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BLM Captures 1,400 Wild Horses: Releases 31

Eye Witness Report from R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council 

Wild Horses Stripped from Nevada Public Lands  

Mare attempts to defend herself during BLM contractor's "Processing" ~ photo by Terry Fitch

The controversial Antelope Complex wild horse stampede was concluded on the 25th of Feb with nearly 1,400 federally protected wild horses removed from their rightful land with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) releasing 20 chemically sterilized mares and 2 studs back to the HMA the size of Rhode Island on Feb 26th. 

Nine horses died in the much contested stampede with nine other horses released earlier during the “scorched earth” wild horse eradication operation. 

The stampede was called off three days earlier than scheduled as wild horses advocates documented large numbers of near full term mares being run for miles by the BLM’s questionable helicopter contractor.  Early in the stampede both video and still photos documented the inhumane and abusive assault upon wild horses by an inexperienced contractor helicopter pilot but an “internal” review by the BLM found the horrendous attacks to be approved and within the norm accepted by the BLM and current administration. 

Although wild horse advocates applaud the early suspension of the mustang eradication program they heartily condemn the introduction of hundreds of privately own cattle upon the same range that the native horses inhabited BEFORE the stampede was even concluded. 

The Release of a Band 


Four Burned Out and Frozen Advocates Give a Closing Thought 



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  1. BEST news we’ve all had in a LONG TIME. THANK YOU for being there and for sharing with all of us.
    Time for Hot Showers and Cold Martinis


  2. My, my – That BLM is really busy, aren’t they? I guess they have to justify their salaries and this is the only way they can do so………???
    WHO is responsible for this OUTRAGE???????


  3. How do they know if the mares are pregnant before they use PZP? Or do they? What happens if they are pregnant and given the PZP?


    • If they are already in foal it’s not suppose to affect the foal. But that’s BLM speak for “they don’t know”. All the PZP is suppose to do is keep the mare from getting back into foal assuming she isn’t already sterilized by some other procedure they’ve done and haven’t told anyone about.


  4. I did not see any foals released… that would be maybe too much to hope for?? It is sad so few are there now… maybe fewer than have been there in over a hundred years or better.

    Time for some healing and some good planning… mar


  5. Thanks for all you’ve done! I know it must have been very uncomfortable to be out there, both emotionally and physically.
    You brought the rest of us there to see what was happening and that is invaluable! Your actions are helping us all move forward in protecting our country’s wild horses.


  6. There is something about a release that gives me the feeling of relief for the ones that were released, although they looked a little puzzled at first until that feeling of FREEDOM took over their entire being, then my heart took flight for them….OMG it was wonderful to see, tonite i will sleep like a baby……..for once…………..I will try not to think about all the others just for tonite………………….i will cherish their moment !!!!


  7. R.T.,
    God Bless the 4 of you for all this hard work!!!!!!
    The original BLM plan was “to gather and remove approximately 1,917 to 2,278 excess wild horses from in and around the Antelope Complex.”
    Did they stop at 1400 because there were no more horses to be found?


  8. Thank you guys for doing everything you have done.It really meants alot to all of us.
    We still need to keep fighting of the wild horses, it’s far from being over.It’s just so sad the they have to go througt all of this when it’s their land to start with. What happened to the rest of the horses if only 31 was released?


  9. YAY & GIDDYUP!!!!! Thank you to all who could be out there for the ones of us that could only be there thru prayers, letters phone calls, etc. Go PEE Laura, YOU DESERVE IT! Hopefully the Force of the Horse can strengthen once again. All eyes are watching :o)


    • Not here! I’m having a fruit smoothie for dinner with LOADS of frozen fruit.

      I know last summer you could get buffalo at my local Costco. Haven’t seen it recently. Not sure why. But no, I could never do that to a bison.

      Biologically speaking its more correct to refer to buffalo in the States as bison. In Europe its buffalo. Same for moose. Rudolph was actually a reindeer (that’s what there called in Europe), in this country they are referred to moose.

      Some things you just can’t stomach.

      Guess I get my interest in moose and bison from my trips to WY. From having dinner WITH a bison (sharing the same place). We just shared the same place and time. Sat in my car and he stood there grazing watching me. We just communed. And same for a yearling moose. It changes you somehow.


