To ALL Mothers Great or Small: We Love and Honor You This Day!

“It is my most sincere hope that no Mother visits this blog, today, but instead is with her family celebrating this day of life and hope.  But should some stray, animal loving mom stray a bit and visit us we would like to dedicate the blog to you and all mothers regardless off number of legs, wings or fins.

Today is yours, we love you all!!!” ~ R.T.

Super Bowl XLVII Baby Clydesdale has Name: Hope

appearing in the

Equine Advocates Pushed for “Nancy” and “Declan” but in the End “Hope” may Speak to the Issues

Jeff Knapper, general manager of Budweiser Clydesdale operations, shows the baby foal the USA Today headline announcing that "Brotherhood" won the Super Bowl XLVII Ad Meter competition. Fans submitted more than 60,000 ideas via social media for naming the now-21-day-old Clydesdale, who Budweiser announced will be called "Hope" (PRNewsFoto/Anheuser-Busch) / PR NEWSWIRE

Jeff Knapper, general manager of Budweiser Clydesdale operations, shows the baby foal the USA Today headline announcing that “Brotherhood” won the Super Bowl XLVII Ad Meter competition. Fans submitted more than 60,000 ideas via social media for naming the now-21-day-old Clydesdale, who Budweiser announced will be called “Hope” (PRNewsFoto/Anheuser-Busch) / PR NEWSWIRE

ST. LOUIS — The three-week-old star of Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad now has a name: Hope.

Anheuser-Busch said Tuesday that its contest to find a name for the foal born Jan. 16 at the company’s Clydesdale ranch in mid-Missouri generated more than 60,000 tweets, Facebook comments and other messages. The name Hope was one of the more popular generated through the social media effort.

Some other popular suggestions were nods to the song featured in the commercial, including Landslide — the name of the song — and Stevie — for Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks.

The 60-second spot chronicled the bond of a Clydesdale foal and the horse’s trainer.

The foal now weighs 200 pounds and will weigh roughly 2,000 pounds when she is grown.

Making of the Baby Commercial

The Wild Horse and Burro Christmas Carol

Joint effort by Vicki Tobin and R.T. Fitch

This little piece originally appeared on SFTHH on Christmas Day of 2009.  As of late it has graced the pages of the December 2010 edition of TrueCowboy Magazine and SFTHH in 2011

Twas the night before Christmas on our public land
not a Mustang was stirring, knowing what was at hand.
They huddled in fear hoping someone would care,
in hopes that the advocates soon would be there.

The foals hid in cover while Mom stood her ground
while stallions ensured Sun-J was no where around.
With Salazar lurking and Cattor so close by
the bands must stay quiet and not blink an eye.

When out on the range there arose such a clatter
the Mustangs all knew, what was the matter.
They ran to take cover, on wings they did fly
for surely they thought that they all would soon die.

The visions of millions made contractors grin
while ranchers and wranglers high-fived a big win.
More horses removed by ignoring the law
hold on to your hats and stand back in awe.

The chopper did glisten on new fallen snow
sealing the fate of the horses below.
When all of a sudden, the bands all stood still
and watched as the chopper came over the hill.

They stood in amazement, can it really be true
the advocates appeared right out of the blue.
The horses retreated; not believing their eyes
for surely this is a BLM guise.

Then leading the charge, both lively and quick
were Downer and Holland and Fitch with a stick.
More rapid than lightening, Cate was in tow
with Simone close behind, telling all where to go.

Now Ginger and Wagman and Ann times two,
Oh Debbie and Grandma and Julie it’s you.
Now Vicki and Jerry and right there is Anne
now Terry and Marjorie with their cameras in hand.

Down the hill they descended toward the horses with care
and watched as the chopper, fled into the air.
The advocates came with injunction in hand
the decree shouted out, “this is our public land”.

“Enough is enough” the judge did declare
the horses were saved by the breadth of a hair.
Our work here’s not done, the advocates did cry
the choppers still flying, more herds could be spied.

Its back to D.C. with a permanent plan
to ensure all the horses can live on their land.
So love was delivered to the horses with pride
but the warriors must leave so that no more would die.

They climbed up the hill and turned back to the band
who all now had gathered on what was their land.
“We carry you with us”, R.T. did proclaim,
“We go to the White House to show them your way.”

The horses all bowed with a sign of approval
as they all now knew that there was no removal.
They neighed and they nickered to the spirit above
Thanks for sending the people who gave us their love.

Good Monday for the Horses

Commentary by R.T. Fitch

The Scent of Positive Change is in the Wind

It’s Monday, the first work day of the week for most and usually poor Monday is greeted with a large dose of dread and a slight dash of depression, but let’s not do that today.

There is still a lot of bad horse news out there; the likes of horse eating Sue Wallis is sharpening not only her butcher cleavers but her profound talent at publicly lying about facts and figures, the BLM is still on its wild horse eradication campaign and has now added freakish “Frankenstein’ disfigurement to its list of equine torture methods and a President who promised “change” and purported to be “animal friendly” has had his head buried so deeply into the hole in his ego that he has turned a blind eye to the needs and threats against our American equines…nothing is new, so for today we are going to just let it go, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

Instead we would like to give you a little hope, a small ray of sunshine fueled by positive past events and fed further by potential future developments.   This week shall be a precursor of promise, hope and unity…I can feel it.

