaughter to the table that it’s not appropriate and will not be allowed. But if I want to be part of the Slaughter Summit to hear what you have to say, to hear what other BLM and BLM affiliates recommend, I’m going to have to cough up $300-400.00 dollars to hear a discussion that BLM refused to allow in the “public arena” nor did you feel was worthy enough to attend.” (Cindy)

    I don’t believe the public can be barred from attending sessions in which public federal officials and employees, whose salaries are paid by American taxpayers, speak about public federal policy. These sessions must be open to the public free of charge. I have written Bob Abbey, Tom Gorey and Ken Salazar about this.

    Excellent article, Cindy!!!

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    • An older post that still holds true today, unfortunate that these greedy weasels are still sucking up our hard earned tax dollars and doing a great job of it, I wish they were made to work at a slaughter facility for just a day and not allowed to leave until their gruesome agendas were fullfilled, perhaps they were change their tune quickly, but their devotion to the almighty dollar is remarkable in its sickness.


    • Interesting news article, so the BLM has a bank account with 7.9 million dollars in it (and growing as the interest acrews) from property/land sales to PRIVATE people.

      The BLM are supposted to place ALL land ‘sales’ up for PUBLIC BID!

      Wonder if private sale is how Sue Wallis got her talons on the old cattle railroad stockyards for her” charity horseslaughter” business?? or did she get that property free somehow using her 501c?

      No wonder America is in such massive DEBT..all Salazars people, including the BLM are stealing whatever they can.

      They should have their own club, they should get tee-shirts “The Horse and America eaters club” picture of a hog feeding out of a trough full of horses and american flags.

      Pres. Obama you need to stop this raping of America by these criminals.


      • Laura, thank you for an idea. I am going to use your t-shirt idea for one of my cartoons. I write a blog for the Houston Chronicle online and my subject matter varies from everyday adventures with my ponies to wild horses (my soap box) and my cartoon called “There’s Harmony in Hoofbeats”. Starting in 2011 I am going to be adding mor political cartooning all aimed at the wild horses. I may be posting only once or twice a month with the new political cartoon, but hopefully will pick up as the year progesses. Since Obama appointed Salazaar (I am a Colorado resident) I don’t think any amount of letters to Obama will get any more notice than letters to Abbey or Salazaar. They never see them, I believe that they instruct thier secretaries to throw away any such mail. Arlene is right. If there is to be any chance of saving America’s wild horses and burros, it will have to come in the same form as the first legislation. There needs to be incredible MASSIVE information spread to the none-horse members of the public so that you get every housewife and every little kid writing letters. It needs to be overwhelming. How many of you have thought about paying for a non-profit table or booth at your local art festival or other community event and pass out info and flyers. If the ASPCA can afford nationwide commercials asking for donations to help abused cats and dogs, why can’t they help with the starvation and abuse the BLM does to horses? And if they can’t offically make a stand against the BLM (personally I think someone aught to bring a lawsuit against them based on animal abuse and cruelty), then can a few of the major wild horse orginazations pool together and raise money for a nationwide campaign. Madline Pickens….surely you can get in on this. I mean something that can be seen for 6 months constantly 30 times a day on CNN, FoxNews, NBC, CBS, ABC, LinkTV, PBS…all the major channels. I will continue to do my part in my blog to help spread the word.


    • POGO outs U.S. government corruption, mishandling of funds, and breeches of the public trust. I could spend a month going through the links on this page alone:

      I swear, if the Feds just collected the BILLION (likely TRILLIONS) U.S. taxpayers are ALREADY OWED, most of our National Debt would be history!

      Remember the “Pogo” comic strip quote, “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”? Well, he ain’t “us”. He’s “them”! Hey, BLM/MMS/DOI – shall we dance?


    • Seems the slaughter agenda really picked up momentum in early 2005 when the bush administration got into full swing, how do all these mentally deranged politicians get these high paying jobs, killing horses, burros and other equines??This all must end, and the slaughter gang must be punished for abusing and killing our Federally protected horse+other equines on our public lands with our tax money?? How? we say STOP STOP STOP


  8. Yes, this article – along with many other highly researched articles on American Herds should be required reading for everyone – in or out of government.