  10. Good that you guys were able to be there to document this for us. I’m glad for the 22 horses but why so few??? I thought this HMA was suppose to be able to manage some 400 or more horses even at the low HMA.

    This is a huge break not only for those 22 but also for those not rounded up over the supposed last 3 days. I wonder if they couldn’t find the last of the pregnant mares to run into abortion.

    Maybe we should dedicate this to “For the 22” So we never forget them. I hope in the nicest sense of the word that we never see them again. That way they stay free and will know not to come near man–because man means terror for them.


  11. I’m grateful, for the Horse’s sake, that the roundup is over. And I really do hate to stir the sh*t pot (that’s a lie; I really LIKE stirring the pot), but I’m puttin’ these quotes here so as a part of RT Fitch’s Blog they might remain in the public eye.

    These are direct quotes from the EA published in September, 2010.

    “The Antelope Complex last scheduled gather was in 2004-2005 where a total of 1,548 excess wild horses were removed. At that time, it was estimated that 473 wild horses remained on the range.”
    (That’s a 341% population increase in 6 years – a 57% foaling rate per YEAR.)

    “Animals would be removed using a selective removal strategy: 1st priority – age 4 years and younger; 2nd priority – age 11-19; 3rd priority – age 5-10. Animals 20 years and older should not be removed from the Antelope Complex unless specific exceptions prevent them from being turned out and left on the range. In general, this age group can survive on the Antelope Complex but would have greater difficulty adapting to captivity and the stress of handling and shipping if removed.”
    (Laura & the Crew reported no such ‘selectivity’; instead the employment of the ol’ “Gate Gather” – grab ’em all & let God sort ’em out.)

    “As many as 427 wild horses in the Antelope Complex would be released back onto to the range following the gather. Post-gather, every effort would be made to return released animals to the same general area within the Complex from which they were gathered.
    (Five months after completion, Twin Peaks is STILL awaiting the return of her Horses and Burros).

    “Under the Proposed Action alternative, of the maximum 427 wild horses released following the gather, approximately 171-214 would be breeding age mares treated with PZP prior to their release. Because it is unlikely that BLM would be able to gather 100% of the wild horses remaining within the HMAs, the actual number of mares to be treated and released would almost certainly be less than 214. The exact number of mares treated would depend on the number of wild horses gathered. Fertility control would be conducted in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures.”

    It’s time for a little show of faith, in the spirit of the new Alternative Management recently touted in the media – for the Elko district and Wells and Schell field offices to do what they said they would do in this EA and issue a Public statement as to how many will be released & when – before these animals get sent to Neverland, Oklahoma or disappear into Indian Lake’s privately-owned feedlot.


    • Using my old pen and paper and starting with BLM’s post (04-05) roundup census number (473) and using 20% annual increase … I figured there were about 1300 (+ -) horses on the Antelope range before this roundup. They rounded up about 1400. My guess is that there are almost no horses left on the Antelope range today.

      We continue to see the BLM proposed gather numbers are far higher than the animals they actually do find and gather. They are “fudging” the numbers in order to zero out the horses right in front of our eyes.

      May I suggest that those of you who are interested, request and review as many census reports as possible from the BLM field offices. Do this for all previous years on each HMA and then compare and look for the “fudge”, as Lisa has done by finding the Antelope increase of 57% foaling rate.

      On the Twin Peaks population data, BLM used an increase of 37% (08-09) followed by 31% increase (09-10). They did this to increase the “proposed gather” number, then when they didn’t gather that amount they want us to believe that they left that “difference” as the horses they left on the range. Bologna.

      This is the kind of BLM “fudge” that needs to be brought to the attention of everyone and should be brought up at the advisory meeting. Lisa, please correct me if I am wrong. I am still learning … but this is my opinion of what I see.


      • This is how Calico was done also… there was the roundup announcement and numbers on the roundup schedule but right before the roundup starts they increase the numbers and then cannot fill them by the end of the activity. Horses should have been released but were not. BLM errs on the side of removal consistently. mar


    • Well, it wouldn’t be the first time the BLM has tried to “humor” us, and it wouldn’t surprise me but we’ll just have to watch and wait, and be ON THE READY to resume the fight for the horse.


