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US Horsemeat Makes its Way to European Union

By Kelly Ni  of the Epoch Times Staff Health concerns raised over dangerous drugs American horses are sold to slaughter factories in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Many are concerned that the slaughtered American horses, which were not raised for human consumption, eventually make their way into […]

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The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International Call for a Moratorium on the Sale of Horse Meat from North America

Source: Human Society of the United States “The European Commission must act quickly and place a moratorium on the sale of all horse meat products that originate from North America…” BRUSSELS – As the European Union grapples with an extreme and growing lack of consumer confidence in the […]

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Nevada Wild Horses Saved from Slaughter at Sale

Story by Scott Sonner Advocates Plan to Protect Wild Mustangs Purchased RENO, Nev. — Wild horse protection advocates say they have successfully saved dozens of free-roaming horses in Nevada from the slaughterhouse by purchasing them for several thousand dollars at a state auction in Fallon. Shannon Windle of […]

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