    The entire situation is not only disgusting, it’s downright terrifying.


  9. There are two, and only two people who can stop the destruction of America’s wild horse herds- Ken Salazar and Barack Obama. Bob Abbey is nothing more than a puppet whose strings are held by Ken Salazar. Salazar certainly told Obama that this dirty piece of business needs done as a part of their agenda. Obama obviously agreed, and instructed his trusty little sidekick Ken Salazar to do whatever is necessary to solve this messy little problem. Remember- this is the Bureau of LAND Management.

    The ONLY way to stop them is for Ken Salazar to tell Obama that they need to stop because of public pressure and exposure.

    We all know that this is NOT about there being too many wild horses. It’s NOT about saving starving horses. It’s about opening up the lands for the grazing of more and more cattle and for the raping of the land with oil and gas wells, pipelines, industrial roadways, and facilities. These great ‘improvements’ can’t be put into place as long as wild horses are on the lands. As long as wild horses live there, a plethera of environmental restrictions apply as far as what else the land can be used for, and those present a hurdle for BP, El Paso Energy, and other bosom buddies of Ken Salazar. When all the wild horses have somehow just vanished from the planet, the environmental impact studies will no longer be required, and the trucks and rigs can roll in. (Maybe someone can find those public lands restrictions, and expose the details of exactly what the resourse-ripping Salazar and his fuel-feind cohorts can and can’t do as long as wild horses roam the ranges.)

    Do not be misguided about BLM’s motives. They don’t give a flying flip about wild horses. As far as they are concerned, the only good wild horses is a GONE wild horse- and they don’t care what form GONE takes- whether it be concentration camps, adoption, slaughter, or being lifted by aliens into the stratosphere.

    Welcome to New America.


    • One more recent post must have been in 2016 I read where warren buffet wanted all the wild horses gone off public lands because of his plans to put in wind turbines on those lands, AWHPC had a line on this info, don’t know but just another greedy weasel with big plans for even more millions in his pocket perhaps??


  10. Its stinks and reeks of In Justices to Our wild Mustangs !!!!! And we must take care of it !!!! We must be missing the Answer somewhere here there is one !!!!


  11. Yes, Elaine, that is the reality. We are seeing more regardless of what BLM manages to hide. We know that there are suspect sales authority buyers- repeat buyers of hundreds of horses from BLM facilities. We have caught them skimming wild horses off the start of roundups… a truckload here and a truckload there. We know the reality.
    We are working all the time to bring the public the proof. mar


    • Thanks again Mar !!! Yes we need documented proof !!!! Skimming horses off the top before a round up OMG Criminal offense………………………………….The Evidence mounts !!!!!!! I definitely smell an arrest on that one !!!!!!!!!!


  12. Hey…I thought Salazar was supposed to “leave”??????

    DOI is a natural and manmade disaster (and still counting according to folks involved with the Gulf Oil debacle).

    Cow-cow Kenny…when you split take the so called leadership of BLM with ya’ and please lord, let the door hit him in the…..on the way, way OUT!


    • Glad the little midget’s gone, but not forgotten it is almost 2019 and these creeps are still at it, the best solution to this problem I’d say is to hit them in the pocketbook, by suing them for their abuse of our public lands and the animals all the animals on these public lands, $$$ is the only thing they understand, and when they loose it, they will wake up perhpas and stop killing unless they’re even more twisted than we all had ever imaginied.??


  13. CIndy, what a beautifully written letter and so to the point. I agree with Arlene Orlando, this letter needs to be sent to all TV stations, newpapers, and anyone else who could push it to more taxpapers and citizens. Only when we, the American taxpaper, demand the BLM’s demise, and our numbers reflect that, will we see the end to this disgusting agency and its cohorts. This agency should be pushed off a cliff and let drown. Can we muster up enough mailings to all the public news agencies and get the message flowing to one and for all. I hope we can and that 2011 will be the year of the Wild Horse and Burro Victory over all these disgusting agencies and individuals.