    • I agree in part, except this is not to placate us but to placate congress and perhaps the senate where they are hoping Harry Reid can get money put back into their budget..we must work our senators to make sure that does not happen..Take nothing for granted until the budget is reconciled and passed thru both houses..Harry Reid is a sceming conniver and resposible for getting burns to write and slip thru in the abscence of congress the Burns Rider..he is not a kindly old man..but an evil…B……
      BLM have had had many instances where they could have placated us in worse case scenerios than the antelope roundup..take for instance, the Owyhee massacre, a real life crime scene with a massive and not well orchestrated coverup- or Calico, togther hundreds died in these 2 roundups in spite of the outrage.Our contribution to this is finally getting thru to large numbers of our politicians who now have incentive to do something..all that calling writing and signing petitions, and then all the negative publicity over the last year finally hit hard…thanks to every single person who contributed the many many hours it took to follow thru, and Kudos to you all for hanging in there..It takes a village to save the mustangs..we have a second budget to pass right after this one, and I believe we will be abler to get it as well, but we can not take it for granted..we have the amo..lets close the deal and then go to work making them change the program in meaningful ways


      • “making Them change the program in meaningful ways”???

        We will be fighting for management decisions forever if this ‘program’ for wild horses and burros stays with BLM. Don’t you think the horses and burros deserve to be removed from BLM control!

        Change the Manager once and get on the right track with good studies and science and recovery throughout. New Management wanted for wild lands and wild life… includes America’s Western Wild Horses. New Beginning. This is the only way to progress.

        Plus; There is no way we will ever work out protections for the hundreds of pockets of wild horses who are not on BLM lands because of oversights when the ’71 Act was put in place in the field. There are so many positive wild equid projects/developments we could be working on ONLY if we Leave BLM in the dirt. We need a totally Pro Wild Horse department that exists on it own and gets the ‘go ahead’ from the bigger agency’s and no pressure. It is entirely possible. mar


  12. I have to ask but while Sun J have been “conducting” this “gather” where have the Cattoors been???? It worries me that they have just dissappeared off of the radar??? Does anyone know what is going on with them, I am scared they have been conducting clandestine operations while these idiots have had us engaged with their inexperience.


  13. I read yesterday about the release and the first thought that came to mind was what a waste of tax-payer money. And Salazar wants how much more money? Haul the horses away and take them out of site for over 24 hours and then haul them back again. The BLM doesn’t do anything without an underlying purpose. And then a thought came to me, before those horses were released they should have been immediatly quarantined, blood drawn and tested by an independent vet, before being released back into the wild. This would prevent the released horses from possibly contaminating the wild herds. Remember Salazar stated that the wild horse was a parasite on the land. The BLM has stated that they are going to excelerate the removal program and have not been clear on how they are going to accomplish this. I for one, am not going to let this small release blur my vision.


  14. Thank you, all four of you. You’ll never know how precious you all are to not only us but our horses.
    Only 22, that’s unstable. I wonder how many are really left out there? I guess that’s better than nothing.
    I pray hard that BLM has used up all their roundup money & there will be no more roundups any where this year.
    I love you all, Barbara


  15. Bless you all for doing a great job! I am grateful for the release of the horses, but, why so few??? Out of all they captured, they only release a precious few. What about the rest which could have lived comfortably on the land. Keep the pressure up. The BLM is slimely and is going in the front, back and sideways doors to complete their equine eradication agenda.


  16. Thanks to all of you! On to Phoenix cause this isn’t over yet! And after seeing the people who turned out in the thousands for today all across the country, hopefully some of them will join us in Phoenix as well! Blessed Be.


  17. Thank you for witnessing the release of these few fortunate wild ones. I hope that there are 170 more out there to reach the 200 that BLM considers a viable amount–or they’ll be back next year to zero out the complex–because the herd not sustainable . You all know better than to use the words BLM and trust in the same sentence. BUT for now this round-up is over– and these beautiful animals can have some peace. (What is this all about??) Thanks team!




