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Rumor, Innuendo and Wild Horses

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Give Thanks for the Relationships that We have Forged

"It's ALL about the Horses" ~ R.T. Fitch

The voice of the American horse is being heard across this great land; from the vanishing cries of the terrified wild ones to the death screams of the horses headed across the border to slaughter, their voices are being heard.  Those voices are reaching a new volume because the vocal cords for the horses are you, each and every one of you who care about the welfare and safety of our national treasure are making a difference by standing shoulder to shoulder in defense of those who cannot speak for themselves.  But the very passion and power that fuels this movement could also be the instrument of its demise if it loses focus and turns inwards upon ourselves versus outwards toward the enemy.

Every military veteran knows of what I speak; rumor, innuendo and propaganda are war time tools that can be extremely effective in destroying the base of support on which any war is waged and we are not exempt from this very real threat.

Being of clean spirit and fully transparent we would not and will not use such a weapon against our foe, they do it for us with junk science, inaccurate numbers and incredulous behavior.  But don’t think for a moment that such practices would not be used upon us; the enemy has been sharpening that knife for quite some time.

From deep within our ranks a whisper can be planted, a finger could be pointed, doubt can be cultivated and before anyone has the chance to accurately find out the identity of the planter of the seed of doubt the whisper can become a shout and great damage can be wrecked before a single shred of evidence is ever/never produced.

Be wary of unfounded facts, turn your back on gossip, mark on your mental notepad who the whisperer of lies is and move on.  No need to conform, no reason to justify, just move forward and remain in the upper loop as the only ones who live in the lower one are the enemy and the rumor mongers and not one of them has the best interest of the horses in mind.

We will win this, we are closer than many think and as we draw ever nearer to the goal the attacks upon us will increase so we need to stand close, protect those who fight alongside of us and keep our heads low knowing that at least one or two of those bullets have our personal name on them.  We will prevail.

Remember, it always was and always will be…all about the horses.

May the “Force of the Horse©” be with you all!

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    • Hi, I am new to your group, but I have been muddling through the connections at OIG and Council of inspectors general and what powers they actually have (legally) to force any change. I was spurred to do this after reading your Aug 8 post re lack of scientific integrity at DOI and think the report has damning evidence of the lack of very things BLM says it uses—scientifically acquired data. I have been in contact with Kris Kolesnik at DOI/OIG about this and he says they are poised to release another study r.e. the inhumane practices of BLMs stampedes. Do you know how they are soliciting the documentation and have you followed up on the Aug 8 post? I am very interested in this legal angle and what it could do for us. I sent out a note to all the people I could think of to send Kolesnik documentation.


      • Hi Susan,

        Welcome aboard! We are always in need of legal points of view. We do have a couple of legal eagles join in here for discussion occasion

        Please visit Herd Watch and sign up – they are coordinating vearious efforst and your skills will be greatly welcome:


        I’m also sure that IDA (In Defense of Animals) will want to hear from you also – all the links to various sites are located here:



      • Dear Susan:

        What a wonderful effort you have shown. My only concern is that it is with DOI/OIG. That in and of itself is not horrible, only predictable. In your post you recounted conversations and a reference to a new (?) report pending/release.

        Here’s my point(s):

        (1) The OIG has tremendous powers barring influence (of which there should be theoretically none…HAH!) from the head of administration of that agency. Your contct should have told you that upfront…it’s in their operating orders.

        (2) Timing of report release depends on the powers that be and/or political influence. Your contact should have told you that also and what the specific target release date is.

        (3) When internal IGs fail, depending on agency, the Executive Branch can call for a separate report with their own IG or a Congressional investigation can be reqested.

        I call on Sen Landrieu, Ensign, Byrd’s fill-in and Reps Whitfield, Grivajla, Rahall to request a Congressional INvestigation of the WH&B Program at DOI AND USDA NOW!!!!

        Does any person that is an advocate seen or heard of a Congressional Investigation being filed in the last 24 months???? I don’t…just letter crap. I know of reports requested by the kill ’em and eat trolls to delay passage of the antislaughter legislation, BUT NOTHING ABOUT DOI AND THE EQUINES!!!!!

        Well maybe it’s time to start requesting that of our reps to do just that, plus go after the committee menbers in both houses affecting equines, wild or domestic.

        Let’s throw those committee names up and in conjunction with our state reps at the Federal level demand a Congressional INvestigation.


      • We do need to angle our communication towards an investigation and keep on that. To save the wild ones we need the investigation to come from our congressional reps and to that end they must be given information and be with in real time for talks. This was beginning to take hold this Spring when people were still protesting before offices and then meeting with aides. This need to continue as a winning combination; protest and visit with reps in your state. I know it is not easy to arrange and not easy to find time and transportation. I look at these things as constant problems to getting the word out and contacting Congress. But is we do not we will stand still. We need to do more. I am sorry to say. But I know many of us will do more and as we do the campaign will move again. Please be in touch with you reps and have aides you know by name. Keep after HSUS and get them to keep up their voice and put people in the field to watch along with the advocates not the BLM. mar


