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Wild Mustang Murderer’s Parole is “Pending”

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Meduna Wants Out Of Nebraska

Meduna's Legacy - photo by Vicki Freiberger

A Morrill County rancher convicted of letting more than 200 wild horses and burros starve was not paroled today, but his parole is “pending” according to a spokesman with the parole board. 44-year-old Jason Meduna was sentenced to serve 40 months to 10 years in prison in February of 2010 after being convicted the month before for 145 counts of cruel neglect of an animal resulting in injury, illness or death.

The spokesperson in the Parole Board’s records department said Wednesday Meduna’s parole is pending because he has to meet certain conditions concerning his desire to live outside Nebraska. In such cases the receiving state has to agree to accept and monitor the parolee once he arrives in their state. If the conditions are met , and it’s not known at this time how long that will take, Meduna could be released the very next day.

The starving horses were discovered on Meduna’s Three-Strikes Ranch south of Alliance in April, 2009. Law enforcement removed the ailing animals from the ranch and transported them to the Morrill County Fairgrounds in Bridgeport. Over 30 animals were found dead at the ranch. During sentencing, District Judge Leo Dobrovolny stipulated that Meduna could not reside, own, or possess any animals for 30 years.

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Catherine Gibson-Beltz, Administrator
Phone: (402) 479-5771

Kathy Hohnstein, Public Information Officer
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  1. he shouldnt get out until 10 years, then his heart may be rotten still. they ought to starve him in prison. let him know how it feels!!!


    • If we give up the pressure it will be assumed that nobody cares anymore and they will then treat him like he’s done nothing wrong and turn him loose on the world again without making him finish out his sentence. There are WAY to many “bleeding hearts” who CONSTANTLY believe that sick individuals like this guy “will change if given a chance”…NEVER admitting that there are SOME WHO WILL NEVER CHANGE THEIR HORRENDOUS WAYS….maybe not do them for awhile, but NEVER CHANGE them. Once they abuse and get away, the WILL do it again, and the proof is out there whether it be animal abusers of child abusers. THEY NEVER CHANGE!!!!!


      • I agree. I have worked with both children and adults who have a history or animal abuse. Although mental health workers are loathe to label children who do this sort of thing, it is known as character disorder. It usually becomes sociopathic or psychopathic behavior and adulthood. Something got left out of these people, and they can do horrendous things taking not only their own lives and the lives of others.

        We have one of the worst cases of horse abuse ever around here, and although some people know who did it, the people who could be witnesses are too afraid of the guy who did it. He has a long list of convictions. Innocent people should not have to live in fear from those who should be behind bars.


  2. This is thoroughly Disgusting !!!!! This man was proven guilty and he still walks,we can now hope for what goes around comes around, this one we can depend on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Come to think of it , WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND , always gets the job done PRO BONO…………………..on that you can depend……………….


  4. I’ve waited anxiously all day to hear the outcome. Sooooooo disappointing. Are we able to keep track of him if he gets moved to another state? Can the other state refuse? He is charged with a felony which will keep him somewhat under the gun- but have we come to an end? Can he easily move somewhere and start up another 3 Strikes Ranch?


  5. May his name always ring a bell to the animal abuser/causing neglect that he represents. Where ever he may run to, may his name be known. What a shame, he may flee Nebraska and hide somewhere else. Just that alone shows how guilty he is, how he can’t stay where he is known. For one to inflict such tragedies and walk is beyond appalling – SHAME on America and this crappy system – no wonder America is going down the toilet in just about every aspect.