  19. Any small “positive” act of BLM.. beware and proceed with caution…. they cannot be trusted, ever. The basic attitude has been prevalent for years, and why would it change now… the meeting in Phoenix is upcoming and their PR headhonchos are hard at work to pacify the public – the cruelty has not let up, the inadequate humane welfare standards have not improved, deaths keep reoccuring on these horses who have been traumatized as usual.
    The BLM is a sly old fox, cleverly manipulating their show to stage for public absorption.. until the next shocker comes along again – they are pathological liars and ultimate manipulators. Abbey I hope you read this. And if there is ONE parasite in the West, it is your boss, Ken Salazar. The lies of range deterioration and HMA’s when in fact you bring more cattle on… are an insult to our intelligence, and the usual betrayal to the wild horses. I can only hope the public will keep your crimes in mind and the pressure up – the latest email strings on Cattoor cruelty inflicted against burros in 2005 is nothing short from a shocking scandal – whilst they keep lying thru their teeth and laughing all the way to the bank.
    Continuing the stampedes, with the same usual cruelty and horrors, but then release a few traumatized horses who lost their families and integrity – and call it off early… yet another well planned PR gig to pacify the public. Does anyone really believe they are sincere in anything ? I don’t. As long as the same “leadership” aka cult leaders are in charge within BLM, true change has yet to be seen – difficult to imagine, when the change only comes in an attempt of saving their image and asses, instead of their heart.


    • Excellent comment Monika!

      This email was forwarded to me today, please share it. (I apologize for the length here). I’ve no doubt nothing has changed over the years:

      Sent: Sat, Feb 26, 2011 12:30 pmSubject: Mojave notes from the departed TahoeBarry

      Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2005 10:53 PM

      Subject: Mojave notes

      Conversation with Bobbi Parker 10/11/05, re Mojave burro gather 9-10/05.

      1. The Catour wranglers would drag the burros to the area near the trailer, knock them to the ground and tie their legs together. Then they would drag the burro by a rope around the neck, choking it, to the trailer. One wrangler pulled the burro up by the ears and the other pulled it by the rope run through the trailer bars. The burros were then flipped up onto the trailer.

      2. They ran one big jack hard with the helicopter and then by the wranglers on horseback, until it dropped with the wranglers ropes around it neck. The horses, obviously, run much faster then a burro. The burro was all lathered up from being run so hard and appeared to be choking from the rope around the neck. Troy Cattoor, son of the owner, picked up the burros head and threw it down hard on the ground. Cattoor then started to jump with both feet on the burros chest. He did this 6 or 7 times. Cattoor was estimated to weight between 180 and 200 pounds. Sometime afterwards blood was seen coming out of the burros nose and mouth. This is caught on still photos and video. It finally died!!

      3. Parker has been around animals all his life and worked on ranches. He stated that he was shocked at the malicious and brutal way that the animals were handled by Cattoor and NPS. He never saw anything remotely close to this viciousness.

      4. He saw two babies in the pens and two more were photographed being gathered. Given 23 jenny’s were gathered there had to be much more then 4 babies. Only two finally showed up at BLM in Ridgecrest. Clearly NPS/Cattoor killed a significant number of babies.

      My personal observation at a Mojave gather in November 2004, run by NPS and Cattoor. The gather was done by helicopter and then when the burros were down out of the hills wranglers would rope them and take them to the trailer. The technique to get the burros into the trailer was to run the rope through the front bars of the trailer and ram the burro’s legs into the back end of the trailer and flip it up into the trailer. There was a HIGH PROBABILITY that the burros would break legs or be injured. I suggested hooking a ramp to the trailer so the burros could simply be walked up; [as you would with any animal being lead into a stock trailer] they were not interested in bothering or backing the trailer up to a berm. The rear of the trailer was about 20+” off the ground.

      One of the wranglers, I believe Troy Cattoor, would follow this procedure, but instead of stopping when the burro was in the trailer he would keep running his horse until he smashed the burros head into the bars at the front of the trailer section. I had words with him and told him to stop what he was doing, which he did while I was there. I felt that this was a sick individual and would do it again when I wasn’t there. The NPS personnel did nothing to protect the well being of the burros, they just didn’t care. The Cattoors are vocal about their disdain of the wild burros and horses, especially the burros.

      Barry Breslow



      • Dear Warhorse, Where do these sub human degenerates come from, shouldnt they be lock away in straight jackets receiving meds every few hours…………. There is a saying that has lots of merit what goes around comes around,……………………I know we will see it , come !!!


  20. Godspeed, free again horses! FREE AGAIN, FREE AGAIN!!! Thank God, you are free again!

    We are so sorry for this trip you all are forced to be a part of by the alien government of the United States of America.