      • Susan, Roxy and Denise,
        Is this a wild goose chase? It sounds like a stalling tactic to me. Why are we always giving BLM/DOI our evidence???? It needs to be used against them and not given to them all the time to use against the wild ones in the end. The Denver Workshop is the perfect example and here is another in house ‘study’ and we should be sending them info and evidence? Don’t they have the same sources? We need to spearhead a very big push and raise money openly and publicly somewhere that we will be visible. We need some backers with names also. Many of us have been at this long enough to go work on an equine industry company and ask them for donations and support of the efforts to save our wild ones. I need to get some online exposure to these companies and make a list and do some practical work that will pay off. Our observers have done brilliant documentation on the ‘inhumane practices of BLM Stampedes’ and they have seen the pics and footage and bitched and moaned about it too. They have it. Are we now supposed to send them more with a bow on it?? I am very suspicious of any reasons that put us at the disposal of BLM for any reason at this point on… We have been there too often. This campaign is needing exposure and Congressional participation. mar


      • Also, I for one, have had Mary Landrieu in my mind a long time and I want to give her much support because she may be about to knock off BLMs collective sox. She needs to know from us that we can and will pick up the wild horses transitions if and when they need us. Anyone care to think what that may entail?? Can we help run a program?? Are we heading where we are most needed??

        If you have friends in this cause you are only emailing, for months, try talking and saying a bit more to each other. We need to get up to speed with more actions and intentions spelled out to the nation and BLM. If you do not have a group to meet with, I think creating one to meet with over this winter would be a smart move. Am I getting too far ahead??? I am thinking about next year already, friends. It is coming and it will bring Eagle Complex Roundup in January and another herd of Nevada’s wild ones driven off their land in winter. Are you in for another winter?? I hope so because we have to become the Force that Creates Change… and have more to offer our wild horses and burros than failed cooperation. I hear BLM is complaining we are not being our sweet selves any more. We need to keep calling their bluffs and taking hold of this campaign like we mean business. No more paranoia, no more
        nice and quiet. We are a force to contend with and we did not get this far by holding onto BLMs hand. Go After What We Need. mar


      • Susan, I had to go back and read that Aug 8 Article. And, no, we have not seen another one come out yet. Sounds like you have made a contact and can keep us up to date.

        I beleive you can get in touch with Lisa direclty at:


        She may have more information.

        Excerpt from Aug. 8 ARticle by Lisa LaBlanc, SFTHH Chief Investigative Reporter, titled “OIG Report: “.DOI Has Never had a Scientific Integetrity Policy”

        …Advocates depend on the investigations of agencies like the Office of the Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office and public resources such as the Freedom of Information. And we believe those findings should come at a heavy cost to the agencies at which they’re directed. Only time will tell…”


        So much to research, seems so little time. I just came on board about a year ago myself. There is much I must refer to those more knowledgeable but I can recite the big issues pretty well. I started with the PBS documentaries which can be viewed on line – PBS: Nature: Cloud, Wild Stallion of the Rockies, and be sure to watch all the little side clips too. The Cloud Foundation is another good source. Best wishes to you.



      • Mar, I had to go back and read the article again – it appears that OIG has, and continues to do much to expose BLM. Most significantly exposing the lack of scientific basis, and apparently a new expose’ regarding lack of regard for humane treatment of the horses – that we have been saying for at least as long as I have been on board – if they can contribute even just one more layer of credibility that is one more than we have now.

        I too, along with Susan, would like to know what “teeth” OIG actually has. Perhaps they are strictly investigative – which means we need to know what the next steps are. Perhaps straight to Congress and Congressioinsl Investigation as Denise shares? No other steps in between?

        We need to change the FRWH&B Act (ROAM is what we have on the table right now and we need to move that forward – we can improve it through a new one starting next year) for sure and knowing how BLM as misinterpreted and/or exceeded the intent of that act will go a long way – we should not take for granted that our Congress knows all this information and should send them these reports somewhat regularly in hopes they will make it past the staff/aides and/or deliver in person to their local & DC offices as well.

        As you say so correctly, Senator Landrieu has certainly taken this cause on, and the more we can not only increase the numbers in Congress on her side, but also increase the knowledge of those, the better. Perhaps that is the next step?

        Knowledge is power and truth will prevail.

        Denise, do you have a link to OIG’s operating orders? I somehow have missed this entire dialogue whenever it has occured before – even the initials OIG threw me off.


  1. How do we get the legislators (besides the House members who have written Salazar) and the President to take action? Laws are being broken but there doesn’t seem to be any way to “arrest” these people. I’m writing letters and signing petitions and spreading the word, but feeling very hopeless, when the laws continue to be ignored with impunity and the horses keep dying and being displaced. What else can we do?


  2. Sage wisdom, from a voice of experience wrought in training and duty to this country. Thank you, RT, for the timely reminder. As this mission gathers support at breakneck speed, now is the time for the enemies to attack within our own ranks. They feel threatened by our growing numbers and voice, so what else would they do? We know their track record of backhanded, underhanded, outright outrageous actions, we can certainly expect we will continue to be on the receiving end of that kind of treatment as well.

    If you consider: How can they attack otherwise than to plant poison in our ground? We are based on the values of truth, science, compassion and humanity – hard to find fault with those, so it’s not like they have a footing to attack on those grounds.

    As ugly as it seems, it is true, an evil seed of doubt can be sown by those who wish us to fail. We must remain vigilant to look for such poison and never allow this to grow. We must always remain united in our quest to obtain humane treatment and transparent, accoutability in a science based management of these horses. No matter if we do not all agree on every detail, we must agree to disagree on the details and yet stand firmly together for the those basic but hallowed values and allow no interlopers to push us off course in our quest.

    As everyone knows, we are their only voice and we must remain united and strong to continue speaking for them.


