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TN Grand Jury to decide on charges in Walking Horse protest incident

Story by James Bennett as published on the Daily Herald

“I witnessed him cut his truck hard left into the area where Ms. Teresa Bippen was standing…”

Teresa Bippen, right, of Hillsnoro, Mo., outside St. Louis, alleges a world champion trainer tried to intimidate her while she was protesting at Maury County Park on May 30. (Contributed photo)

A Tennessee Walking Horse protester who says she nearly was run over by a trainer last month will have her case taken before a Maury County grand jury, District Attorney General Brent Cooper said Sunday.

Teresa Bippen, 58, of Hillsboro, Mo., was among animal welfare activists picketing the Spring Jubilee at Maury County Park on May 30 when a truck driven by Jamie Lawrence, 42, veered toward her, according to a Sheriff’s Department report of the incident.

Lawrence, of Vinemont, Ala., and a world champion rider and trainer in Racking Horse competition, was pulled over by a deputy who allowed him to continue with the show. Lawrence was not arrested.

“I motioned to him to bear to the left, and as he came closer to me, I witnessed him cut his truck hard left into the area where Ms. Teresa Bippen was standing,” wrote Sheriff’s Lt. Andy Jackson, who was directing horse trailers and other traffic into the park. “Then he cut his wheels back hard right. I could not tell how close he came to Ms. Bippen.”

Jackson and two Columbia Police officers approached the truck, the report said…(CONTINUED)

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  1. The only way to stop this abuse is to take the money out of it. Fine the judges who reward the Big Lick and suspend them from judging. If there is no financial incentive to abuse these horses, the abuse will stop. Greed apparently will make some people do anything, and these are the kind of people who would sell their own mothers and daughters to make a buck. Evil pieces of human excrement.


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