    Run safe, be free, stay free, and don’t look back…. never look back. They will catch up with you when they can. True Hope will never fail us.


  21. Dianne Holland
    Feb 26, 2011 @ 21:51:29

    Good news. The BLM Schell Field Office has finally provided us the GPS coordinates for the 01/27/2011 collapsed mare incident of animal cruelty. So we are moving forward with encouraging the DA Kelly Brown to prosecute for animal cruelty (Sheriff Watts already did his job and sent the report with charges to the DA).

    And yes combined with the date on the footage that proves jurisdiction. Along with landmarks taken before and after the incident. Along with all they eyewitnesses.

    The personal biases of the DAs, the Sheriffs, etc. in any county, in any State do not matter. The law is the law, and it’s their job to enforce and prosecute for it.

    So we keep trying like hell to hold these people accountable for animal abuse.

    RT, that is fantastic you have GPS on your camera! That is excellent evidence to be used in a court of law–proves date, location. Please consider going to Sheriff Pitts with Elko Sheriffs Dept if you have any photographic evidence of animal abuse against Nevada State laws of cruelty. Here is a link to the Statute:

    Of particular relevance is this section: 574.100. Overdriving, torturing, injuring or abandoning animals; failure to provide proper sustenance; penalty.
    1. A person shall not:
    (a) Overdrive, overload, torture, cruelly beat or unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate or kill an animal, whether belonging to himself or to another;
    (b) Deprive an animal of necessary sustenance, food or drink, or neglect or refuse to furnish it such sustenance or drink;
    (c) Cause, procure or allow an animal to be overdriven, overloaded, tortured, cruelly beaten, or unjustifiably injured, maimed, mutilated or killed, or to be deprived of necessary food or drink;
    (d) Instigate, engage in, or in any way further an act of cruelty to any animal, or any act tending to produce such cruelty; or
    (e) Abandon an animal in circumstances other than those prohibited in NRS 574.110.

    (c) For the third and any subsequent offense within the immediately preceding 7 years, is guilty of a category C felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.

    Let’s get them where it hurts. Ground their pilots, we stop the roundups. If the pilots get prosectued for multiple charges of animal abuse/cruelty we ground the choppers–and they get punished and learn they are not above the law.

    Thank you for your time.


    • Dear Louie Cocroft, absolutely Brilliant Plan, grounded jailed helicopters pilots cannot abuse and round up Horses Or Burros…………………………. Simple but oh so effective……………..


  22. Yesterdays release was Beautiful. but knowing the BLM, there was a reason that was not commendable on their part, I dont not know what that reason was, but We all know their lies and deceit well, there is most assuredly a sneaky low down despicable thing going on there …………….. and there is more to it then meets the eye !. we must not let down our guard down , not even for a second……………………..Why were there not 100 s of Mustangs released ???????


    • Sorry !!!! there is so much to read here that sometimes i miss who wrote what !!!!! The extreme abuse of our Horses and Burros, is escalating to defy all rational reasoning !!!!! These are a bunch of really sick people that definitely need help it is What i think to be of emergency proportion, sane rational people never resort to this kind of abuse……………………….. not only are our Wild Mustangs in a emergency for help, those people are also………………….. Greed is warping their minds! its giving them all mental breakdowns…………………………..They can no longer reason in the capacity of a healthy Mind……………………… They are in mental collapse…………


    • Great big OW! She was right to try to bite that bad guy. Doesn’t he realize that she is a wild horse and as no understanding of “proper” domesticate horse behavior? You treat her with respect and kindness understanding her fear–and she’ll go where you want with less trauma.

      I know these guys are in hurry. They wanna get out of the cold and have so many horses to process in a day. Sorry but you either need to hire on more folks or roundup less horses per day. That way the horses you do have will be treated with respect.

      How would like someone you didn’t know to come up and grabbed your arm as hard as they can for no reason? I wouldn’t. I hope someone who speaks better than I will mention something about this in Phoenix.


  23. Actually, in looking at these photos, this looks like the Sun J demolition crew at work. Could it be that BLM is going to back into the shadows and let them take the heat? Do swing over to Laura’s blog and view the rest of the photos–what you see here is only one frame.


