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Equine Rescue Group Publicly Challenges Horse Eaters

Accredited Rescue takes Facts to the Streets

GLENVILLE, PA (Angel Acres) – With the US press awash with misinformation regarding the plight of the American horse, Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue is stepping up to educate the public about horse slaughter via a billboard & internet campaign. Two billboards are up in Baltimore that display 2 horses with the statement, “Stop Killing Us” and a new website has been launched.

Jo Deibel, Founder and Director of Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, says, “We are not a huge rescue and our funds are limited, but we felt this is something we must do as there is not enough information available to the non horse owning public about what is happening to our nation’s homeless horses. From the beginning we have felt that the only way to stop American horses from being shipped to Canada and Mexico, where they face a horrific trip to a brutal and an inhumane slaughter, is raising awareness throughout the United States. Our mission is to educate the non-horse owning public about the risk our American horses face.”

The effort is timely considering the upcoming Horse Slaughter convention to be held in Las Vegas next week which touts a speaker list that reads like a “Who’s Who” in horse butchering including the Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Bob Abbey.

“Only when our country’s horse and animal lovers loudly raise their voices in concert, in protest of the atrocities inflicted upon our American Icon; the horse, will our legislators finally pass the bills that in one form or another have languished in governmental committee for over 8 years. Horse slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia; it is a shame and outrage,” Deibel said.

Although the last three, foreign owned, horse slaughter plants in the United States were shuttered in 2007 as many if not more U.S. horses are inhumanly transported across US borders to be butchered as food for wealth foreigners.  It has been documented that not only over bred domestic horses fall victim to this crime but publicly owned and federally protected wild horses have also made this tortuous trip.  A BLM contractor, David Cattoor, who pleaded guilty to just this sort of crime will be a guest speaker at next week’s SlaughterFest along with his boss Bob Abbey and hosted by Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis, now under investigation for fraud and ethics violations.

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  1. Bold move for the Angel Acres. The more public exposure the better. Many people whom I have talked to are ignorant of the plight of the Wild Mustangs, Burros and horses. There is a look of disbelief that people in the US would do this. Shine the light on the darkness of these people. Keep up the pressure to remove the BLM from its dastardly deceit.


  2. “It’s an old problem and getting worse, too many horses.” So says Sue Wallis about her upcoming conference of horse lovers that will be attended by Federal Agencies, Wild Life Advocates, Indian Tribes, and more.One can read the Newspaper Article here;
    Get links to her website, even her Facebook page with thousands of friends. We the uninformed should all see the light and realize once and for all that people like us are preventing people like them from doing the right thing and managing the too many horses by killing them so they can continue breeding them for money.


    • Frank…I was planning to respond to that particular article, which is very typical of the Seattle Times, but it is SO riddled with wrong numbers, bad math and lies that I just gave up. I didn’t have the time…but this is a prime example of bad journalism and almost all Americans believe what they read in print and see on TV so hence, our problem.


      • Please someon who keeps good records of Numbers about the mustangs e-mail this Lynda. I’m sure she would appreciate it. Are the horses on the Indian land on property that useto or does still belong to the Mustang herds?


  3. I agree with the billboards and there needs to be billboards at all the auctions where all our horses loose their identity and end up victims. All people need to know that our american horses are never safe from this fate till it is made illegal all around. New Holland auction is a huge auction that has lots of kill buyers and a billboard is a must there! So that way when people bring horses in they see this before they make the choice to put their horses in that situation . That big breeders need to be shut down ,because they breed for numbers not quality . The registries need to put a limit on the number of horses a person is allowed to breed. There has to be control. Nice job covering our on going issues R.T. !


    • ” That big breeders need to be shut down ,because they breed for numbers not quality . The registries need to put a limit on the number of horses a person is allowed to breed.”

      I think the bill board is a wonderful idea.
      trouble with some auctions (like New Holland, I used to go there) is the folks just hire someone to haul there horse there for them.

      Big breeders DO breed for quality, but it just turns out to take big numbers to get what they want. I think they should all have to pay a certain fee (not large) for each horse they register so that would go to a rescue fund.
      for that breed.


  4. excellent 🙂 Recently a horse owner was lied to by a kill jobber (told her he was a ‘good home’) and her horse was then sent to canadian slaughter within a couple days.

