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Horse Trainer Loses Herd in Oklahoma Disaster

“Those horses are my livelihood and I consider them part of my family,” GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – From 800 miles away, the images of Mother Nature’s wrath in Oklahoma are breathtaking. From a few blocks, they’re something else entirely. “It’s tough. It’s tough to grasp,” said Minnesota native […]

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Horse Trainer Sold Over 100 Horses To Canadian Slaughter House

A Pennsylvania horse trainer is facing felony charges after she allegedly sold as many as 120 horses to buyers for a Canadian slaughterhouse, according to court documents.

State police say that 24-year-old Chester County-native Kelsey Lefever — a well-known horse trainer and former Devon Horse Show competitor — promised owners she could find good homes for their horses when they could no longer race, according to the Paulick Report, a news website for the thoroughbred industry. What she really found for these horses, was a quick death, according to court documents.

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