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Twin Peaks Stampede Outrage

Photo’s Submitted by Leslie Peeples during first Days of Stampede (Slide Show Updated) Related articles by Zemanta BLM Helicopter Stampede to put 50% of California’s Wild Horses and Burros behind Bars Forever (rtfitch.wordpress.com) Warning: Graphic Images — Dead Foal Found in Twin Peaks (humaneobserver.blogspot.com) Twin Peaks Roundup Starts […]

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Dark Horse

I WENT TO AN AUCTION last Monday. Not an auction for foreclosed homes. Not an auction for priceless art or jewelry or land. I went to the New Holland Livestock Auction in the Amish and Mennonite country of New Holland, Pennsylvania, where each week horses are sold—though I’d no intention of buying one. I know a thing or two about horses. I spend a significant amount of time with them and can groom them, bathe them, saddle them, walk them, run them on a lead, ride them, feed them, blanket them, work them in a round pen, give them medicine, soak their sore hooves, lift and stretch their hindlegs and forelegs, clean the undersides of their feet, bandage their legs, and minister to their wounds. But I could not foresee, in the spare few minutes each horse at such an auction is given to demonstrate its abilities, personality, strength, or lack thereof (whether young or old, muscled or thin), that I’d be able to determine whether any particular horse would be the one for me.

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A Slick In The Night

We keep hearing the upsetting stories from our wild horse advocates living in Nevada near the BLM wild horse holding facilities about wild horses being hauled in the middle of the night and disappearing. We hear it often.

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I-Team: More Horses Die in Gather, Public Not Allowed to Observe

ELKO COUNTY, Nev. — A deadly government roundup of Nevada’s wild horses during the hottest month of the year has led to new accusations in federal court.

Wild horse advocates have accused the Bureau of Land Management of contempt, because the agency went to extraordinary lengths to keep the public from being able to observe a horse roundup over the past few days in which 21 mustangs died.

We would like to report that members of the press and public were able to get in and see the roundup, but that did not happen because of gamesmanship and subterfuge on the part of the BLM. The agency clearly does not want outside eyes to watch what it is doing.

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BLM Error or the Right Move?

Now I don’t want to muddy the waters or go off into left field but in an effort to be fair and balanced it appears, at least at first glance, that the BLM is in the process of doing a good thing for the wild horses in the Pryor Mountains.

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Hope for Slaughter Bound Horses Rides Upon the Seat of a Bike

Mark Cramer likes lost causes, and in America’s slaughterhouse-bound, retired racehorses, he has certainly found one. These are the rejects, the horses who are either too slow or too infirm to win a meaningful amount of money on the racetrack or be sent to a cushy life on a breeding farm somewhere. Hardly anyone cares about them and the racing industry does little to protect them, which is why an appallingly high number of retired thoroughbreds are shipped each year to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada to be butchered for their meat.

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Reason Will Win the Horse Slaughter Debate

Over the past week there has been a uptick in the coverage of the horse-slaughter issue. This should be no surprise; the public pays more attention to horse racing in the time surrounding the Kentucky Derby.

But this year the coverage seems intended not only to discuss the issue of horse slaughter (which I have invested considerable personal energies toward) but also to demonize horse racing itself.

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