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Straight from the Wild Horse’s Mouth: A Letter to Santa

Submitted by “Ace“, the Twin Peaks Wild Stallion and personal friend of Grandma Greg’s

I often warmly think about the “good old days” when hundreds of we wild ones roamed free…

“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and I awoke, today, to find a letter from a captured, yet now safe, Twin Peaks Wild Stallion in my inbox.  I share that letter to Santa with you and can only wonder if it makes your eyes leak as it did mine.  Be safe.” ~ R.T.


"Ace" ~ photo by Cate Scott

“Ace” ~ photo by Cate Scott

Dear Santa-

I am an old wild stallion.  I am told that I am one of the last Twin Peaks stallions.  I have had a wonderful life as Mother Nature planned for me from the very day I was born.  I lived the first 22 years free and wild and learned from my sire, dam, siblings and family band what was good for me to eat and where to find the fresh water springs that are hidden in the hills.  I romped and played with the young colts and fillies in my extended family.  Under the watchful protection of our family members, we young horses frolicked in the snow and creeks and rested in the shade of the old Juniper trees in the heat of the summer. Life was very good.  I later grew to be a healthy, robust and compassionate herd stallion with beautiful loyal mares and amusing, vigorous offspring.  Although I now have a good “retirement” life in a sanctuary with other displaced animals, my life in the wild was perfect for a wild one like me!

I know you are very busy Santa, but today I am asking you to help all creatures that have not been as lucky as me.  I have heard that there are fewer and fewer wild horses and burros that are allowed to live wild and free on their rightful range.   I do not understand this but I do know it is wrong.  What I am asking from you is for you to watch over and protect all animals and help them to be able to live their lives as Mother Nature intended for them.  Do not allow them to be chased, harassed, trapped, caged, starved, abused and slaughtered.

Although I live for today, I often warmly think about the “good old days” when hundreds of we wild ones roamed free.  Where are my wild friends that I knew those many years?  Where are my mares and foals today?  Why was our family torn from each other and our peaceful and natural world destroyed?  I have over-heard humans say that our life in the wild was traded for money.  Santa, what is money?  Could it possibly be more important than our wild hearts, lives, families and land?

Santa, I will continue to dream of my days gone by but I am asking you today to watch over all creatures’ great and small and to teach all human beings to think with their hearts and to reason with their souls.

Thank you, Santa.

– “ACE”

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  1. Hoping Santa grants Ace’s request. Some humans appear to have no hearts or souls so Santa needs to take them some.
    The video of Ace and his band when he was free shows how he should have been left. He is a perfect picture of power with gentleness.


  2. Freedom speaks volumes, when I look at our Wild ones I can feel Freedom and my soul and heart soars , I feel how much it means to them , It breaks my heart for them , because Freedom is so important to them, just what it means to us EVERYTHING !!!! It is only a small thing that the Mustangs should be allowed to enjoy for all of their lives, they only NEED to be left alone, theirs is not an easy live in the wild , but it is all they know and love !!!!They have given so much to each and everyone of us throughout History directly and indirectly, some have no idea what they have sacrificed, their lives !!!! for you and me…. Without them we are nothing , they are examples of what everyone of us should be…… Please let them be what they need to be Wild and FREE !!!!!!!! Thank You RT for the really feel good Sunday !!!!!!


    • Arlene, your thoughts about the wild ones’ love of freedom and right to remain free always make my heart sing and my spirit soar … for you speak as if you are inside them, understanding their every thought and feeling. You see into their soul — their true substance.

      Probably most of us who frequent R.T.’s blog look at the wild ones with the same pure eyes you do and have the same unselfish motives you have, but you articulate our mutual passion for them the best, I think. Each time, I’m humbled by and in awe of your simple, sincere eloquence.

      While I’m here, a big thank you to Steve for your post; it was well worth repeating! I echo your every word. And to you, Margaret, for telling us about how to see almost-18-year-old Cloud, the majestic stallion whose every movement speaks freedom and who so beautifully represents every other wild horse. And to Helene, Ann, Judith, BarbaraW, chris1055, and Lydia for all of your lovely sentiments (sorry if I’ve missed anyone).

