Horse News

Good Monday for the Horses

Commentary by R.T. Fitch

The Scent of Positive Change is in the Wind

It’s Monday, the first work day of the week for most and usually poor Monday is greeted with a large dose of dread and a slight dash of depression, but let’s not do that today.

There is still a lot of bad horse news out there; the likes of horse eating Sue Wallis is sharpening not only her butcher cleavers but her profound talent at publicly lying about facts and figures, the BLM is still on its wild horse eradication campaign and has now added freakish “Frankenstein’ disfigurement to its list of equine torture methods and a President who promised “change” and purported to be “animal friendly” has had his head buried so deeply into the hole in his ego that he has turned a blind eye to the needs and threats against our American equines…nothing is new, so for today we are going to just let it go, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

Instead we would like to give you a little hope, a small ray of sunshine fueled by positive past events and fed further by potential future developments.   This week shall be a precursor of promise, hope and unity…I can feel it.

Various discrete victories have occurred over the past several weeks, many fueled by your personal efforts and several plans for better things to come will step into the light in the approaching days.  There’s the fresh smell of freshly cut, dew soaked grass in the air so allow yourself a brief reprieve, this Monday, and prepare yourself for a week of great expectations.

The Force of the Horse is coming together and all of you reading this have front row seats so settle in, buckle up and enjoy the ride.  Life is good.

Video at 6!

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  1. For every horse let this be the turning point of their lives, Let freedom ring in their Beautiful ears, yes the ones that the breezes of heaven blow through, Let all the efforts of every advocate, finally bare down its strengths and truths and power to free the horse from the BLM, and its lies and murderous ways, Let the Champions for the horse realize all their hopes and dreams for the horse come true, for those who would harm them realize what they are is true wonderful beings , that through the treacheries, they have had to endure , may dissipate like the morning dew, into FREEDOM and Protection……….:let them run free on the Land that they were given by the people who love them…. and know that their lives are as important to us as the air that we breathe,,,,,,,,,,,,


    • Amen and AMEN , Arlene , and to ALL the above !!

      Thank You RT !! ♥ This ole’ 75 + yr. old heart {for one } is up-lifted by your Good Monday commentary !!
      God Bless you and ALL the Equine advocates !!
      Joy, N FL.


  2. I am copying a bit of your post and am going to place it on the congress FB page. don’t know if it will be read but gonna do it anyway.


  3. The little burro reminds of moose. They too have the longest ears–they have been recorded hearing from up to two miles away!

    Hear hear RT–I so hope your right.


  4. I always say ” I’m in the roller coaster I’m strapped in and ready for the ride”. I will do anything to stop the pigish figure of a monster Slaughterhouse Sue. Wait she doesn’t even deserve the respect of capitlizing her name! Have a good day! Tell the horses HEY.


  5. PLEASE SHARE-SHARE SHARE SHARE, In violation of the law, Obama/ Salazars lying corrupt cruel BLM is wiping out Americas wild horses to steal our public lands & stuff millions of privately owned welfare cattle on our public lands, these cattle destroy water, plants, wildlife & cost taxpayers 1 billion per year.


  6. Perhaps the tides are finally turning. I sent an email to the Governor of Texas regarding the inhumane and disgusting treatment in the other blog. I included all the information with reference to Animal Angels and your post. RT you do a
    wonderful job!!! Hear Hear for our beautiful horses…Have a Great day everyone!


  7. We be patient, RT. There is expectation and wonder so when you are ready to tell us, we will be Very ready to Hear Your News!! Yes!!


  8. Thank you R.T. for this very encouraging news on Monday. Cannot wait for the video at 6! Arlene, your words brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears for a change. For a blessed change.

    And thank you Shari. Will share; Obama and Salazar are running out of places to hide.


  9. I’m not patient and always thinking of ways and means. Cyberspace is a blessing and there to be utilized…….Let every animal protector/activist vote NO …..loud and clear in 2012 for the demise of this administration which has caused much grief and destruction on our wild equines and burros and animal life that has be delisted from the endangered species act protection.


  10. Is this the sweet little burro that those dysfunctional BLM employees were knocking down with the helicopter and kicking it and pulling it’s poor ears?!!!

    Oh, R.T., please, tell us that this beautiful animal has been rescued and taken away from the government’s insane and inhumane concentration camps and is in care of one of the advocates!

    What a great report that would be!!!