  6. He served 20 months. At least he set a precedent for further animal cruelty in the courts. Hopefully, other animal cruelty felons will get more prosecution and SERVE more time in jail. However, his evil, sociopath self still resides within his black soul. He starved, withheld water, tortured and murdered hundreds of horses. These horses are sentient beings. They suffered horrendous agony, slow deaths. For me, I likened Meduna as torturing hundreds of humans. When will the courts give animals their rights? NOT: “Just an animal!!!!!!” R.I.P. Babies ❤


  7. What has happened to our judicial system? Let’s let this creature out so he can
    perpatrate it in some other state. No way! He would fit in with the likes of Slaughter Sue for she cares nothing about the horses. This case is the absolute worse other than something the Animal Angels would find in some
    disgusting place. We should have a call to action for the BLM giving him these
    horses. Wonderful ending as the first assult by the BLM wasn’t enough. Although if he stays in prison long enough, he may find his life ended. Sometimes inmates have no tolerance for child molesters and animal killers.
    Perhaps this is what he is afraid of. I say if you DO THE CRIME, YOU DO OUR
    TIME! How could he be out for good behavior? Whats a matter with these judges and these parole boards? Lets let this guy out and hold the person with traffic tickets or other such nonesense in prison. Those pictures should be posted all over if he is let out. Every where that there are horses. These creeps sometimes leave the state and blend in change their name and start the vicious circle all over again. If he is ever released emails should be sent to the newspapers in the city and states where he thinks he could reside.


  8. I’m pulling Mar’s comment forward. BLM and the contractors are responsible for this.
    Mar Wargo
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 13:40:43

    From American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign;


    Update on the Two MEGA Roundups Underway To Remove 4,000 Mustangs in Wyoming and California

    1,045 Mustangs Captured To Date; 13 Dead

    Mustangs stampeded into trap at the High Rock Roundup, BLM Photo
    Two massive roundups are currently underway in Wyoming’s Red Desert Complex and the High Rock Complex on the northern California-Nevada border. Both of these roundups are scheduled back-to-back with capture operations in adjacent complexes, creating a mega roundup operation that will remove over 4,000 wild horses from more than a three-million-acre swath of land in the three states.
    In the Red Desert Complex, as of October 24, 2011 (day 16 of the roundup), the BLM is reporting that 580 horses have been captured, 201 horses have been released and five horses have been killed (one horse was killed after breaking her neck, another died from “cardiac arrest” and three were killed for “pre-existing conditions.”). Also this week, the BLM announced that it was shifting gears to begin the roundup in the adjacent Great Divide Basin before completing the Red Desert operation. On Tuesday, October 25, 2011, the BLM captured 218 wild horses in the Divide Basin Herd Management Area (HMA).

    Over in northern California, the High Rock Complex roundup continues. As of October 25 (Day 11 of the roundup), the BLM is reporting the capture of 545 horses and release of 37 horses. Seven horses have been killed, including two foals. One foal died after breaking his neck at a short-term holding facility and the second died after suffering from “severe lacerations, apparently cut by barbed-wire fencing while being gathered” which “detached a leg tendon from the bone.” Other deaths include a mare who was killed after she broke her neck at the trap site, a stud who was killed after he broke his leg at temporary holding and three horses who were killed for pre-existing conditions
    As soon as AWHPC is able to, we will provide you an eyewitness account of the tragedies taking place at these BLM mega roundups.


  9. He needs to be on a watch list like convicted Sex Offenders – his residence if paroled should be known to all. I sent a letter to the parole board – did anyone else?????


  10. I really don’t care what he wants. He lost that privilege when he allowed those animals to starve. I am thinking he also received funds to feed and house those animals, so he ripped off the tax payers. He hasn’t even served two years. Parole shouldn’t even be an option at this point. Tax payers paid for the trial, give them their money’s worth and keep his backside in jail for a duration that is befitting this abusive crime.


  11. After they sold the 3 Strikes Ranch; they purchased land in Wyoming. Someone told me it was under Anissa’s name. I don’t know for sure. I was also told it was in the area of Lingle or Torrington.


  12. I think this was at ABR last year. About the time Jason went to prison another 3 Strikes Ranch popped up. I think it was in Montana. Don’t know who owned it but it might be worth looking into.

    And I bring you greetings from Reno. I’ll be at the NAS meeting later today…


  13. Excuse me, but don’t parole boards issue their decision in the presence of the potential parolee?

    Has the board made a decision? Why not? Not familiar with Nebraska (?) law and corrections, BUT I am FAMILIAR with Nebraska “government”.

    If not, it doesn’t hold well for those seeking justice for the wild equines murdered and or tortured….or those neighbors that were subjected to abuse by this creep.


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