    • Thank You Lynn Jones, I believe we need the Media Big Time !!!! There is no other medium to get our messages to the Public taxpayer , this is where are strength lies, in the People !!! This i believe is ultra important !!!!! HOW CAN WE GET THE HELP OF THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER IF THEY DONT KNOW OR DONT UNDERSTAND !!!! The minute they know there will be none of the stupid rantings of a Rogue Agency who is lieing and squandering Tax Dollars this is a federal offense, that needs to be addressed with truthfulness , clearly there is no way the Mustangs can lose this battle if this is done ! The American People are all for truth and Justice !!! We need to prove it to them !!! We are wasting precious time with the likes of the people we are trying to get Justice from………………..Justice will come from Americas People !!!!!!


  14. The media doesn’t give (or the uneducated American Public) a flying rat’s arse….unless, of course Lindsy Lohan, the Kardashian’s, Bristol Palin are doing something naughty standing on top of a dead equine or putting lipstick on a live one.


    • We need Media , If it takes putting lipstick on a live one by any of those 3 so be it !!!!! If it takes Lady Godiva riding on a horse delivering the message in every state of the US then so be it !!!! If that is what it takes them I am in !!!!


  15. to Cindy I shake your hand. This run-away evil must be stopped. We must never give up –the horses must be saved. Resolution for 2011.


  16. I remember, 10 years ago, there was one remaining wild mustang herd left in San Diego County, at the time I was living there. We protested the proposed round-up, so direly desiring of the herd to be left alone. Well, they were rounded up. I now live in southern AZ, and when I travel to Phoenix on occasion (a 2 hour drive) I go past a casino, in Chandler, named “Wild Horse Pass.” Of course, there are no wild horses- it is urbanized beyond comprehension. But, I do conjecture that, as with all the western “names”, (such as “Bumble Bee Pass”, “Horse Thief Basin”), these names originated historically, describing the reality back then. I am greatly saddened. I could care less about the casino – I would much rather have to stop my car, and allow the wild ones to pass…..To keep the name, is a travesty.


  17. Interesting letter, and it needs to be made public, somehow. Could it be read on radio stations, and at a gathering somwhere near the Summit of the Slaughter??

    Hope a complaint is issued (like Dr. Fazio did with Sloth Sue), with at least 1000 signatures-the more people/general public reached across the country regarding prudent and transparent use of tax dollars (from California to Florida) the better.

    There is interesting reading on some of the tractor trailer drivers in internet searches (just adding “wild horses”) after their names. Too bad some of them can’t be subpoened to help answer some of Cindy’s questions.

    I still have an email from a few years back from a BLM Representative/Employee stating that “most of the horses.. are unadoptable mainly due to their age”. The email exchange arose when I asked about the number of horses to adoptors ratio and other questions regarding adoption statisitics.


  18. Kerry !!!! You have hit on something big !!! The HSUS has commercials constantly on TV everytime you turn the Set on ,There it is HSUS commercial !!! They are so good at it , they tear your heart out with just a few minutes , this is what the Mustangs have to have and then , watch out Their Freedom will come , just like that !!!!! People need to know and see what horrors that are inflected upon our Mustangs………. You can tell them and tell them , but there is something about seeing is believing….It takes me 20 mins to compose my self after seeing the HSUS Commercial. Now we must figure out how we can get the funds to do the same thing they do only with our Mustangs as the Stars… Omg Kerry this is so good …………..Now we need big time funds to do this, WOW I believe we will expose these Bastards for what they are , flood the TV with Commercials, I can see it now wow !!!!!!! We have have some of the greatest Wild Mustang round up footage to show them !!! The MEDIA is the Answer ……………………As soon as Americas People see how their extremely hard earned tax dollars are being totally wasted It isiover for the BLM they might as well just leave the Country for the repercussions of their Bastardy deeds………………..We can call it the Great American Betrayal ……………………………………


    • The place to start Arlene is to find one of the major organizations willing to ‘host’ this project, so that money can be raised specificaly for the purpose of filming such commercial and then purchaseing air time. Air time is expensive. I heard somewhere that an simple 10 second spot costs about $100k or up to produce, before air time. Obviously some corporate sponsership would help. I just finished watching a bunch of the Budwieser commercials on YouTube – they make great commercials and who ever thier ad campaign manager, is good. They use the Clydesdales to tug at the hearts – wonder if they would like to have a ‘clydesdale meets mustang’ version. How about clydesdale saying ‘a $1 from every purchase of Budweiser goes to the blah blah blah save my-cousin-the-mustang fund’ campaign? Me, I’ve never organized anything big – tho I could probably learn, I’ve got some friends who have organized some good stuff. I make a living by being a starving artist, so my personal funds are thin and I gotta find time to pay my bills. But since I do it at art shows, renaissance festivals and soo horse expos, I’m thinking of putting up a section of my booth dedicated to wild horse info. Just need the proper flyers.