  24. Can squashing , pinching, crushing a horses nose in that manner ever accomplish anything other then causing it extreme pain, anguish, , and dismay the poor thing, was trapped with no way out……………………Why would anyone who is human and has a functioning brain ever resort to that . Hes out of his mind, could be the only conclusion……………………..


  25. BLM must go, Americas wild horses, burros, and wildlife, pubic lands, water must be protected from the CRUEL, CORRUPT, COWARDLY & INEPT BLM. Heard BLM caught bringing in hundreds of cattle as violated the 1971 FREE ROAMING WILD HORSE ACT. ALL THE MILLIONS OF WELFARE CATTLE & THEIR CORRUPT BLM BUDDIES MUST GO.


  26. As a follow up to my last post and the info on the grassrootsblog about the strange colors on the horses, reminds me of my history lesson about when the government gave infected blankets to the Indians. We all know what happened then. Then the government wanted the Indians off the land, now they want the wild horses of the land. History always seems to repeat itself. Just my opinion.
    PS: Laura, God’s speed in your efforts to bring Logan of Sun-J to account for his deliberate abuse of those horses.


    • The BLM is infecting horses also in UTAH and also in every stampede and BLM’s BUDDIES MILLIONS OF WELFARE CATTLE PASS DISEASES and pollute all our water on public lands to the point where fish die .


  27. This is easy to do and will GREATLY help the cause:
    Download and print documents–there are 14–some have more than one page
    Documents having two or more pages–staple together
    In pocket folder–Put documents 1-10 on right side (these are facts, figures and taxpayer dollars).
    Put documents 11-14 on left side (these have to do with range mismanagement and BLM INHUMANE PRACTICES).
    Label folder with appropiate title (they will give instructions for this)
    Send or deliver to both Senators and to the U.S. Representative in your district

    Go to for the packet documents.


  28. As an example of the BLM fudged census numbers, read “Aerial Survey Reveals Twin Peaks Wild Horse Population Decimated” by Craig Downer on Horses Heart article dated Oct 15, 2010. Read the whole report and pay special attention to the chart on page 3 that shows the 37% and 31% population increases that BLM used to pump up their gather numbers in preparation for the 2010 roundup.

    BLM states: “The BLM has completed a post-roundup count of wild horses and burros in the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area (HMA), finding that 793 wild horses and 160 wild burros remain on the range. BLM’s goal was to leave a healthy herd of at least 450 wild horses and 72 wild burros to reach the Appropriate Management Level (AML) set by the Eagle Lake Resource Management Plan in 2008 to ensure healthy rangelands. “

    Now, I ask you… is there a single one of you that truly believes there were 793 wild horses left on the range after last summers roundup? I think not. Why would BLM leave 793 horses on the range when they said the AML was 450 horses? Why would the contractor who gets paid by the head ignore that much money when the BLM said there were 2236 horses out there pre-roundup and they only rounded up 1639? I can tell you why. Because there were not 2236 horses out there to start with – that’s why. The contractor rounded up almost all of them that were out there i.e. 1639 horses.

    To add insult to injury, BLM Eagle Lake (Twin Peaks) is now planning on releasing ONLY FOUR stallions and ONLY FOUR mares back to the range. Give me a break!

    These comparison charts need to be done (and used) for the Antelope Complex and Calico etc. (if not already done) because, like I previusly said … our horses are being zeroed out right before our eyes. It’s the “old shell game”… now you see them & now you don’t.


  29. Do Not turn your backs on BLM!!! While it was a small victory that the slaughter ended 3 days early and a few horses were released, for that I am grateful and say migwitch to my Grandfathers for watching over all that there.
    Still evil is evil and it has not been eradicated, BLM has something up their sleeves and must be closely watched. The old saying , “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies Closer” I think applies here. I have never seen such blatant disregard for the law in my entire life. I am so for “eye for an eye” right now I can hardly contain my feelings over ANY animal being abuse in any way. In some small way we won this one but it ain’t over by a long shot….


  30. Grandma Gregg, on this radio program, Cindy MacDonald explains how she discovered that BLM FUDGES THE NUMBERS:


    “Over the past year, From Western Colorado looked into how the Bureau of Land Management, which oversees most mustangs and burros, counts the herds. The following radio documentary shows that after nearly 40 years, BLM still can’t get the numbers right and some believe this could lead mustangs to extinction.”

