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Doing Something Different

Thus: (Trumpets play, choir sings, enter the dancers)

Habitat for Horses announces…. No adoption fees on ranch horses and donkeys!

For a limited time, Habitat for Horses is waiving all adoption fees for horses and donkeys adopted from the ranch. The requirements for adoption remain the same and there is still a $35 application fee, but there will be no adoption fees on our available ranch equine.

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Who Will Cry for Me?

He came to us because our vet asked us to pick him up. Nothing unusual about the call – a horse down, unable to rise. We’re used to those calls, and the ranch crew responded quickly and with practiced perfection. In a short time the horse, a young gelding, was on the Emergency Glide at the barn as the crew started hooking him up to the Anderson Sling.

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Tragedy Ends at Montana Large Animal Sanctuary and Rescue

There are words to be said here, partly of a deep anger at the staff and management of MSLAR for all the death and destruction they caused, for the lies told to those who sent their loved animals to live their final days in peace, only to have their days end in the cold and misery from starvation while the caretakers stayed warm inside their luxury home with an indoor swimming pool.

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Wild Horse Advocate’s Photo Snares First Place

Coming in with a first place ribbon was wild horse advocate Terry Fitch’s photograph of “Dueling Band Stallions” capturing the top honors for the People’s Choice Amateur award. The photo was actually placed in fourth position by the judges in the category of “Extreme Action” but public demand and interest rocketed it to a solid first in “People’s Choice”. Dueling Band Stallions was shot last year in the Pryor Mountains of Montana where Fitch was visiting the herd of wild horse stallion “Cloud” made famous by Emmy award winning cinematographer Ginger Kathrens.

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Equine Sanctuary Certification an Answer for Further Abuse and Neglect

Over the past several days a dreadful news story has broken about one of the largest Equine Rescues in the world, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, willfully and without explanation allowing the care of some 1,000+ horses deteriorate to the point of starvation and death. Well funded but grossly mismanaged the organization unraveled with the horses, who were promised a comfortable and painless retirement, getting the bitter short end of the stick.

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