      • PS – not having ever been involved in large organizations on the financial level, I often wonder how much money is spent on advertising like the ASPCA does that could go towards vet bills, foster homes etc for unwanted animals. It must be a tough balance to decide ‘does the money to to this? or does the money go to ads to try to get more money?’ Seriously, if it were to take $500,000 to make and run ads, how much use could that money go towards liberating some horses/burros and taking care of them? My answer to myself, I guess, is that just plucking horses out of the river doesn’t stop the river from running…..the campaign needs to happen in order to shore up the river for the future. *sigh* it’s so hard for people to look to the future these days, the mentality just isn’t there. Consider 7 generations forward…….


      • Kerry !!!! This is an excellent Idea , who better then Budweiser. OMG this is Good Kerry , all we need is funds !!!!!! This will work like nothing else could ever !!!! Kerry all of these Ideas are awesome !!!!! Maybe Just maybe we can do this !!!!!! I think this is exactly what the Mustangs need and have to have done for them…………………


      • Isn’t Budweiser owned by a Belgium company now? That’s horse eating country. Anyhow, a European company, I think.


      • Budweiser is not only owned by a Belgian company but the largest holder in that company is the same family that owned the former horse slaughter plant, Cavel, in the U.S. Did you all not notice that this year’s Super Bowl did NOT have a Bud Clydesdale commercial in it for the first time in years?

        Sadly, we can no longer allow Budweiser products to inhabit my “Beer Fridge”…which is not all bad as it has forced me to sample some very enlightening micro-brews from around the world.

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      • I agree here Kerry–to get the “message” out we need a flyer designed that will cover the Mustang and slaughter issue in a clear concise way. I grow and sell herbs and native plants and display and speak at garden shows. I would like to hand out a flyer at these shows and at my place of business. I believe that there is a huge group of people that we haven’t reached out there is these places. I have “stacks” of printed information but too much information is not what I need. I know Grassroots has a color handout and so does Cloud Foundation but I am looking for a quick guide to the Mustang/Slaughter problem with links to websites for more information and action. Anybody out there that can provide this vital need for people like Kerry and myself?


    • Arlene and Kerry, here’s some information on advertising that might be of help to you:

      Many of the ‘public interest’ ads you see are called PPI ads (Pay Per Impression). They are ads that are used by TV and radio stations to fill in ad space that has not sold. The advertiser pays a pre-determined amount (Example: $10.00 per 1000) for the ad to be inserted. Many times those spots are shown during low viewing times, like very late night or very early morning, but the cost is much lower for the advertiser. It may not be possible to get ‘anti-government’ ads- such as anti-BLM ads- placed as PPI ads. Also important to know is that PPI ads are not offered during high volume ad sales like holidays, Superbowl, political campaigns, etc.

      Standard advertising is usually prohibitively high . Advertising agencies buy a certain volume of ad space from networks and cable channels each year, and then resell it to their clients. They get a better rate by buying ad time in bulk. It can get very complicated, unless you have a very large advertising budget, and get to make demands based on your value to the network. The ASPCA commits to a certain amount of advertising in blocks, and so gets it at a very big discount. They also qualify for funds from the Ad Council and others, and that helps them pay for advertising.

      Channels with smaller viewership charge less for ads than the networks. Each channel offers some percentage of ‘local ads’ (Example: car dealers, restaurants), and those cost less than national ads, but the wild horse cause wouldn’t qualify for that type of ad.

      Public Service Ads are ads run for free, and are considered to be for the common good. (Example: Ads for flu shots, education, and elderly services). Our cause wouldn’t fit into that category.