  3. RT, I’ve been at the round-ups at Twin Peaks this week. Thanks for your wise words and integrity. Debbie Coffey


  4. Thanks RT I think I needed that kick. I lost it earlier tonight. This helped me to refocus my thinking. I really appreciate this thoughtful timely piece.


  5. There is much that we (the advocates) have done; small successes here and there.

    Lately I have been greatly saddened by the speed, cruelty and ferocity of the “agencies” exterminating our American Icons (and Gulf, and forests, and wolves, and rivers……).

    But when I start to get down, I look at how hard the “agencies” and proslaughter/beef buffoons have been pushing back with lies, no science, emotional rhetoric. Then I stop and think to myself, they must really be scared of us to peddle this kind of manure through controlled “press” releases, lobbying plants at conventions, heavy law enforcement presence at the steps of DC DOI Hq, the trap sites, etc. It doesn’t ease the pain of our wild ones. It doesn’t ease the anguish we feel knowing what they have, are and will do to these noble animals. BUT! There is some satisfaction knowing we certainly have their attention and it’s just a matter of time before…….(insert your thoughts here).

    Thank RT…once again.


  6. you’re right the tactics they will use to keep people from their focus.

    We can learn from the horses themselves how to act. How the herd wisdom captured in kaos and panic, spreads their calmness through the herd.

    It is hard though to remain calm when we know the mountian lion crouching there is better off stomped to death, cause he keeps coming back for more.

    The numbers now in the wild seem to be lower now than in the 1950s when wild horses were stuffed into cans. in those days 2 million went down to 25k in a matter of a few years.

    BLM the horse is an animal that has at the most 1 young a year. Like the whale and the elephant..so easy to drive into extinction.


    • I sa my first round up around 1970, and it was a massacre semis unloaded horses that had been brulaized by an airplane roundup limbs were nearly ripped from horses and blood on most and there was an outdoor arena full that went to slaughter and rodeos..i did not realise at the time but came to understand in future reading…those that prey on the wild horse knew there would be an act passed to save the horses and tried to gut the land while they still could to get their last $s…I think the BLM knows the end is in sight for them, and the more time that elapses the worse their chances are…and I think they realise the only way they can get congress appropriations to give them money for their “plan” is to shove 37,000 horses under their nose and say what are we going to do with them if you don’t give us the money??? we will have to slaughter them, you give us no choice..thats when we need to step in with a well thought out plan for congress..In October..they will not give them that billion dollar budget..its not going to happen right before an election..no way..they are either going to table it or say no..lets have an alternative plan in congresses hand to consider..A “free” plan that will win them votes from their constituents…put the horses back on the land and start finding land to give back or reoplace that-that has been confiscated from the horses..Politicians need to get votes by showing they are saving americans money. Anyone who votes for this billion dollar boondoggle will be voted out of office-pronto..by people who don’t even know what a wild horse is..like the president…bunkhouse logic 101..


      • Then we need to launch a campaign to do just that…email, call, fax and write the president and tell him to step and stop this or we will vote him out of office.


      • Pat, i have told him several times..this is not the “change” I voted for…but we need to keep hammering it home…Look at all the airtime the tea party got..not that I want to be like that..but you see where I am going with this..We need media attention.


      • We do need activity with the election and candidates interviewed. This is a time when you can do something direct for what you are campaigning for. Voting changes we want. mar


  7. Very well said, R.T. When Bill Clinton was running for president, his campaign advisors kept the campaign focused on what was important by posting a big sign: It’s the economy, stupid!

    Well, now it’s the horses, stupid!


    • Morgan…for the equines, always for the equines that have given us/US SO MUCH!!!!

      I am here with you and all the others.

      This is about my country too, not just the equines…they are intertwined and inseparable….lose the equines and we lose ourselves individually and this country collectively.

      And I’m sick of hearing about that cultural/mosque near ground zero. Outside of the Constitutional issues (and yes, I think it’s insensitive to put it there…to a point)….what a complete WASTE OF THE MEDIA’S TIME. There are soooo mannyyy other issues so far more important: unemployment, finacial corruption, Congressional inaction on substantive issues (natural resources, for one), wars, poverty, natural disaster and the media (especially FOXNews) droning on about that facility is sickening. The Republicans think they are going to win elections based on that sole issue. Well, guys and gals of Congress…I’m going to vote about wild equines, poor government regulation, no jobs, motgage foreclosures, the Gulf, energy policy, etc…NOT about your position on a facility that the private landowner has the right to do just about anything with. Let’s talk about public lands management you freaking hypocites!!!!!!!


      • Not only that, Denise, it’s not a Mosque. It’s a Muslim Community Center, and it would probably be a very good thing. EVERY Muslim isn’t a radical, just like every Christian isn’t Tammy Fae Baker. Seriously, Americans need to stop being SO closed minded. It doesn’t reflect well on our society – in my humble opinion of course. ;o)

        Everyone is free to disagree. That’s America. We don’t want to be like BLM Storm Troopers! I wonder if that person with the Kevlar vest wasn’t steaming in that heat.


    • Me too, Morgan. I have no political agenda, I don’t want to tell people what to wear or what to eat. I’m not against Animal-Ag – as long as it’s practiced humanely – or whatever else they accuse us of. I’m CERTAINLY not in it to make a name for myself!!! That’s about the last thing I’d EVER want!

      It’s the horses – wild, domestic, any breed – as far as I’m concerned, a HORSE is a HORSE, and, to quote Robert Vavra, “From my earliest memories I have loved horses with a longing beyond words.” That expresses MY feelings better than anything else I’ve ever come across. It IS “beyond words.” I know you all feel the same way.

