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Feds Expose Horse Eaters for Fools That They Are

article by Steven Long ~ Editor/Publisher of Horseback Magazine

Lie your way out of this one Wallis/Duquette

Nebraska's Rep. Tyson Larson has shown his horse's ass

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal government says  plans from a rookie Nebraska legislator to bring horsemeat processing to Nebraska are as dead as the severed horse hooves at a Mexican abattoir.

“There is no possibility under the current law for a state-inspected meat plant to ship any meat, interstate or internationally, for human consumption,” said USDA spokesman Neil Gaffney told a Nebraska Newspaper.

As a bill is debated in the unicameral Nebraska legislature, the federal agency reiterated that federal law trumps state law, and to sell horse meat the product would have to have the imprimatur of federal meat inspectors. Congress years ago denied funding for the inspection of horse meat thereby applying a killing captive bolt to the horse processing industry in this country.

Nebraska is not alone in attempting to bring back the foreign owned industry that operated up to a few years ago in Texas and Illinois. Legislators are attempting to revive the industry in Montana, Wyoming, Missouri, and Illinois.

“There is no possibility under the current law for a state-inspected meat plant to ship any meat, interstate or internationally, for human consumption,” said USDA spokesman Neil Gaffney to the Journal Star newspaper

The bill is sponsored by Sen. Tyson Larson, an O’Neill, Nebraska Republican who would also force all horse rescue facilities to accept all horses that came to their door. The move would kill the humanitarian rescue movement in that state.

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  1. larson, why don’t you go find something else to do w/ your time? debate all you want….what part of NO don’t you understand?? and keep your greedy paws off the horse rescues…..nobody needs you or wants to hear anything you have to say.


  2. Thank you R.T. for writing this article on Tyson Larson. It seems that he doesn’t understand the meaning of “no”. I have commented, posted and have supplied numerous pages of why horse slaughter for human consumption is illegal, only to be met with stupid negative comments from Larson supporters. Hopefully this article makes it’s way to ALL of the newspapers in Nebraska, including th Journal Star. Keep up the great work R.T.!


  3. The people of Nebraska probably need to be checking on Sen.Larson’s affiliations and financial supporters. He’s NOT working for the people of Nebraska.


  4. It sounds like whether by accident or by design, USDA’s Neil Gaffney is a friend to America’s at-risk horses. Couldn’t hurt!


  5. That Larson is an egotistical SOB. He said that he thought the USDA was wrong. Right or wrong..its the LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW . I think that he is a self-absorbed idiot.


  6. Halleluiah! I hate to admit this about my beloved Cornhusker state but… this guy is with the majority. A lot of them want the plant reopened. I don’t think they really realize the consequences, though. Nebraska has a good economy but it is really struggling to keep young people in the state and they see more jobs as a way to keep people there. My counter argument is that a horse slaughter plant will end up manned primarily by illegal immigrants just like the chicken plant in Lexington and no one wants the crime rates Lexington sees due to the “cultural conflicts” (not taking sides or anything because both are in the wrong), but common sense always seems to fall on deaf ears.


    • Thanks, Rachel for speaking up. Bottom line..Against the LAW. They can have the plant and kill the horses, and package the meat, but only Nebraskans could eat it. Can’t be shipped out of the state for human consumption…even to Europe. And even though some Nebraskans have said it could feed the Zoos..that is simply not enough demand to warrant the cost of operating a plant. And believe me, having lived near the plant in Kaufman, Texas and even having to go in it to get information and pictures for my state senator, it is not something that benefits any community. It was the ruin, not only of the town of Kaufman, but the county Kaufman as well. Now that it has been shut down for 3 years, the area is booming as a rural home destination for D/FW.


      • I can back you up on that one, Paula. I lived in Dallas, but the long arm of the slaughter pipeline reached us too. Horses stolen, kill buyers posing as legitimate buyers made people afraid to sell their horses, kill buyers out bidding plain folks for good family horses at auctions, and of course the plants themselves – Ewwwwww!