      If you want to proceed with your idea, you might want to contact some of the larger ad agencies and meet with someone who might advise you further on budget, strategy, etc. And, if you can tug at some heartstrings, you might be able to solicit their assistance in producing an ad- a very expensive part of advertising.

      The rules and rates change with some regularity, so you’ll want to do good research on current rates and policies before proceeding. Hope this helps a little. This cause very much needs the kind of exposure you’re talking about! Good luck!

      Elaine Nash


      • Eliane Thank you for the great advice, I am thinking this is the only way to help them…. It a shame HSUS can do this so easily…………….There ads are Killer good..If we can do the shame OMG it would really work for the Mustangs………………..Public Knowledge would be astoundingly good for them………….


  19. Cindy, Arlene and Kerry:
    Do you think someone like
    might be able to help? It is my understanding that as an advocate for saving the wild horses, he’s involved in the media business and knows a lot of people. Maybe he could be contacted to possibly help you reach a large number of people on his Coast to Coast radio station broadcast~ or offer other ideas to help publicize this?


  20. George Knapp does bring people on Coast to Coast to talk about BLM and what they are doing to the Wild Horses and Burros. He has had Madeleine Pickens, Laura Leigh and just this week, he had Jerry Reynoldnon on. They covered a lot of ground, including the Slaughter Summit and BLM’s involvement with it. A lady from the Bronx called in and she was FURIOUS– the word is getting out.




  22. Since I don’t give a sack of hay about football, I don’t watch the Superbowl so I didn’t notice about the lack of clydesdales this year. Micro-brews are better for you anyway. Budweiser was just a company that I thought of off the top of my head. In reality, it will be very hard to find a corporate sponser since you will have to show them that they will profit from it without conflicting interest. They are not about to offend anyone, regardless of the cause. *sidetrack here* I don’t see big corporations standing up and loudly proclaiming to stop the slaughter in Darfur, even though there probably isn’t a single customer in thier market base that would object.

    *back on track* George Knapp and many others ARE out there getting the word out, but the show Coast to Coast is not listen to by main-stream America. I’ve never heard of it myself, so it isn’t going to cover the biggest market needed. Don’t get me wrong, we need EVERY BIT we can get, so don’t stop George! (or Willie or Sheryl or…..).

    And the Rose Bowl Parade is great. I would have thought the movie “Spirit, Wild Stalion of the Rockies” would have caught a lot of attention about the mustangs but there probably wasn’t enough association with current issues put to that movie. After all, evil man vs. wild stallion is an age old story line. Every author has used it from Thomas Hinkle to Walter Farley.

    Good advice Elaine. And Barbara, I think I’ll just write one up myself. Yes, it needs to be attention getting and short on basic information. With plenty of contacts. I’ll just make one. My husband just gave me an idea to draw a colt on his knees begging a BLM man for the life of his mama, who, in the background is being loaded onto a trailer marked for slaughter. I can check out a few of the major sites and get some info from them to include for more information. If anyone wants to see what my finished product is, I’ll be happy to email you a copy and accept critizism. Two or three flyers should be good enough for casual handouts, if one were to have an entire non-profit booth then lots of posters, t-shirts to sell etc should be put together. There will always be people who are not interested in the cause. I have only become aware of the extreme abuse going on since I became a horse owner 2 years ago – I was living in another world with other concerns. Although I did follow to a small degree the original campaign back in the 60’s (I was one of those kids).
    Anyone wanting me to email them a copy of this flyer when it is ready send me your email to It will probably take 2-3 weeks for a working copy – I have end of year paperwork to do, constantly orders to get out, a harness to make and other cartoons to draw…….*whew*


    • To clear the air, Kerry, I have not nor have ever watched the Super Bowl or any other game where grown men play with their balls and get paid millions to do so…I only appreciate the commercials that are available on the web the day after and the Clydesdale were always my favorites, for obvious reasons.


    • heres a cartoon idea I see in my minds eye all the time.

      The wide open empty range, the mountians with a sea of gravestones as far as the eye can see..that say “wild horse”.


      • talk to myself 🙂 another political cartoon. Remember the movie about the prehistoric man frozen in Ice bought back to life “Iceman”. He grabbed on to a harassing chopper and went up into the skies.