      The problem is that people like Salazar, Abbey, et al can’t get it because they can’t feel it, and they can’t even IMAGINE that anyone else REALLY does either. They think it has to be fake, with the REAL agenda hidden. Too bad for THEM, really. I wouldn’t trade places with them for anything in the world. Would you?


  8. We are being criticized by entire world, as our American Mustangs truly are a universal symbol of freedom. I have collected over 1000 signatures 75% are from all over the glob on petitions against the roundups. When one person can undo hundreds of years of evolution then we need to correct it. Ultimately I think our American Mustangs need to be managed by us (Bureau of American Mustang Preservation) not by the BLM, they answer to corporate interests.


    • yes, if you look into whales and sea lions…avocate groups keep watch on them and keep track of them.

      Still they have to do what the fisheries and Gov. wants them to do. Would we like it to have the BLM ‘approve’ every move?

      It may be faster to if you have the land, to get a couple lots of sale authority horses and/or become a long term holding (with gov.’ pay’ to ad to the donations)

      If 250 owners of large acres would step foward and do this now, all the wild horses would be out of holding. Where are the Pickens and the big land buy, we need the land now please.


  9. What can an individual do? Join Herd Watch and get an assignment from a coordinator.

    I started out with something I chose myself, then read someone else was doing the same thing. I need to find her, and, if she’s still compiling information on this subject, provide data I’ve already gathered. Meanwhile I’ve started a different investigation.

    If you feel you have expertise in certain areas, make that known to the program. If someone else is already pursuing what you’re interested in, graciously move on to something new. Duplication of effort is counterproductive.

    I’ve read reports from observers on the front lines, and thank every one of them for bringing us direct information. But I know from your comments there’s allot of talent and dedication among advocates who can’t make it to the field.

    Blogs are a great way to blow off steam, but ask yourself, “What are we really accomplishing?” Only accurate and provable hard evidence counts.

    Herd Watch and Grassroots badly need funds. If you aren’t in a position to provide financial aid, there are still plenty of things you CAN do. So put your talents to use. Get an assignment and JUST DO IT!!!

    The wild ones have no voice and no seat at the table. They have no choice except to go where they are driven. WE are the shields standing between these magnificent animals and the forces pushing them ever closer to degradation and, ultimately, eradication.

    So no ranting and no hostile words. Only TRUTH TO POWER will win the day!!!


  10. Thank you R T, wise words and centering no doubt. Keeping the focus real…..
    Saving our Mustangs and burros from extinction is forefront. Appreciate all you do!


  11. Timely post, RT. We need to stay focused on our efforts and not let any distractions, from anywhere, derail us. The next few months are critical and we must ignore the static in the headphones and continue on our journey.


  12. Anger is ENERGY. It must be HARNESSED and FOCUSED. There is such a thing as moral outrage and that along with compassion drives this movement forward.
    As R.T. says, let the foes’ detestable actions and words destroy them from within.
    Most criminals, given enough rope, usually hang themselves.
    We just need to keep moving forward and upward–doing what we’ve been doing.


  13. I lost the report from one observer who identified the group and made mention of two “political activists”.

    Anyone recall where that report is?

    And, who are the supposed “political activists” – that’s the first I’ve seen that term used and wonder why it is being used.

    It was great to hear of a student doing a year long study – it will be great to see the results.

    Speaking of studies, where is the oberver report from Tuscaroro done by the students from AHPA (?)? That was supposed to be out in one week.


    • We do have the next “committee” meeting coming up in September (I think – I am holding time open to try to attend depending on location). But this guy should know that I would think – maybe not though – don’t know how “new” he is.

      I think it is hopefull that he is there to actually witness what is occuring. Has ANY other board member ever done that?


    • The picture proof of the BLM trailers driving over tinder dry desert lands. This is a wildfire hazard as far as I understand.

      Can these pictures be sent into the National wildfire prevention org? Along with the explaination the contractor is driving off road with trailers and ATVs Let the wildfire experts deal with the issue and open and carry on any discussions with BLM and contractors.
      I mean just to place this issue on the wildfire orgs agenda. There have been billions of dollars spent on wildfires, perhaps many of these wildfires are caused by the contractors or their workers driving offroad.


  14. Reply from the Attorney General . I didn’t ask for advise –just for the law to be unheld concerning our rights. This is a form letter BTW.

    From: ENRD, WebContentMgr (ENRD)
    Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:24 AM
    Subject: Wild Horses and Burros Roundup

    This responds to your email to the Attorney General concerning transparency at the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management and its proposal to gather wild horses and burros. The Department of Justice represents the United States, its agencies (including the Department of the Interior), and its officials in legal matters and cannot offer legal advice to private citizens. We believe that the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management may be in a better position to directly respond to your concerns and note that you have been in contact with them. In addition, the Bureau of Land Management has information available to the public which may be of interest to you regarding the National Wild Horse and Burro Program on its website at http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/prog/wild_horse_and_burro.html

    Thank you for writing to the Attorney General.


    • And that’s is the best those burea”rats” can do??? (apology to the rat species)

      What DOJ sent you is a pile of CRAP!!!!

      DOJ enforces this Nation’s laws and prosecutes. The Solicitor General defends the US executive branch in other matters and each agengy (as a rule) has their own internal legal team.

      I’d take that pile of crap, edit in red with your comments with a closing paragraph that restates the request of enforcing the 1971 Act and prosecuting for cruelty resulting in death of a protected species. You weren’t asking for legal advice….you were asking them to do their job!


