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Come Dance with the Horses and Me

The story that I am about to tell is of a very special horse at the Habitat for Horses ranch named Pete. He was the first horse to come into HfH, bought off the slaughter bound truck at the age of 8 months. The story I heard was that the previous owner wanted him gone so he could put cattle on the pasture.

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Outrage Over Wild Horse and Burro Removals Crosses the Pond

CHICAGO, (EWA) – The outrage over the round-up of America’s wild horses and burros has spread internationally. Groups in the United Kingdom will be holding a rally in front of the American Embassy in London on March 25. On the same day, Americans will be holding a rally across from the White House in Lafayette Park that will conclude in front of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) offices.

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As Calico Wild Horses Continue to Die a Disturbing BLM Euthanasia Pattern Emerges

During yet another weekend of captivity at the BLM’s leased Indian Lakes Road feedlot near Fallon, Nevada, the wild horses from the Calico Mountain Complex continued to lose revered herd elders. With the euthanasia of a 25-year-old mare and a 25-year-old stallion who “were unable to maintain body condition,” and a 10-year-old stallion who was put down because he was suffering from hyperlipemia and metabolic failure, at least 71 of these precious horses have been lost. Only about 1850 remain.

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