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Feel Good Sunday: A Wild Horse Angel’s Letter to Santa

“We have annually posted Ace’s letter since 2012 and most regrettably, Ace no longer walks this earth and graces us with his physical presence;  but his thoughts and insights continue to impact us as much today as when he first started touching the heart of our good friend, Grandma Gregg.

We miss you Ace and will continue to fight for those who are left behind; Freedom and Family, that is our battle cry.  God bless you and yours, we carry your hoof-prints on our hearts” ~ R.T.

photo of Ace (right) taken by Jamie Joling

Dear Santa-

I am an old wild stallion. I am told that I am one of the last Twin Peaks stallions. I have had a wonderful life as Mother Nature planned for me from the very day I was born. I lived the first 22 years free and wild and learned from my sire and dam and siblings and family what was good for me to eat and where to find the fresh water springs that are hidden in the hills. I romped and played with the young colts and fillies in my extended family. Under the watchful protection of our family members, we young horses frolicked in the snow and creeks and rested in the shade of the old Juniper trees in the heat of the summer. Life was very good. I later grew to be a healthy, robust and compassionate herd stallion with beautiful loyal mares and amusing vigorous offspring. Although I now have a good “retirement” life in a home with other displaced animals, my life in the wild was perfect for a wild one like me!

Although I live for today, I often warmly think about the “good old days” when hundreds of we wild ones roamed free. Where are my wild friends that I knew those many years? Where are my mares and foals today? Why was our family torn from each other and our peaceful and natural world destroyed? I have over-heard humans say that our life in the wild was traded for money. Santa, what is money? Could it possibly be more important than our wild hearts and lives and families and land?

I know you are very busy Santa, but today I am asking you to help all creatures that have not been as lucky as me. I have heard that there are fewer and fewer wild horses and burros that are allowed to live wild and free.   I do not understand this but I do know it is wrong. What I am asking from you is for you to watch over and protect all animals and help them to be able to live their lives as Mother Nature intended for them. Do not allow them to be chased and trapped and caged and starved and abused and killed.

Santa, I will continue to dream of my days gone by but I am asking you today to watch over all creatures great and small and to teach all human beings to think with their hearts.

Thank you, Santa.

– “ACE”

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  1. Thank you so very much, R.T.
    Sharing this letter with others who understand means a lot to me and I hope that others who may read this will feel the same.
    ACE’s words speak volumes.


  2. Thank you , Grandma Gregg, for helping Ace write his annual letter to Santa. I pray Santa will be able to grant his wishes. It and the video are beautiful and do speak volumes.

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  3. I despise this! Why are humans so cruel? It’s all about money and the destruction of our environment. So beautiful our Wild Horses are. I don’t understand why some of us can see this and others not! Why has no one kept track of their family pictures and their DNA? Once gone we can never get this back! I pray that we can take back the Senate and stop this madness! On a good note, there are 216 committed Cosponsors of HR 961- The Safe Act. The Speaker has said when we get to 218 it will be sent to the full House for a vote. Long, long over due! This will stop our Wild Horses, Domestic Horses and other Equines from going to slaughter in foreign countries! But the sure madness must stop! I pray for a Blue Tidal Wave or Blue Sunami in 2020!


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