      • You are so right, Denise! I think I will print up this letter and get a red marker out and do some editing and send it to them asking for action to be taken and no advice to be given! mar


    • Thanks for writing that letter and the attorney general needs to know that You appoint a “Independant Special Prosecuter” to investigate the wrong doing in government officials and agencys…I certainly had to live thru many of these-he must think we all don’t know how government works..or not as the case may be..for future refrence, ask for the appointment of a special prosecuter and see what kind of reply you get…


  15. IDA is offering a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) killing Canada geese. Jeesh– I wish they were offering that for info on who is killing the wild horses. I’d be on that investigation in a nano—-


  16. Getting caught up –

    Just got to Elyse Gardners blog where she has posted pictures from Twin Peaks and the horses being run down a steep hill side. She makes note in her remarks why didn’t they pick a less steep approach?

    Then, just finished reading both of Steven Longs pieces on Tuscaroro and seeing pictures of horses going down the path to the river.

    Sue Cattoor says in her interview that the path was too steep for the horses to get to the river.

    Just compare the steep slope that Cattoor is running horses at Twin Peaks to the “not so steep” way down to the river at Tuscaroro and make up your own mind about her assertions that the horses couldn’t get down to the river.


    • The one thing I can gaurantee-is that those horses NEVER chose a path to go over that rocky cliff to get to the water..just a small distance from that trail to water..only under one circumstance


  17. SO–the BLM, the agency that is paying out millions or OUR tax dollars to fund these round-ups is also paying the expenses of THEIR “official observer”
    Wouldn’t that be considered a CONFLICT OF INTERESTS?


    • No, it is not conflict of interest. The request for applicants stated clearly tht BLM would pay “per diem” (daily expenses) for board business. When you are on a board such at this you are not expected to spend money out of your own pocket, only to volunteer your time.

      Anything paid above that amount would be a conflict of interest.


    • LAURA,

      Maybe someone should look him up by name and actually see who is. Maybe he actually is associated with Kearns and West.

      Hang in there everyone.



  18. Our Mantra when we call or write the President, or our congressmen:
    STOP the round-ups and MOVE the BLM and their armed guards to the BORDER.


  19. I had a few horses over the past 40 years. Back in the 70’s, I bought a green-broke gelding mustang from Wyoming. Didn’t know quite what I was getting into but he had such a soft eye in contrast to a very high spirit. Named him Top Indian. Well, that mustang and I were a real pair. I felt so blessed to be trusted by him b’cause no one else could get close let alone sit atop his back for long. We rode alot of trails together and his beauty and natural athletic talent and courage will always be remembered. I think of him and and feel such grief for all the wild mustangs being oppressed and persecuted in these times.


  20. I know anger is energy Lou, but yesterday I lost it big time. Debbie Collins from the BLM wrote me and basically said that pictures of dead foals are fake, and that they don’t round up horses during foaling season, I wrote her and believe me it would of made your head spin. I am not going to let them get to me like that again. You have to treat them like the idiots they are and try to stay calm.


  21. One loud nicker from OKC! Has anyone else seen that the Center for Biological Diversity has filed a motion to stop the Ruby natural gas pipeline on the basis that waterways will be destroyed? The BLM is not only hearing from horse advocates. Quietly keeping the pressure on from all directions just might work. 🙂


  22. Yes Aero — I have seen/signed that one. I sign many of them that deal with probable pollution/pipelines etc. and personalize them with a paragraph or two on the BLM campaign against the wild horses. HSUS and IDA have a couple of petitions up against the destruction of the herds. Also write/call the White House– keep the pressure on. When you write to the White House, select “problem with a federal agency”. I also wrote to Obama and gave him 100% support on withdrawing troops from Iraq— and asked him to give me 100% support on stopping the round ups. I pay for all of that.


  23. I’ve been shocked & saddened by emails I’ve received today. The willingness of some to circulate personal attacks at this critical time must have BLM doing the happy dance.
    I’m not letting these horses go without a fight and that fight is not with other advocates.


    • My focus is squarely fixed on the needs of the herds there is no time to stop and consider other issues that are, quite frankly, ill-timed and inappropriate. I truly don’t care about personal issues, they did not involve me at the time and they should not involve me now. If it doesn’t have a mane and tail and whinny in the night then don’t tell me about it.


    • Great comment Terri. ❤ I feel the same way, saddened, very shocked and spitting out the distasteful fruits.
      Dissension among advocates, is not going to help us in saving our beautiful horses and burros from their current suffering road to extinction. We are all fighting for them , in what was observantly said to be the 11th hour. When the clock strikes twelve, I hope we will all be standing together, in the light, smiling for the wild ones and the grand victory to all our efforts! Keeping the focus where it should be.


  24. Savethewildhorses, no, not to round up people. To help the border guards. They are being targeted by drug cartels and people are scared. Our borders are wide open and THAT IS a national security issue. People living on the border are facing very real threats–from very real thugs. They have drug money–BIG drug money and guns. The border guards and the law enforcement there need help.


    • Thanks Louie, and hello BTW!! Its true, and in Arizona I know its a real problem!
      It seems to get worse each year.


    • I kind of get the feeling that the influx of guns and cash money INTO mexico is hidden in and with the lot groups of slaughter horses going into mexico.

      And for a long time- to many years,’ somehow’ millions of americas guns and millions of american cash dollars have made it INTO mexicos border towns.

