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Mare & Foal Sanctuary in England

I couldn’t wait for Feel Good Sunday to post the photos below from the Mare & Foal Sanctuary in England.  Breeze, the abandoned foal, is comforted by Buttons the Teddy Bear. Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, the BLM puts wild horse foals at risk of freezing to death […]

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Tribute to the Lost Wild Horses of Wyoming

“This past week we have been following the extraordinary adventures of Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s Carol Walker as she has endured sub-zero temperatures in an effort to capture the last images of wild horses in Salt Wells and Adobe Town where the BLM is attempting to manage the herds into total extinction. The current operation has concluded and what Carol shares with us today are the ghostly images of 40 PZPed mares being released into another area, not their home, without their mates and without their babies…at times like these, it is difficult to say ‘Keep the Faith’.” ~ R.T.

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Vision for the Future

Source: Intro by Susan Wagner, article from SCOPE Magazine “Today is ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and it is our most distinct pleasure to bring you a heartwarming story of a very special PMU mare, rescued from slaughter. Thank you, Susan Wagner.” ~ R.T. n 2004, the New York-based equine […]

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Scientists Demand Obama’s BLM Cease Stampeding Wild Horse Foals and Mares

As an outraged citizen I am writing you to beg for the mercy of week and
month old babies that will be the victims of the planned Round-ups starting
in July.

The BLM handbook states that round-ups should NOT be conducted during
foaling season. In July there are still mares that are heavily pregnant and
babies that are only weeks old. Even babies that are one or two months old
cannot withstand the miles and miles of running over treacherous terrain.
July is in the middle of foaling season.

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I Cry for the Wild Horses

By Lisa Friday, Witness to the BLM Butterfield Wild Horse Cruelty I Cry… I close my eyes at night and still see all the horses suctioned deep in the urine soaked manure. I see that little emaciated mare whose eyes just cried out to me, “please take me […]

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Video Shows BLM Contractor Targeting Pregnant Wild Horses

During the much contested roundup of 1,400 wild horses in Northern Nevada’s Antelope complex many disturbing videos and photos came to the public’s attention, to no avail. There was the filmed case of a mare that was run to exhaustion and finally collapsed on the ground, where the helicopter continued to harass her, and the multiple photos of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) flying stampede contractor, Sun-J, using their aircraft as a weapon and physically assaulting lone and defenseless horses. Likewise, Terry and I witnessed other atrocities while we spent time with Laura Leigh until the early conclusion of this tragic debacle.

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