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The Sunday Trail Ride

“It’s Sunday and it has been a good week for the horses with the dark-side suffering multiple defeats and currently in hiding collectively licking some very deep wounds. But as the lost and confused wander without clear direction we move forward with purpose, dignity and truth as our shield. It is important for us to look around and re-energize ourselves not only with the strength of our numbers and great diversity but with the clear knowledge in our heart of why we fight for those who cannot speak for themselves, the horses.

Below is a story that has been around for years and I have danced with it many times but each time I read it, edit it and tell it I am healed as it speaks to the core of why we are where we are in the battle to save the American equine, both domestic and wild. We speak from the heart, we speak for the horse and we speak in concert with each other. Keep the faith and thank-you for all that you do.” ~ R.T.

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14 Year Old Offers Solution in Beleaguered Horse Slaughter Debate

Six weeks ago we featured an article on the efforts of a 14 year old California girl who was attempting to stem the tide of a handful of special interests attempting to ram the concept of butchering companion horses for human consumption down the throats of the American public; said article was one of the more popular publication for the month of December here at Straight from the Horse’s Heart. Now, as the misguided few assault children and the public majority in an effort to forward their cause of eating their best friends the same 14 year old, Cheyenne Little, has brazenly offered a potential solution that, to date, has not netted her any hate mail or threats from the dark underbelly of predatory horse slaughter and reaped great praise from folks around the world. Chey’s petition, in it’s entirety, and the appropriate signature link are entered, below, along with a thoughtful video produced by Chey, herself. The young ones give us hope

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Love of Horses

“All week long, day and night, we battle the BLM, the bloody horse haters and even the President of the United States on behalf of those that cannot speak for themselves; our horses either wild or domestic. The bought politicians and the horse-eaters wonder at our resilience, our tenacity and our conviction; without admitting it they are in awe and envy pervades their consciousness.

So today, being Sunday, we will reach out to them and briefly explain why we do what we do and what fuels the fire within our souls. The passion in our lives is born in the depth of soul from within the eye of the horse and the power that drives us is knowing from the very core of our being that we are right, we are just and we will never go away.” ~ R.T.

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She had No Way of Knowing

“On 9/21/2007 the bloody, preditory Illinois horse slaughter plant, Cavel, was shut down as outlined by Vicki Tobin in the previous submission. It was such a moving moment that I sat down, on that day, and penned the following story which is now included in our book, Straight from the Horses Heart: A Spiritual Ride through Love, Loss and Hope. It brings me to tears to read the story, even today, when I think of the hundreds of thousands of horses that have been sent across our borders to suffer unimaginable terror and suffering since the closing of the U.S. plants. And on the other side of the bloody coin it incites in me great anger to see the likes of Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette flood the internet with lies, deceit and corruption in an effort only to make money from the flesh and blood of our equine companions. Please, help us keep our American horses alive and well.” ~ R.T.

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Profile: A Heart, a Camera and the Spirit of a Pioneer

Often times, as we travel through time living out our lives, we happen across someone who ignites a life changing event or an epiphany of sorts that turns our perception of the world upside down and launches us into another direction that was not even on our prior radar screen. I must say that I have been blessed with such an event as I was lucky enough to meet someone who is so special, so rare and so beautiful on so many different levels that it is difficult to put down into simple two dimensional text.

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For the Love of Wild Horses

It seems like poetic justice — or at least good karma — that novelist and wild-horse advocate Terri Farley ended up living in Nevada.

As a girl in Southern California, the future author of the 24-book Phantom Stallion young-adult book series learned to ride despite a severe allergy to horses. By the time she was 8 years old, she was writing about horses, pecking out her first story — about a wild pinto named Pagan — on her grandmother’s Selectric typewriter.

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Ambassador of American Wild Horses Honored In Congress

Mr. GRIJALVA: “Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the wild horse stallion known as Cloud, born May 29, 1995 in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range of Montana.
This majestic stallion has become the most famous wild horse in the world, and serves as the ambassador and emblem of wild horses and burros living free and protected on public lands.
No other wild horse in United States history has had his life story known and shared throughout the world.

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Parelli Produces Video on Equine Herpes Virus

Linda Parelli talks with Dr. Dwight Hooten, DVM Linda sat down with Dr. Dwight Hooten, DVM to learn more about the EHV-1 outbreak in the U.S. and get his recommendations for protecting our horses from risk. What are the symptoms? What should every horse owner know? What precautions […]

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