      About the only consistant items (large shipment items) shipped INTO mexicos border towns are groups of slaughter horses.

      acording to the white paper..poaching of wild horses for slaughter sale is widespread and common practice. Bribes to look the other way and/or threats by drug lords are also used to have people shut-up or look the other way. Perhaps the domestic terror org and the Border patrol org. should take a long hard look at ALL the workers for the blm and their contractors. check their money income for sure.


  25. Lin, I didn’t get finished before my comment submitted–don’t know what button I pushed. What I was going to say Lin, is, that I bet it was a GOOD letter. Probably way better than If you hadn’t been so angry.


    • Linda…I try to always use the term wild ones or equines because I DO REMEMBER the burros.

      In some ways, their situation is precarriously (sp?) worse because of their numbers, locations and the greater involvement of states’ and their even more gross lack of accountability and transparency (if that is possible). But be it either mustang or burro, their situations are equally horrific; guess it’s kind of like saying only half of my body is on fire, and then having to choose your arm or leg to put out…they are equally important.


    • When you send another post, just change your name to how you want it to read. You should see name, email filled in from past posts (that’s what I see when I leave comments)…just click the name field and change.


      • Thanks, Denise. Your solution is so simple! Wish I’d done what you suggest instead of wading through WordPress confusion. I’m now “awaiting moderation” here. Don’t know about other blogs, so I’ll have to check them out. Thought I’d cornered the market on “Linda”, but evidently I was mistaken.


  26. In my usual fashion, I directed my response to the individuals involved, enough said, and have received no response back….waiting…waiting and now I must move on as we have work to do in these closing days and we must leave behind those whos baggage is too heavy for us to carry..We serve no master but the Wild and Free roaming Horses and Burrors!


  27. People have asked me why i donot devote my time to my wild horses in oregon…and many are dedicated to this, and yet I was the only advocate at the stinkingwater stampede to be a voice for their well being.. and to offer the counter point to the information that was being deceminated there by the OFFICIAL appointed, designated WH& B humane observer-it was I who raised a voice in protest of the long and grueling stampede where there was a newborn, very tiny foal, in violation of the BLMs handbook guidlines for such an instance..the mare should have been allowed to peel of with that baby..around and around they went covering miles at high speeds-as that small herd avoided the capture pen and the helicopter.the horses conducted every manuever possible to avoid going near the capture sight and many times they were close to the wings.the foals color changed from pale palamino to dun from the sweat on its body..it was so tiny the sage hid it..and I could only catch glimpses of its body thru sage-with Binocs. Most locals are forced into posistions where they have to cooperate with the BLM to serve the horses needs, and so cannot put themselves in the line of fire, and feel they cannot publicly speak out..In this case..real change will have to come from the top down, those individual herds will not be saved unless we change things at the top and all the begging and co-operation and comprise only costs the horses their freedom until one day, there is nothing left to advocate for..I found by 1 person speaking out..I at first made people there uncomfortable, by the end of the day, I had 2 converts, and people that hadn’t said a word but were “silent” start speaking out in soft voices and making knowing eye contact with me…I felt good about the outcome..now that may cause me to get thrown out of the gather at twin peaks…LOL, but I am a “big” little girl and I can handle it! Please donot be intimidated into a false silence you do not feel…we stand shoulder to shoulder with each other and someone will back you up if they see you skeal from a place in the heart..


  28. LOL that is speak from the heart..where did “skeal” come from???..maybe I shouldn’t be headed off on another road trip…


  29. Service to the cause called “protection of the equines, wild or domesticated” requires no name or mailbox. It requires selfless service and committment to the cause of protection, accountability and fidelity toward these noble servants of Man and American Icons…..anybody looking for recognition has chosen the wrong or inappropriate cause with regard to this Crusade…the American Equines.

    It also requires humility, intelligence, sacrifice and tenacity.

    If someone wants to distract and muddle the river of cause called humane equine treatment in this country, they are either an equine murderer or co-conspirator of same.

    Choose your talk and attacks carefully so-called supporters. If you aren’t spending all your time on DOI/USDA and states….then you are NOT advocates and become nothing more than interlopers, profiteers and a Judas’ Horse. You are also in good company with the likes of the killers with pretty names but lacking souls.


      • Sandra…In my previous post I forgot to add for the reading public the following:


        Once an advocate has done that, comments and suggestions/ideas or even disagreements are greatly appreciated and/or noted to any org fighting this battle. Doesn’t mean it will happen, but with respect and patience a positive resolution to this hellish problem will move forward, not backward.

        People throwing rocks, especially while living in the proverbial glass house need to get selfaware and responsible. But of course, that depends upon the “if” that they really have the smarts OR resolve to help our equines in the first place; time and results will prove out. Gee, there’s a novel idea.


    • Yes those are the momments we all dream of..the poor Judas horses knows his owners well …and to screw up would be a bullet in the head..


    • Louie…God bless you.

      I find no fault with that sad horse…it was trained by evil Man. I don’t like the word Judas because there is a ton of theological debate about Judas’ role in the “fulfillment of promise by God” (agnostics and atheists, please bear with me).

      However, by way of Man it has become an acceptable term to identify humans that betray the cause in which the boast so loudly to defend. That was my point, regardless of the fact of how the equine killers like Cattoor use a horse to lead the free equines to trap sites…not the horse’s fault. BTW…a Judas horse doesn’t always work…does it you stooopppiiiddd BLM, Cattoor contracting scum???????