        A BLM helicoptor trying to lift back up into the air with angry horses holding on to the skids.


  23. Cindi, I know this is a lot to ask on top of your monumental effort, but would you please provide a version with all the same info, facts, and links that ISN’T personally directed at Bob Abbey?

    You’ve written a defining document that’s fine on a blog, but I don’t believe it will set well with my Senators – Tom Udall (D-NM – Stuart Udall’s son) and Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) – or any other government official. In my opinion, they’ll consider it disrespect of a colleague.

    Senators Udall and Bingaman are important players on issues we care about. (BTW, there’s a photo of wild horses on the masthead of Bingaman’s website!)

    I’m serious about sending them this information, but I won’t unless it’s in a form I think they’ll accept. If folks feel I’m wrong on this, please tell me why.

    P.S. NM’s Cerrillos Park is getting almost $800K from the National Parks Service for an upgrade:


  24. lol, well yes a bunch of avocates holding down cartoors chopper. Don’t want to say or do anything that can be perceived as a threat. Though in my imagination and I know its wrong to ask God to smite them….. In my imagination the helicoptor engine stops/breaks and it falls out of the sky like a rock. Don’t crash on any horses though, when it happens 🙂

    or in my imagination one of those cowboys who doesn’t use the internet and for all his life has seen and hated what happens to wild horses…goes POSTAL on them.

    I ask for Karma to catch-up with them all!


  25. “WOW!!” Way to go R.T. !! Someone needs to butcher “them”, & hang their rotten carcasses up on meat hooks, for ALL the world to see! You know that old saying, “what goes around, comes around!” Revenge for all the horse’s sakes, would be SWEET!! And, as sick & gross as it may sound, you’re probably right about “Sue & Co.” wanting to buy untainted mustangs to butcher & eat, you know, as a “humane alternative to all those excess, unwanted horses”! I hope she rots in hell, along with all her croonies!


  26. With Mr Knapp’s audience size, it seems like Cindy’s letter has many good points for him to do something with. It’s too good for lots of folks to not know about.


  27. Arlene, George Knapp is an award winning investigative reporter. He and his team produced this documentary. You can view it on several sites. This one is from AMERICAN HERDS.

    Full Length Version
    Segmented Version


  28. CNN aired another story (the 2nd?) on the roundups at about 5:30 this morning. I won’t go into details about the video, because I’m putting this up on a number of blogs.

    I wish reporters would stop using animal “rights”. Makes us sound like PETA!

    The reporter’s follow-up to the video included comments they only aired a small protion of the burro footage – that it was chased multiple times. Talked about numbers being held in Oklahoma and Kansas, and yearly cost to the taxpayer for roundups and holding. Also commented that people won’t believe how far CNN was kept away from the roundup in the video they’re airing TOMORROW MORNING. Actually, I think they said 3 parts, so there should be another on Wednesday.


    • What time zone are you in? I watch CNN all the time, though I am seldom up at 5:30 am. I am in CST, so I can adjust to the time if I know what time zone you saw it in.


      • Thanks Linda. We just caught the rerun at about 9:45 am CST. I also watched the link you posted. They didn’t say anything about more segments, but we’ll watch for some. I wish Anderson Cooper would do a segment about “Keeping Them Honest”. After all, the BLM was also responsible for the lack of oversight with the agency that was so in bed (literally) with the oil companies and BP that led to the Gulf oil spill last spring. The BLM needs a re-do!


  29. Off-topic, but maybe not so much considering the current state of affairs.

    Just received this from the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) about the death of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act on December 22nd:

    “After an unbelievable roller coaster of fear and fallacies, votes on and off, and a flurry of activity, when the lights went out in the Capitol Building on December 22, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act was dead.

    “It may be one of the few times in history when legislation has passed both chambers unanimously within two weeks and still failed to get to the president’s desk.

    “At least one anonymous Republican senator put a secret hold on the bill, and then skipped town.”

    Although both my (NM) senators are Democrats, I called their D.C. offices anyway and asked if they’d done it, and also their positions on placing “anonymous, secret holds”.

    If you’d like to do the same, you can report your findings at On the Media from NPR:


    • So much for transparency in government and business. Seems they are finding more and more ways to legally operate in the dark.


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