  11. WE THE PEOPLE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA AND HERE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE RUN THIS COUNTRY NOT WASHINGTON D.C. If any of you think Obama is a friend to horses you are sadly mistaken. He has killed more horses than any other president and it is all for his green energy movement that requires that his 5,000 to 10,000 acre-mass water using solar power planets not to mention helping his pro-cattle greedy friend Ken Salazar’s pledge to open public lands to all his cattle friends!



  12. And for all you who are disgusted by the ramming and rundowns by the BLM helicopter sub-contractors, THIS IS A VIOLATION OF F.A.A. FLIGHT RULES AND LAWS, Call and demand the F.A.A. and Dept of Justice act and arrest these BASTARDS!!


  13. My heart aches for OUR wild horses. Sometimes I spend hours and hours a day just trying to make a difference but I never feel like it is enough. I know the people on this site feel the pain of the horses and can feel my own pain as you all are fighting beside me for the horses. I am a very strong person until it comes to the horses. To be in the company of a horse is to have peace and am one with nature. I will check out the FAA violation angle. I will continue to pray for our American Icons. I don’t know what I would do if they end up slaughtered because the government can no longer spend the millions of dollars to feed and house these beauties. Thanks, Debbie


  14. That report from the APHIS is full of crap. Horses don’t muddy rivers or pull up whole plants-lies by more pro-slaughter AO’s. How can we reply to this?


    • Barbara, I have been working on a short email to Janet who is the founder of the newsletter. Here is the draft of my statement; which I have not sent yet. She has been quick to respond to my email asking for the location of where to find the newletters online and she is a very busy, talented and hard working person. However, I read that The Wildlife Society has become involved with the APHIS Native American programs (internships) and since they are pro-horse slaughter I think that what is necessary is an attempt to send further information to Janet W. and hope she will read it. Here’s my draft:

      (To Janet Wintermute)
      Janet, are you planning to do a follow-up on the solutions they are working on with the wild horses mentioned in your issue, Vol. 2 No. 1 – March 2010?  

      I hope no horse slaughter plants will re-open in the United States or on Tribal sovereign lands; this is my fervent hope and prayer every day. I am worried that The Wildlife Society is pro-slaughter and they are so much a part of your activities and that you support them.

      There are many fine people working diligently within the horse industries and others to come up with alternatives to horse slaughter as a means of population control and the ‘dumping’ of excess-bred horses into auctions.  People are seeking to identify the problems and identify ways to combat this sad ‘solution’ where there is a win-win for all involved. 

      Only a very small percent of horses that go to slaughter are old, infirm or ill.  Most of the horses that go to slaughter have been bred domestically all over the US; many have served only part of their useful lives — programs, including BLM adoptions and Rutgers University seek to use wild horses as learning opportunities in training venues, etc.  

      I hope we Americans and the Sovereign nations will not be forced to see only ‘tunnel vision’ of horse slaughter businesses as the final solution to these problems because of powerful groups representing entities — agriculture (‘big ag’); state universities; horse industry — breeders, racing, etc., and giant pharmaceutical companies; and some large veterinary groups — who stand to gain financially from the continued over-breeding of and irresponsible ownership or management of our American horses, both wild
      and domestic.

      Sorry about the rant; but I find the subject deeply sad and disturbing.  

      And regarding the wild horse issues:
      Cattle outnumber wild horses by huge ratios on our lands–they are the most recognized destroyers of plants and rangeland, even by our own government reports.  Special interests have succeeded in making CATTLE invisible and scapegoating the wild horses, who are few in number, relatively speaking. In your above newsletter I am afraid your statement:  “Part of today’s problem can be traced to actions by Congress in 2007 that eliminated the last three remaining horse-slaughtering plants in the country. . ” Janet, this is a false statement.  I am eager to send you information for your own reading, if you would like, showing statistically why this is not true.

      Furthermore, your statement that salmon are destroyed by the effects of ‘how wild horses pull plants out by the roots and defoliate the land’ is absolutely unfounded.  I can provide information on that, too, if you are interested in that.

      I have great respect for all you do and your obvious contribution, energy, talent and hard work; however, please understand there are no easy answers to the issues surrounding our nation’s so-called ‘unwanted’ horses — and publishing untruths will not further understanding or any solutions that have any integrity.  


    • Dear Barbara They must have been referring to Cattle, they need to print a retraction dont they, they need to clarify they were referring to Cattle not horses ……………………..


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