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Paroled Wild Mustang Murderer Taking Act to Wyoming

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Nebraska Letting Jason Meduna Out after 20 Months of Time Served

Last Wednesday, Jason Meduna, convicted of 145 counts of felony animal cruelty carrying a sentence of 5-10 years in January of 2010 was covertly granted parole by the state of Nebraska while they negotiated with Wyoming to allow the felon to reside in their state upon his release.  The official parole board statement referred to Meduna’s parole as “pending” while they attempted to rid themselves of the controversial wild horse and burro murderer at their very first opportunity and to add injury to insult, they are going to attempt to dump their trash just across their state line so that the smell does not carry back to their precious board room.  Sorry boys and girls, he ain’t gonna be all that far away.

A quick search of Wyoming deeds and official records indicates that Meduna co-owns a small spread “just across the Wyoming border” with a fella who, according to records, is a guy who served time with Meduna and just got out in August, now ain’t that sweet.  Sounds like another little Texas deal with a few “horse traders” from Huntsville prison who now dabble with the wild ones in Waco and the Mexico boarder…hmmmmm.  The “Prison Connection” seems to run deep in the Wild Horse collusion and destruction business.

Meduna’s new little spread is only about 20-30 minutes away from the Nebraska border and that places him less than 90 minutes away from the good folks of Alliance whom he used to torment and threaten.  I know that they are going to sleep well at night as they are all smart enough to know that the torture and killing of large animals is a mad man’s last stop before moving on to bigger kicks with humans.  Don’t you just LOVE that Nebraska parole board, what a bunch of ‘telligent souls.

So we intend to keep an eye on ole Jason (interesting name considering it’s Halloween and all) and with binoculars clearly trained on one of the most hideous of all horse tormenters to live in modern times we will be the first to blow the whistle if the wild mustang murderer even so much as looks sideways at a horse.  The judge says no animals for 30 years, human company not included, and we are going to hold the piece of pond scum to that order, or else.

Sleep tight, Jason, you served two nights worth of nightmares for each horse you either killed or tortured, and we want you to be haunted for as long as your filthy, soiled soul walks upon God’s green earth.  There is no rest for the wicked.

Happy Halloween, JASON!!!

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    • Already violated his parole? If this is true then is there a name(s) and address of the Nebraska parole board and county sheriff in WY that need to be notified?


    • In the REAL world it may have mattered that he was having contact with other felons, but OBVIOUSLY, in THIS WORLD, and in the state of Nebraska, where those who sit the parole board, have NO IDEA what the REAL WORLD is doing, it matters NOT that he is busy getting back with his other felonious partners and it means that there won’t be a moments peace for ANY equine while he is loose and prowling around like some diseased ranch dog gone rogue. Slime like him and his friends need to all be rounded up and put into one large holding area and left to starve such as was done to all the horses in his care. It is becoming quite clear that today’s methods of punishment aren’t punishment at all and ilk such as this KNOW how to work the system, thereby leaving it up to the rest of us to monitor every move he and his pals make, and to make sure that those horses that died because of him will not have died for nothing. We are left with the task of making amends for their short lives and the horrors they endured before passing on and making sure that this depraved, worthless piece of maggot dung never does it again. This action on the part of the Nebraska parole board tells me that they SERIOUSLY need to do some house cleaning of their own!!! This man is a step away from doing this to people and there are WAY TO MANY studies to back that up!!! THIS is why I will FOREVER and ALWAYS, believe in the use of capital punishment! For all who don’t, more power to them, BUT if they think that these type of people shouldn’t be singled out, then I say to them, “YOU have them live under YOUR ROOF, share your food, and watch your t.v., sleep in your guest room and become one of your family members…just don’t let them have access to the phone or the keys to the pickup … OR be around your horses or alone with your kids…other than that, should be a great arrangement!!! Enjoy it, because doing it THIS way, YOU can foot their bill b..YOU foot the bill, not the rest of us taxpayers who don’t want a thing to do with housing and maintaining scum like this. Anyone with a rap sheet longer than a post card, or in for something as serious as animal abuse of ANY type as well as animal abuse does NOT deserve a THIRD CHANCE…THIS is where the “Three Strikes Law” needs to be TOTALLY ENGAGED!!! People like this are WORSE than dogs that bite and kill for no reason, because they KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that what they are doing is wrong!!!!


      • I don’t recall saying that (stick a fork in it)…but I wish I had. I did say based on the PB behavior…it was a done deal.

        Either way, loose or free, this will not bring the equines back he tortured to death. I also think BLM and the meat biz had a lot to do with this case, the PB and where he has decided to go live.