      If it did, why so much heellowco-peters? I know why….MONEY!!!!!!! Fluff up the money pile of that contract to kill, err roundup. You people are worse than garbage; nonrecyclable and toxic to boot. The Cattoors and the like are the equivelant of nuclear waste.


  30. In case you have not read it..Helicopter pilot shoots another horse out on the range..had bad knees and was thin..hows that for a rescue??? also noted one foal placed in foster care..no mention of a death to its mother or tallied anywhere..no explaination at all as to why it needed fostering.


  31. the blm is a mendacious, venal, greed filled agency which is in no way working for anybody but mining, cattle ranchers,oil drilling profiteers. they are not working for the good of america or the environment. this same agency’s employees have been indicted for taking bribes from oil companies, riding in their planes, going to football games on oil company tickets, staying in oil company houses, etc. the blm is a avery very ugly agency that needs complete shut down. it is full of venality to life on earth.


    • jean: That was pretty good. Unfortunately your level of vocabulary will be lost on theequine killers…but I still liked it.

      You forgot to add how they retaliate against land owners with grazing permits rights that choose to retire or not utilize the garazing permits…smarmy bunch!


      • Denise, I am so gald you brought that up. I have read that a few times and am curious how that works.

        So if you don’t use your lease you lose it – I guess that is the program?

        That “forces” cattle grazing in effect.

        On the Big Blend radio show (over a week ago now) the gal from IDA metioned a Rule (I think she said Code of Federal Regulations – I need to go back and listen to that show again) that actually says when the ecology is threatened that cattle must be removed first, then if the ecology remains bad the horses would come out next.

        So this seems to be a Catch 22 – the land owner loses their lease if there are no cattle, but BLM must force the removal of cattle before horses.

        Then I can’t help but wonder if this “must graze cattle or lose your lease” is actually true or just a made up threat by BLM (in cahoots with cattle), like the “no fly” BS BLM has done (up to now anyway – now they have been caught).


    • jean, very weell said – yes we must spread these facts all over creation. Daily I look for an opporutnity to say “Think MMS is corrupt? Think the Gulf spill was bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet – go see BLM” and then I tell our story (within the 200 or 250 words allowed – not much, so requires repeating many times – and a couple of links).

      Somehow we must get pressure on Congress, Obama and his Administration to give BLM the same attention as MMS.

      September will be an important month to see what Senator Landrieu does – stay tuned and keep spreading the word.


  32. Roxy….

    All I know is that the WWP got heavy retaliation for Greenfire Preserve and a few other grazing permit areas that they chose to speciffically not graze to restore and heal the land. The local BLM troll jumped right on them and tried (or maybe successfully) to remove those permits and tried to give them to a livestocker. Sandra would know this better than I would. This appears to be part of the El Paso/WWP settlement also….note the grazing trolls in Nevada are LIVIDED about the deal. HAH-HAH-HAH!!!!!! you creeps!!!!!! Whah-whah you welfare cruds!

    Seems we may have an “in” on the litigation front with this? Sadly, the BLM PUKES read RT religiously and know what they have to watch out for now. But a good attorney could sew the facts together, especially hammering them on multiple use, lack of science (OIG/GAO) reports, exterminating the equines.

    The history of their behavior speaks factual volumes, crap jurists and all. Someone needs to tie the entire ugly story together and litigate the hell out of these devils and equine killers.


    • Denise, I completely agree. I’ve been going back and reading the court records and filings both plaintiff and defendant, Also going back as far as I can reading OIG to DOI reports. Quite a bit of reading and you just don’t find much complimentary to how the DOI does their job. I think the cruel, crying little baby killers ought to be hiding their heads in shame instead of trying to show their manhood by attempted humiliation (hey guys that just shows more about you and really doesn’t work) and intimidation of a small group of unarmed peaceful law abiding advocates out in the desert surrounded by itty-bitty government agents running around with guns. Don’t trip now, probably too stupid to have the safety on and ya might shoot a pair of your best friends.


  33. I thought I would pass this along, got up at 4;30 this am to head for TP and thought I had better check their web page first..glad I did..I finally got ahold of the only person around on a Sat..the gal at the Lichfield holding facility..asked if the gather was still a go for sunday..she didn’t know but had heard this was the last load of horses to go to lichfield as they will be full with todays horses and have to leave room for the burrors..she thought they were going to take the trap down and move it to another site..I am guessing closer to Nevada since the horses left to be removed will now go to the PV facility, they are leaving room for the burrors who are yet to be rounded up..that has got to be a heartbreaker..I don’t think I am even tough enough to watch that..but someone should..they tend to treat them worse than the horses..So the gather for Sunday, may or may not be cancelled..she said last sunday they only shipped 2 horses to the facility..So that is too long of a trip for me to make and not be able to document and have to drive back to oregon..so mabe someone closer can find out what happened..she said aound 700 horses have been gathered so far and they can hold 1,000 but still have around 150 burrors to put there.sounds like they maybe done in a week and 1/2 at this rate.


    • The speed at which they are doing this makes me wonder if the horse the helicopter pilot shot was really a prexisting injury of his knees..would sure like to see if those knees had been freshly opened up by a fall..say in the rocks while being chased…how convenient


    • LOL, when BLM tried to pull their permits, the livestock journals lit up like christmas trees..you would have thought it was independance day across the ranches of america..they had finally caught their nemisis..honestly there was cheering and commentary..WWP has placed a permenent egg facial on BLM…and you know Mr. Marvel, my hero, goads them..he does not play pattycake with them..he is in your face kinda guy..and he has the truth on his side and they can prove it..He walks into their office with a pink pacifier and puts it on the table..lol..and says we need to talk…the symbolism is ‘priceless”. and thats how the west was won…


  34. Thanks Barbara.

    What I heard from a reliable source was WWP got attacked by gov reg (BLM) and court (maybe that was WWP filing to nip it in the bud).