      And special thanks to Grandma Gregg (I thought you spelled it double G in previous posts?) for speaking on behalf of Ace and his family and friends at Twin Peaks. That HMA and all the others should be set-aside permanently by law, and deemed to be as sacred for our free-living horses as certain holy sites are sacred to Native Americans.

      R.T., bless you, as always, for the “Feel Good Sundays,” which give us courage and strength to face the foe the rest of the week.


      • Dear BlessUsAll Thank You !!! I say what the Mustangs let me feel, ever since i laid eyes on them in Nevada on the desert , i have always loved horses of all kinds, but did I ever feel such a connection to them as i did there on that desert, I was taken their as a young girl, my Mother wanted me to see them in the Wild, we took a Bus trip from Vegas , they did not promise we would see them, but a bit of Luck they showed up everytime thundering across the Nevada Desert, I stood there mesmerized , I was frozen , i had never seen so many all at once, each one with a purpose each one more Beautiful then the other, I have returned there many times I could over the years, the sights and sounds was amazing , the feeling of pure Freedom just oozed from every muscle in their Bodies , the ground also quivers , I thought back then the Land did that because, it was as excited to have them there as I was……. I have always felt Honored to have been so Lucky to have witnessed this…………………. 12 years ago I took my Son to see them . they couldnt be found any where , we looked and asked and finally we found the Indian people who told us that the Government took them…………………. We were so disappointed and Mad ,and violated, none of them knew why ?????? I vowed to find out why , Why would they take them , they belong to the land not to them !!!! Then i found Straight from the horses heart and RT.,……..and all the wonderful people here , who love them as much as I always have !!!!!! and are proud to Stand Up in their Honor to their right to roam and have their Freedom !!!!! which has always been theirs ………………..


      • Wow, I’m glad my “thank you” elicited this dramatic tale from you, Arlene. I understand why, when you write about the glory of their en mass thundering run, you still feel the ground trembling. You enable me to feel it, too. And I feel your horror and dismay upon seeing the same land years later — stripped of those beautiful beasts. Your story makes me even more
        appreciative of Ace and his brothers and sisters — and of all the humans fighting to preserve their freedom and their homeland.


  3. Beautiful, idyllic setting when everything was good for the equines. Bring this back for them and us. So glad this wasn’t broken by the piercing screech of those horrid helicopters.


  4. Seeing Ace as he was with his family and all others like him healthy and free make the many letters and phone calls to our heedless representatives worth while.


  5. I feel so blessed. Through the magic of technology I can experience and enjoy these magnificent creations from my home in a tiny town in S.W. Florida. I can watch and admire Ace and his family as they tend to their daily business living the life God gave them.

    I dream that someday I’ll have the opportunity to actually see some of the herds that remain. I especially hope to someday see the White Stallion that got me into this fray….Cloud. Yes, that’s right I’ve never seen a wild horse in person.

    Only through the eyes of others have I been able to see the stark contrast between freedom and confinement. The difference between running free and running scared. The kindness of so many and the execrable cruelty of others.

    I feel blessed to be, in some small way, a part of an ever growing assemblage of loving, caring, inexhaustible group of people who, to quote Ace, “think with their hearts and reason with their souls.”

    Thank you Ace for sharing your dreams and wishes. Special thanks to Grandma Greg who brought us your words. God bless you and your family and others like you who have to struggle daily against the inhumanity of man.

    Thank you R.T. and Terry for your tireless efforts and a very special thank you to you Ginger. Thank you for bringing me Cloud. Thank you all for your inspiration.

    Merry Christmas – Happy Hanukkah – Joyous Kwanzaa

    Steve, Granite, Czar, Dash, Smokey, Black Jack, and Takoda


  6. I feel so blessed to live in a time when technology allows me to experience the majestic Ace and his family. Maybe someday I’ll get to see some of our dwindling herds but especially I want to see the horse that got me involved in this fray…Cloud. You see I’ve never seen wild horses but I was taken in by this life, the struggles, the joys of being a wild horse.

    I look forward to the time when mankind ‘figures it out’. Freedom is what millions have died for yet man thinks it’s his duty to refuse the same to God creations.

    I’m blessed to be a small part of the growing aggregation of people who, to paraphrase Ace, “think with their hearts and reason with their souls.”

    I pray for the day I can see wild horses running free…not running scared!.