    • Because of our judicial system and rest assured, he will get next to horses again……like pedophiles, they just can’t help themselves. And this guy is such a narcissist and manipulator, he will find a way.


      • Have Faith he will be watched very closely,He had best never be near a horse or we will know about it !!!!!! The parole board needs to know he has already broken his parole by being with another known felon,,


  1. The continued flagrant acts of deferred Justice proves the point: Justice and the Law are very, very distant cousins. The entire government is completely corrupt, there is not a safe place unless you are a Lobbyist for Big Oil, Big Ag, or Big Pharm. Recall when President Obama said ‘no lobbyists’? He has them too.

    Elle Manes and Tails Organization


  2. WY will pass on the parole violation because he didn’t commit crimes in their state and they don’t want to foot the bill. And Nebraska will pass on this cause Jason is now in another state and they aren’t responsible. What I’m saying is its called passing the buck.

    Just like Jaycee Dugard. The parole system lets the law abiding public down and as long as the convicted felon doesn’t act out too bad (becomes a huge drug dealer or becomes a serial killer)they aren’t going to bother.

    For instance CA is so overwhelmed with the prison system here we are sending our prisoners to other states.

    I don’t know how to watch Jason (let me say if there is a way online–I would love to learn)but am glad others have ways and methods. For which the horses are glad I’m sure.

    We also have to make ABSOLUTELY certain that with the Pryor Mustangs being rounded up Jason doesn’t come anywhere near them. He may not be allowed to adopt but what his co-owner–does that guy have any restrictions on him? And horror of horrors what’s to stop creepy Jason from horsenapping Cloud?


    • Part of Meduna’s sentence is that he can not reside with, own, or possess any animals for 30 years. If that is enforced, and that is a big “if”, the co-owner cannot keep any animals he owns where Meduna lives. I don’t suppose there are any limits on how often or for how long Meduna could visit a property where animals are kept.

      30 years is a long time. What happens when Meduna moves out of Wyoming? Will the State of Wyoming pass on the responsibility for his parole the the next state? What about the 3rd move and the 4th and the 5th?


  3. Seems to me we should point a camera at Jason’s new hideout and allow online viewing. If both of these states had spent the same amount of time insisting he live in an area that would allow total parole control instead of figuring out a way for each state not to have to bother with him our horses and other animals and former neighbors would be much safer. Arlene I think the only ones that laws ultimately pertain to are the ones who wouldn’t break them in the first place. Everyone else seems to ignore them and the court system seems to be quite happy with the arrangement. Well Jason I sincerely hope that the worst thing you get caught doing is picking your nose.


  4. I’m still stuck at sentence #1 “Meduna, convicted of 145 counts of felony animal cruelty” ……. What happened to the legal system? When did that get degraded? It’s the courts, it’s the government, it’s the agencies..on and on. Pack up the kids and the pets–let’s move to someplace safe…. where??


  5. I think we all feel the same way.

    The most dangerous thing about Mr. Meduna is that animal abusers to not always continue to abuse animals. Sometimes they graduate to abusing humans, assault, rape, murder, arson.

    We had a brutal case of abuse here when a young horse was severly beaten with whips and sticks over a period of months. When he was rescued and taken to NC State, they thought they could save him. But once they had him prepped for surgery, they were not certain if he could make it. So, the decision was made to put him down. When they did a necropsy, they found that some of his tissue around the wounds was already dead. He was less than two years old. Supposedly, his owner was beating him because the horse kicked him. Anyway, a few people know who did this, but they live near this guy and he has a long criminal history. The result is that they are too afraid to testify—almost like people who live in gang infested neighborhoods.

    Anyway, I saw the pictures, and they were the worst I’ve ever seen for sheer brutality. Most of what I see is the result of neglect, so this was just sickening. I just cannot wrap my head around the idea that there are bound to be neighbors or passersby who saw this horse in the pasture, but who did nothing until it was too late.


  6. Anyway, what we were told at the IEC was that we should try to work at the local level to make sure we have good laws. I am starting to believe that we, as a society, must make the penalty for animal cruelty much more severe.

    Perhaps we should also consider encouraging our legislators to empty our prisons of small scale drug users, first offenders. Not pushers, just users. If they are non-violent, they could be sentenced to community service. That way there will be room for the Jason Medunas.


  7. The only justice in this country anymore is vigilante justice. Build a jail and lock him up on private property where he’ll have to carry out his sentance in full. Torment him just like he tormented the horses.

    This country is SCREWED UP as far as upholding our own laws.


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