    I just wish I had the key to the litigation logic that WWP seems to find repeatedly.

    Bottom line….wild equines, true land repair and open space is not a part of the program of mulitple use by DOI/USDA/state extermination trolls that they are MANDATED TO DO by law….and this is in addition to the 1971 Act.

    Why they haven’t been banged to death (aka submission) is beyond me. Yeah, judges say “no standing”, not in violation, etc, favoritism to the extraction-for-profit trolls.


    • They have all their legal cases posted at there website or at least most current that youcn read. I will get you the link to a section of testimony on the Calicos..thre attorney just shredded the BLMs testimony, honestly the judge felt sorry for the BLM attorney and kept trying to help her along…Because the BLM does Lie and -does not follow the rules, the nepas rmps and mitigation and there findings of no impact are just rubber stamps and they cannot back them up with science or evidence when challenged..If you really want to see how poorly the BLM does its appointed job read testimony from these cases..its enough to fill a season of Boston Legal…we have not tried to take them from this angle..we keep going to the 1971 federal law…too many loopholes…BLM does not even have to mount a defense-and they don’t..the law has become so muddled that it is impossible to hold feet to the fire..its like a sieve..we need to go after them on the RMPs..I have read them..they are illegal as hell, conflicts of interest smeared like peanut butter across the page..cut and dried..Tuscaroro a prime example..they took the prime watersheds with all the good forage and water and gave it to the cattlemen because the “allotment permittees” said they should remove the horses..NOT because they had scientific evidence of damage by the horses..Right there..you get valuable land back for the horses..look we get their land back..they have no excuses..you make them adjust those AMLs upwards and make them show scientific proof..this is where you get them..at this level..show that there is impact when you remove the horses challenge these in court.We all read those EAs..its junk..they don’t even bother trying to make it look like a pig..it looks like a whore..on the Silver King HMA they showed pictures of a dry lake bed for years ago and said the horses destroyed everything and there is nothing there..WELL, i live in this country, and I am not a range biologist..and everyone of these I have ever seen(plenty,),has little forage, because of the deposits left at the bottom of these dry lake beds…the surrounding hills were covered by sagebrush and no sage in the dry bed..and they accused the horses of destoying it..because “hundreds of them graze there..there evidence ..1 old stud pile with about 3 poops in it..1 stud can do that in a day..LOL..they will only allow 60 horses on 660,000 acres and 5800 cowes and a couple of thousand sheep..don’t you think you could challenge that EA?


      • Heading over to WWP to read their cases. If you could put up that Calico link you mentioned I would be most interested in reading that. I’ve been reading the filings on Laura’s case, reading the Abbey filings right now. Of course we lost utilities last night so I have to go thru the PACER system and find the case again, drat. Basing cases on the 1971 law would seem tricky because in the amendments they pretty much tore that law apart.


    • http://americanherds.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2009-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&updated-max=2010-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=34
      You can read this excerpt, but a couple of paragraphs in you will see a click here to read the full testimony of Glenna Eckles the Blm employee..I have tried forever to find the full case to read and think I have finally found the link..but will have to test it out..this case was filed in 2008 by WWP about the soldiers meadow allotment..After getting input with an advocate who is friends with the BLM employees that were involved with this..I was told…Glenna was a whistleblower and disgruntled employee, and so on and so forth, after reading the testimony-I found that was not the case, and information was drug out of her-and she had no idea of what was going on..I then made the aquaintence of someone in Oregon who had worked with her for quite some time when she was an employee with the Forest Service here..That person knew her well for years and said she was a ‘company person” and the least likely to be a whistleblower of anyone she knew..So another smear campaign..It is my understanding she quit the BLM shortly thereafter in 2009 due to harrasment she received from her testamony…by the same jerks who spred this rumor…so when ever you give these folks a kick in the shin..don’t feel badly ..they deserve alot worse…they ARE the scum of the earth.


      • WOW – Great research – thank you. I believe this is the testimony that Ginger Kathrens has referred to many times – I wondered how to get a hold of it too.

        I hope she sued them under the “whistle blower” protection – even though that was not her intent.

        So glad I found you guys before I went looking for a job in BLM – I’d have been out on my ear – what a pile of scum bags this agency is.


      • And just to leave you with a visual…they are known to eat their young…any individual involved with the internal “secret” document known as “The Alternative Management Options” and whose name is in or on that document should be approached with extreme caution as they are with out conscience or humanity, and should be wearing one of those face masks, so they cannot not eat any of their victims..the wild horses and taxpayer. I consider that to be a “manefesto” worthy of the Unibomber..


      • Sandra, If your link doesn’t work out but you know who the plaintiff was I can search it through PACER, as I have an account there. It will show any case filed in any US District court. But I need a case # or the name of the plaintiff. I would like to read this also so please forward your link if you get it.


  35. Thank you, RT and thank you Rob!

    Everyone, please help Madeleine with more and more letters for personal delivery!!!

    Each one counts!

    Ask your friends and relatives to send their letters to:
    September 10th. extended deadline!!!

    Saving America’s Mustangs
    2683 Via De La Valle, G 313
    Del Mar, CA 92014


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