    The horses trainer had a huge long list of banned medications the racehorse had. Police had interviewed the kill-jobber as the owner wanted the horse to go to a GOOD HOME and wanted the horse back! But it was to late, the kill-jobber told the police the horse was already DEAD.

    Another ignorant canadian horse-eater or europian is going to risk cancer because the horse-traders lie to the last owners and they lie to the slaughterhouses about medications.
    As ‘horse traders’-kill jobbers always do.


    • The ignorance lies with the slaughter industry, not the consumers. They buy meat as unsuspecting folks, relying on a “regulated system” which is none or a very bad one. It’s if you go buy veggies, and you can’t for sure say they are genetically altered or not, most food is a risk today, does the label assure you anything ? I think not. If we have such a challenge to educate our own citizens, how do you suspect foreigners would know the horrific and health hazard truth on this ?
      The industry is deceptive and misleading the main stream – how do you think we can educate abroad ? The reality is, it’s people like Wallis who must go down to end this.


  5. AWESOME !!! BRAVO !!! BILLBOARDS! Now we will get the Action for The Wild Mustangs !!!!!!! I am deliriously Happy with this !!!!!! Thank You !!!!!!!


  6. Kudos Angel Acres!

    My experience is that the people who have heard about slaughter have “heard” only the pro-slaughter side and its simplistic argument that with so many unwanted horses, if we don’t have slaughter plants, horses will starve.

    Not only do we need to make more people aware of the issue, but we must debunk the erroneous pro-slaughter arguments.

    At $400 – $1000 per horse, horses going to slaughter are hardly unwanted!!


  7. WOW & A TRUE HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Since we cannot get mass media coverage, nor honest, this is the way-to-go! We do our own media! More! More! More! In every state and as many as possible per state. THIS IS HORSE “RESCUE” TO THE MAX! I am in $$$$$$. Donations no matter how “small,” just do add up!! And no better place than out there for ALL to see. For you know, once the billboard is seen and imprinted on the brain…it is there to be called up again & again when a horse, an article…is again seen or read. The way the brain works…it builds on added information. Action will be taken For The Horses. Bless you Jo & Angel Acres.


  8. So many in the general public don’t understand the difference between ‘slaughter’ and ‘euthenasia’. They also don’t understand the difference in slaughtering cattle and slaughtering horses.

    If someone would write a very clear, concise, accurate, fact-driven article on those two points, we could get that into the major media stream and maybe reach more people than the ‘circle’ of advocates who primarily ‘preach to the choir’ about this issue.


  9. If someone would write a very clear, concise, accurate, fact-driven article on those two points, we could get that into the major media stream and maybe reach more people ”

    Right on, Elaine! When I go to some of the recommended video sites on U-Tube, etc. I see that ours have so few viewers and other sites are in the millions. I always pay attention to how many have viewed a site. Most of us just seem to talk back and forth among ourselves. I know, we petition and donate, Some some of the advocates are really good at getting the news out. But darn, we need something astounding.
    I still think pictures of the babies get to non-horsey hearts the best.


  10. This is on a grand scale and that’s wonderful! A big thank you to Angel Acres for implementing such a great idea…way to go!! Now, let’s all get out there and show support to make this a greater success! I’ve been putting flyers on cars, from time to time, but THIS is the way to go. (-:


  11. Angel Acres, God Bless You. What about a mass mailing to all the large newspapers with a picture of the horses and the message on the billboard. And why stop there, how about the TV stations in all major areas, such as L.A. I can provide telephone numbers for the L.A. area for papers and TV stations. This is a great idea. Billboards certainly would make a difference wherever they are placed.


  12. BRAVO !!!!!!!! Finally The Media !!!!!!!! and BILLBOARDS………………… God Bless Angel Acres !!!!!!!! Also All Here…………………………….


  13. Thanks so much to Jo and Angel Acres! Billboards are great! I would like to help. Are there poster-sized ads that are the same as the billboard-sized ones? I could put some of these in prominent places in the areas of Miami that condone eating horse meat, and where our illicit butchers come from. Maybe if people can see how awful their neighborhood butcher shop really is, and see a carcass hanging from a hook on a telephone pole right after being illegally butchered, they will think twice about making a market for horse meat. And I agree with Shirley, pictures of these sweet creatures can really tug at the heartstrings. Look at the ASPCA holiday ads. They make me cry. Way to go Jo!!!!


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