        I also try to give these people the benefit of my experiences, but they never listen……


    • Doesn’t Paula Bacon, ex Mayor of Kaufman TX, ring a bell for any of these legislatures, that want to bring this back… Hasn’t anybody taken heed of what she had to say about this atrocity, and the damage that had been done to her town?

      The damage, to the environment, and the sewage system, that was overwhelmed by this plants, improper disposal of the entails and waste.. Improper dumping, of blood, sprayed and directly dumped into there streams, and water supply, so that they actually had blood, coming out of the faucets? How about all the unpaid, taxes, and citation that this foreign company never paid. They said the stench was unimaginable.. Do they really want this. Now how about all those wonderful jobs, that this plant provides. Mostly, entry level jobs, that nobody wants to do, so illegal migrant works do. Also, a lot of the employees, are ex felons, because who in their right mind can do this kind of job, day in and day out, and not be affected by this.

      Paula, stated that the crime rate went up substantially, while this plant was in operations. Why, would anyone invite this into their town. Nobody, but the foreign companies benefit, and people that are directly involved and benefit, from this barbaric, disgusting occupation. The legislator, that have been funded, and lobbied to support this. Nobody, supports this kind of operation, unless they have something to gain by it!


  7. Looks like this slaughter plant employed a grand total of 46 people:

    Dallas Crown Employee list information supplied by the City of Kaufman


    • Just posted a reply about Kaufman. Absolutely first hand truth. See Rachel’s post.
      And those were 46 disgusting jobs. Even the local businesses didn’t want to cash those checks from the Belgium company that owned the plant. And they paid very little tax to support the city and schools. Had originally gotten tax abatements from the state. YUCK. no redeemable benefits.


    • Yup…talk to former Mayor, Paula Bacon…the plant almost destroyed Kaufman. Overall, between the three plants in the U.S. about 150 people applied for unemployment…GREAT business.


  8. RT..I’m a real estate agent in the area, and Kaufman county has sandy soil, huge oak trees, and affordable acreage, perfect for horses and horsepeople…but no one wanted it ’til the plant was gone.. And did it STINK?


  9. You can sell horse meat for human consumption in WY! You cannot send this meat for human consumption to other states, but you CAN SELL IT IN WY and soon NE MT ETC Horse Meat is goods and good for you…….the Canadina GOv has never …that is NEVER found any drugs in the random testing they hav e done! Get your stories straight RT FITCH… are a complete MORON!


    • You, Mr. Hunter are the real MORON! There are NO laws in place to sell the meat. But to come here, an anti-slaughter page and announce that you eat horse meat proves that you have no morals or respect. I live in Canada and I am all to familiar with HS. There has been tainted meat, where did you get your info? There is not a veternarian or meat inspector at every plant, nor is every horse inspected! Get your facts straight MORON! Besides, the article above is not about the consumption of horse meat, again, YOU did not read! You must be a Tyson Larson, Slaughter House Sue Wallis, and Deadbeat Dave Duquette gang banger. It’s a shame that you have no respect for horses or yourself!


  10. Bill Hunter: You are delusional! If every person in every town in Wy. ate horse meat everyday, it would still not be financially viable to build and operate the plant. The Federal Interstate Commerce Laws and the USDA would keep your horse meat from going to Any other state. So you would be stuck with it in Wy… and tell me again. What is the population of Wy??? I just don’t see your point???


  11. @ Bill Hunter..Well to start, YOU are the complete MORON for posting on an anti-slaughter page. You , like Senator Tyson Larson don’t have your facts straight. I live in Canada, and know all about the HS issue. The Government HAS found tainted meat in their testing, however, they do not test every horse. There is not a verternarian on site at any of the facilities and the CFIA is more than laxed in their inspections. RT has the facts straight, it is you that has strayed from the topic here. Mr. Larson cannot have a state meat inspection agency because federal law trumps state law (moron). That is what the article is about if you had bother to read it. But I am guessing that you are just another pro slaughter, Tyson Larson, Slaughter House Sue Wallis, and Deadbeat Dave Duquette gang banger. You obviously have no respect for horses, and none for yourself.


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