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Salazar Sued for Contempt of Court in West Douglas Wild Horse Case

HOUSTON, (HfHAC) – On September 28th, 2010 plaintiff Colorado Wild Horse & Burro Coalition (CWBC), supported by Habitat for Horses Advisory Council (HfHAC) and Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER), filed a motion to reopen the case and for contempt of court in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia against the Secretary of the Department of Interior Ken Salazar.

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High Winds Grant Twin Peaks Wild Horses a Stay in BLM Stampede

SUSANVILLE, CA (SFTHH) Although the mean beating of helicopter blades was heard across a portion the public lands north of Susanville not a single wild horse was witnessed being captured this day. Press and public alike were sequestered on a small, hillside lookout above a temporary horse trap in the valley below. Although the observation area was closer than in days past it was impossible to see the trap and chute in its entirety, due to vegetation, and observers were forced to fight for viewing spots behind the limited jute rope observation location. Unlike the access that was granted to the New York Times only 48 hours earlier the press was held a considerable distance from what would be considered fair and appropriate access as set by the earlier precedence.

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The BLM Distorts Truth but the Facts Speak: The Calico Herd is GONE

How does one express what is going on. It is a scientific fact that the wild horses are a benefit to the range land and its biodiversity based upon there physiological makeup, grazing habits, and over all free roaming behavior. It is just as much a scientific fact the detrimental effects of cattle on the range land and its water sources, yet the BLM have raped the land of its horses and continue to increase cattle grazing in the area, at the taxpayers expense, all under the guise of establishing appropriate management levels of wild horses. Yet nature has been establishing what are considered appropriate management levels of all forms of wildlife including the wild horses for thousands of years, based upon environmental and predatory conditions, and doing an excellent job of it. Yes, there are continual fluctuations of numbers of varying species but all in ecological balance based upon natures mandate.

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Habitat for Horses Hollers for Hurricane Helpers

Hitchcock, Texas based Habitat for Horses (HfH) is gearing up for another hurricane season along the Gulf Coast.

[Saving Flooded, Trapped Horses]
Volunteers leading horses trapped in Katrina flooded pastures to safety

The members and leadership of HfH cut their Hurricane responding teeth on back to back hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and then they were dealt a smack on punch from hurricane Ike in 2008. One of the few Equine Rescue organizations in the country to be equipped and experienced in rescuing horses stranded, trapped and/or injured after hurricanes HfH is asking for volunteers to assist during the current season as the experts promise it to be a hot one.

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