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Feel Good Sunday: A Wild Horse Angel’s Letter to Santa

“We have annually posted Ace’s letter since 2012 and most regrettably, Ace no longer walks this earth and graces us with his physical presence;  but his thoughts and insights continue to impact us as much today as when he first started touching the heart of our good friend, Grandma Gregg.

We miss you Ace and will continue to fight for those who are left behind; Freedom and Family, that is our battle cry.  God bless you and yours, we carry your hoofprints on our hearts” ~ R.T.

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by Grandma Gregg Many of us have tried and tried for years to prevent the capture of our wild horses and burros on their congressionally designated legal lands. What happens to them after being captured? A recent FOIA document tells us this information about the Twin Peaks wild […]

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Ace ~ Now Wild and Free Forever

A tribute by Grandma Gregg “Time out from the defensive war to protect our wild equines so that we can take a moment to recognize the passing of a very dear friend to all of us at SFTHH and particularly, to Grandma Gregg.  Ace the captive wild stallion […]

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Wild Horse Letter to Santa

Hi R.T.-
You have posted this attached “Letter to Santa” in the past few years and want to offer it to you again (slightly changed) – to post during the holiday season. ACE is still alive and well and lives with other wild horses and burros in Northern California. He is my love … and he is my hero. ~ Grandma Gregg

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