Various discrete victories have occurred over the past several weeks, many fueled by your personal efforts and several plans for better things to come will step into the light in the approaching days.  There’s the fresh smell of freshly cut, dew soaked grass in the air so allow yourself a brief reprieve, this Monday, and prepare yourself for a week of great expectations.

The Force of the Horse is coming together and all of you reading this have front row seats so settle in, buckle up and enjoy the ride.  Life is good.

Video at 6!

Rumor, Innuendo and Wild Horses

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Give Thanks for the Relationships that We have Forged

"It's ALL about the Horses" ~ R.T. Fitch

The voice of the American horse is being heard across this great land; from the vanishing cries of the terrified wild ones to the death screams of the horses headed across the border to slaughter, their voices are being heard.  Those voices are reaching a new volume because the vocal cords for the horses are you, each and every one of you who care about the welfare and safety of our national treasure are making a difference by standing shoulder to shoulder in defense of those who cannot speak for themselves.  But the very passion and power that fuels this movement could also be the instrument of its demise if it loses focus and turns inwards upon ourselves versus outwards toward the enemy.

Every military veteran knows of what I speak; rumor, innuendo and propaganda are war time tools that can be extremely effective in destroying the base of support on which any war is waged and we are not exempt from this very real threat.

Being of clean spirit and fully transparent we would not and will not use such a weapon against our foe, they do it for us with junk science, inaccurate numbers and incredulous behavior.  But don’t think for a moment that such practices would not be used upon us; the enemy has been sharpening that knife for quite some time.

From deep within our ranks a whisper can be planted, a finger could be pointed, doubt can be cultivated and before anyone has the chance to accurately find out the identity of the planter of the seed of doubt the whisper can become a shout and great damage can be wrecked before a single shred of evidence is ever/never produced.

Be wary of unfounded facts, turn your back on gossip, mark on your mental notepad who the whisperer of lies is and move on.  No need to conform, no reason to justify, just move forward and remain in the upper loop as the only ones who live in the lower one are the enemy and the rumor mongers and not one of them has the best interest of the horses in mind.

We will win this, we are closer than many think and as we draw ever nearer to the goal the attacks upon us will increase so we need to stand close, protect those who fight alongside of us and keep our heads low knowing that at least one or two of those bullets have our personal name on them.  We will prevail.

Remember, it always was and always will be…all about the horses.

May the “Force of the Horse©” be with you all!

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The Wild Horse Prayer of Thanks

by R.T. Fitch, author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart


The future of our iconic wild horse looks dim

Love, Hope and Thanks for this day


Thank you, Great Spirit, for the blessing of today.

We give thanks for the gift of this day; for being granted another opportunity to be alive from when the sun comes up until it retreats into the night.

For those of us who live wild and free, under the deep blue sky, we thank you for the unfettered glory of living our lives as you meant them to be lived.

Those of us who awoke inside crowded and dusty pens thank you for another chance; perhaps today will be the day that we are set free to run with our families across our plains, once again.

We penned ones want to, also, thank you for the chance to make the point, to send the message and to be the martyrs for the lesson that you have laid upon us.

We can endure the pain, suffering and even death knowing that by being the silent recipients of all of man’s evil we will bring to light the need for change; you have taught us well.

Our thanks go to you for the wisdom of your plan that one day mankind will look at what he does, to us, and change his direction in how he treats this world.

It is through your design that man will, once again, become as one with his surroundings and the living creatures that walk upon this planet; and you have chosen us to be the carriers of you message.

By the abuse that is rained down upon us, man’s eyes will be opened to the atrocities that he both intentionally and unknowingly commits against man, beast, earth, water and air.  Our suffering will be his awaking.

You anguished through this with your Son, oh Wise One, and the message was heard.  It is our hope that this message is received while our diminishing numbers can still survive.

We also give thanks for those two legged allies who stand beside us and give us a voice when we cannot speak; they are a special breed and we know that they walk very close to you, Great Spirit.

They come in many shapes and sizes and help in so many ways.  From extending a gentle hand to fighting a war of words, they are there.  They have been with us for years, bearing witness to our suffering which has hurt them as well; yet they remain beside us, fighting, planning, giving of themselves and glowing with hope.

Their warmth sustains us, their courage buoys us and their love uplifts us.  We thank them too, Great One, as through their work with you, a tribe of our brothers will run free for just a little longer, even if it is only a matter of days.  The gift of just one day is very special to a wild horse as we live in the now, the past cannot be changed and through our actions of today, tomorrow will be cast.

We thank you this special day and ask that you grant blessings upon those who speak for us; their efforts rewarded with divine love and hope for we need none ourselves as you have blessed us with this day and what a wonderful day it is.

Thank you, kind Master, for your blessing of today.


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