    Click Here to listen to what “From Western Colorado” found….


    • Cindy MacDonald is an incredible researcher and writer, as anyone knows who reads and follows AmericanHerds. I had read her October 30, 2010 article “The Fudge Factor” and learned a great deal from it but have not listened to the radio show yet – but will.

      I would like to see each of us pick an HMA and follow through with uncovering and collecting the past history and analyze the past EA and census reports and veterinarian reports and holding facility reports and available photos. This requires actions such as asking for the reports from the field offices (or FOIA if needed) and googling any online data for that HMA and even visiting and photographing the HMA before and after the roundups. Do your own historical report to prove the BLM’s “fudged” population numbers. We are very lucky to have people out on the range who are willing to share their photos and stories … but they cannot do it all. We need to take it further and follow each and every move that is being done by the BLM to our horses and burros. As important as commenting on all EAs and RMPs is … following through and checking (as Lisa and others have done) is equally important. By working together we can play our own “shell game” by proving time and time again the “inconsistencies” that BLM uses when they want to cover up their continual disregard for the law that clearly states what they ARE supposed to be doing and what they are NOT supposed to be doing. We already know they are doing it … now we need to prove it over and over and over again and use it to stop them.

      This is my personal opinion … and I try to do something every day to help the plight of our wild ones … I only wish I could do more.


  31. All this supposed generosity with releasing ‘a few’ wild horses and not so secretly bringing in hundreds of cows is ridiculous. It’s just the BLM shedding it’s skin. But it’s still a snake underneath.


  32. To the BLM: Save your breath. I hear what you do. I am deaf to your words. Had you been sincere about this new direction, you would not have commenced with this roundup in the first place. You had the opportunity to demonstrate that you were ready to become more fiscally responsible with tax payer money, and more humanely responsible by working with Madeleine Pickens, and leaving these horses on the range. You collected only a few more hundred than the one thousand you had both agreed would be the number to start with. Then, to add insult to injury you showed your true colors by allowing 300 more cattle. It seems to me that no matter how much it costs tax payees, how many wild horses and burros you cause to suffer, how much you injure the land, the main statement you are always make is that you have the power to do whatever you want with our horses, with our money, with our lands. You had a chance to show good faith. In fact, you’ve had multiple chances to demonstrate good faith, but instead, you waste our money, destroy our horses, and thumb your noses at our concerns.

    There appears to be a change in Washington. The House Natural Resources Committee is meeting this week for hearings to investigate how Secretary Salazar presumed to declare certain areas of the West, wilderness areas. It seems that our elected representatives are concerned that the Secretary presumed to have a power that by law is granted only to Congress.


  33. The only way to save what’s left of the mustangs is to get them off public lands and onto private sanctuaries. Do the same thing they do, round them up and put them on private lands too HA HA, two can play your game, BLM. We don’t need helicopters either 😉

    What are you going to do, call the media and the law on us? LOL!

    It’s our land. Not yours.

    They are our horses. Not yours.


    • Dear Warhorse that kind of thinking will save our Mustangs………………we need to gather them up and place them…………………somewhere safe…………….Like back on the Land that belongs to them !!!! They have endured way tooo much absolute terror, it is time to release them from this BLM pure Crap…………… Give back to them the life they deserve…………………………


  34. Good news, &, at the same time, sad news!! For the 31 wild ones that were released, I’m sure they’re MUCH happier, except that they won’t be able to reproduce! Beats living in over-crowded holding pens, or any captivity. What happened to the rest?? Out of 1400 wild horses, only 31 were released!? Doesn’t make much sense. I guess the BLM figures “beggars can’t be choosers”, &, we should be happy with what we got. Or, maybe, THEY ran out of room in their holding facilities?? Who knows. The BLM needs to be stopped, &, we all must keep the pressure on, cause we’re the ones who are gonna stop them, one way or another!!


  35. I know it is a start but come on, big deal the BLM release 31 out of 1400 horses…what do they want a pat on the back…these heartless, ruthless, no minds need to let each and every horse and burro free to roam on the land which they have known as home for years….these guys make me sick!!! and Obama makes me ill to my stomach for allowing these brutal acts to continue from one state to another 😦


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