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Utah Ramps Up Propaganda Against Wild Horses

On June 9th, 2010 a public hearing was held by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Salt Lake City, UT on the issue of using helicopters and motorized vehicles in the controversial round ups of native wild horses on U.S. public lands.

If you did not, personally, attend the meeting you are not going to get a straight answer on what exactly went on or hear/read anything about the questions that were posed to the BLM authorities who were in attendance. Instead you will read local press releases containing ample rehearsed commentary from the BLM with plenty of hype thrown in for Ken Zalazar’s eastern wild horse death parks affectionately known as “Zalazoos”.

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A Vote for the Horse

Many years ago I stood beside the bed of Mary Nash. She was frail, bedridden and growing weaker by the moment as cancer slowly took her precious life away from her. From this story that the effects of her battle against horse slaughter affected the writer, as it has so many others. Her last words to me were, “Keep fighting until they are safe.”

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BLM/El Paso Corp’s Controversial Ruby Pipeline Project Hits a Snag

Houston, TX – (SFTHH) To the delight of environmentalists and wild horse advocates the construction of the $3 billion Ruby Pipeline has been delayed. The pipeline is slated to run through pristine wilderness from Wyoming through northern Utah and Nevada to Oregon. The project has been the reason that wild horse advocates claim the BLM has been gutting the publicly owned northern Nevada ranges of their native, American wild horses.

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