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Icelandic Horses Run for Cover from Erupting Volcano

They come galloping out of the volcanic storm, hooves muffled in the ash, manes flying.

Shutting the last of his 17 horses into an old barn, Ingi Sveinbjoernsson, 56, breathes a sigh of relief.

Only 24 hours earlier he had lost the shaggy Icelandic horses in an ash cloud that turned day into terrifying night, blanketing the wild landscape in glutinous grey mud.

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Photo of Willie Nelson Adopted Horse Wins Award

HOUSTON (SFTHH) – A photo snapped the first few minutes that a newly adopted horse was released on Willie Nelson’s Texas ranch gained notice at the Equine Ideal 2010 Winter Photo Contest. Sponsored by the Equine Photographers Network the black and white photo titled “First Bite” by Terry Fitch of Magnolia, Texas has won the “Peoples Choice Award”.

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The horse slaughter proponent’s arguments bring to mind the old Abbott and Costello routine because you never really know what they are saying. They talk back and forth to each other with neither, understanding the other or making sense.

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Siezed horses making strides in recovery

By Lynette George BONHAM, TX — The future looks much brighter for horses rescued earlier this month from a Fannin County pasture. Now, their rescuers are asking for the public’s help in healing and adopting the animals. After receiving a call about the welfare of the horses, investigators […]

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Doomed to be pregnant

by Christine Church Mary Anna is a Standardbred race horse. She won her owner a lot of money, so when she broke her leg, it was fixed and her life was saved. Now, she gets to spend the rest of her life pregnant! But Mary Anna is one […]

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