    Santa, grant Ace’s wishes. Please replenish our strength to continue this noble battle again tyranny and abuse.

    Some special Holiday Wishes go out to people who’re making a difference not only in the lives of the wild ones but to me as well. To R.T. and Terry who tirelessly and unselfishly give so much. To Grandma Greg for sharing Ace’s letter to Santa. And to Ginger whom I’ve never met or spoken to but feel a spiritual connection with because she brought me, and the rest of the world, Cloud.

    These are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the names of all who care so much, give so much, share so much and love so much. I know who you are and I love each and everyone of you. I wish you all…

    Merry Christmas – Happy Hanukkah – Joyous Kwanzaa


    • Steve
      You can contact the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center. This year they didn’t do tours because of bait trapping–although the website cites the Board made that decision. They have in the past been the only ones to have a permit to do tours up the mountain. They haven’t updated the site so I don’t what the plans are for next summer.

      Two years when I went it was 60 dollars I think. They drive you up the mountain in an SUV, which has air conditioning. You are at Mother Nature’s mercy. It could be snowing, driving rain, freezing cold or blistering hot. And it could all happen within two hours of each other!

      Occasionally other advocates go, make contact with them. You have to be experienced mountain driver cause the roads can be bad. Even the back ways up–the ones where the road isn’t usually quite as treachous–those roads are a full days drive each way. It’s about 25 miles winding up the mountain but doable. But if you aren’t driving then don’t sweat it!

      There is Penn’s Cabin at the top. It’s first come first served. It definitely needs a good cleaning before you think about unrolling a sleeping bag. Or rent an SUV and sleep in that. Because of wild animals and the horses having access to your tent–you might want to think once or twice about that. Supposedly there is another cabin up there just up from Penn’s that is also first come first served. But I know little to nothing about it.

      Lovell is about 2 hrs south of Billings MT. Should be fairly simple to fly to. But you wouldn’t even have to go to Lovell, Jared BLM MT– could maybe help you with directions. Jared has been quite helpful to me in the past. Plan it! Save your pennies! Cloud will be 18 this May. You need to go now!


  7. Dear Santa, Today I read a letter from a displaced wild horse named Ace—he’s not young any more. He has lost his family and his homeland. My Christmas wish is this: Please help our USA decision-makers understand that the wild lands and horses (and burros) are important today.tomorrow, and forever. I want to see those mustangs running free some day soon–and I want them there for future generations to enjoy. I have all the material items a person needs–please preserve the wild horses wild for the hearts and souls of mankind.

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  8. I know this following link is about cattle but I felt that it’s worthy of a good read because of how in depth it goes. I know many here are vegetarian. But this site is loaded with facts, stories pics galore. I found it last night after opening my new computer and having this blast from the bing app!


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  9. Beautiful as they should be, wild and free. I pray everyday that the Government and Bureaucrats stop mucking with their lives and freedom. Freedom is such a precious thing and there are so few of us who can actually say we have witnessed it or felt it. To take it away for no reason except greed and callousness, is the ultimate betrayal to any living thing. Thank you RT for this glimpse into the life of freedom that this band of horses had. I can only hope that otheres may still retain the joy of freedoms.God bless you all.

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  10. Merry Christmas Ace. You and your fellow Wild Creatures are loved more than you can ever know.
    The Wise Ones know that the most valuable things on this Earth cannot be bought with money, but they are willing to use what money they have to fight for your Freedom.

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  11. Dear BlessUsAll, Thank You again !!!!!!!! Each and everyone of us here has a extremely significant position and a stake in what happens to the Mustangs , it is no longer a need it is a necessity to save the Mustangs and we all know and understand that………….. it is also a necessity for all Wildlife the Mustangs are that important and that essential……………Our love and knowledge of this fact is a given !!!!!! The Mustangs pleas are deafening !!!!!! Thanks again !!!!!!

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  12. Mankind will never sirvive if they depend on the examples set of compassion for each other.

    We must have the animals as they are the true teachers of understanding and kindness.

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  13. My prayers are joined with Ace, but not only that the ones in the wild are able to live free, unmanaged and untouched, but that somehow those wild horses and burros that have been rounded up and in holding would have the opportunity to be released back into the same areas that they were taken from, and their freedom restored. This is what they are, what belongs to them, and the beauty of their existence

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