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Open Letters: What do YOU think about BLM Advisory Board’s Recommendation to Slaughter 45,000 Innocent Wild Horses?

R.T. Fitch ~ Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“You know MY thoughts and it is way too early to commit my words to text; not many of them are multi-syllable and most only have four letters. (I have managed to create an entire sentence utilizing only one cuss word, and it makes sense)

Link to unedited transcript from Bogus BLM Murder Board Meeting, yesterday: https://app.box.com/s/xo1xlqq58stg8fdg99guskpk59u1nxr0

Listed below are thoughts from many of our esteemed colleagues and I strongly encourage you to add yours AND to forward them to the email addresses supplied by Carol Walker, below. The bloody bastards! (sorry, that just slipped out)” ~ R.T.

The Perfect BLM Long Term Holding Facility

The Perfect BLM Long Term Holding Facility

Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for WHFF

“The Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board has just voted in favor of killing all the wild horses currently in short term and long term holding, approximately 44,000 horses. The only NO vote on the Advisory Board was from Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation.

Being extremely fond of euphemisms, the BLM uses the term “euthanasia” which is incorrect.

Definition of Euthanasia: “the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.”  This is in fact murder, not euthanasia.

The intent behind this vote was to send a strong message to Washington, DC so that this might happen. Dean Bolstad, Division Chief had been alluding to killing the captive wild horses earlier in the meeting.

This is BLM’s endgame for our wild horses.

Please speak up – send comments to the Advisory Board ASAP at this address: whbadvisoryboard@blm.gov

You can email the bloody-minded Advisory Board individually as well:

June Sewing: mustangs@infowest.com; Fred Woehl: prtfred@gmail.com; Robert Cope: cowdoc75@hotmail.com; Julie Weikle: jweikeldvm@yahoo.com; Sue McDonnell: suemcd@vet.upenn.edu; Steven Yardley: steven.leslieyardley@yahoo.com; Ben Masters: benmasters@unbrandedthefilm.com

and you can thank Ginger Kathrens for standing strong in the face of such complete and utter disregard for the interests of our wild horses and burros: Info@thecloudfoundation.org.

Tell Dean Bolstad what you think: dbolstad@blm.gov

Then call Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior:(202) 208-3100

Then write your Congressmen and Senators.

This outrage must not stand.”

Published on Wild Hoof Beats: http://www.wildhoofbeats.com/news/breaking-news-blms-wild-horse-advisory-board-just-voted-to-kill-all-49000-captive-wild-horses-in-holding

Dr. Don and Toni Moore:

We are writing to voice our overwhelming objection to the “Board’s” recommendation to brutally kill “unadoptable” wild horses in long term holding.

The majority of these animals should have not been removed in the first place.

Unauthorized, illegal recommendations such as these has raised the question in our minds that this board must be disbanded and all recommendations disregarded. This Board had superceded the statutory authority granted by the Department of the Interior and is making recommendations that will certainly not be implemented. This “Board” is wasting taxpayer dollars with ludicrous recommendations and functions only to promote special interest groups seeking eradication of wild horses and burros from public lands.

We are simply speechless at this latest maneuver, but make no mistake the actions and recommendations made by this “board” have united humane groups, wildlife enthusiasts including supporters of wild horses, and yes, the general public.

Who would have thought the actions of so few, this Advisory Board, attempting to carry out the BLM directive of management to extinction will change the face of public land mismanagement.

Congratulations, you will now begin answering to all Americans, not just a select few.

Dr. Donald Moore
Toni Moore

Grandma Gregg:

We have been set up, my friends. This mass murder of thousands of our wild horses and burros proposal is not something that just popped up today. This has been the strategy of BLM for many years. There is documentation of this fact.

The Board members are hand-picked by BLM (DOI and DOA). Bolstad knew exactly what was going to be announced at the meeting – because he has admittedly been talking to members of Congress “almost every week”. And what do you think he was telling them? And why do you think that Congress recently had a big “staged” meeting about the wild horses and burros? And why has the BLM been publishing bogus population figures and increases for so long – such as one herd increasing 775% in ONE year which means that 40 burros had 270 surviving foals in ONE year and there are many more examples of this. And why has BLM not put video devices on the helicopters when they do aerial population counts? Because it would prove that there are NOT the bogus numbers that they put in their bogus population reports – that’s why. All lies… the only thing that BLM does well is lie.

And why do you think that BLM has been crying about the cost of housing our wild burros in their feed lots when it costs we taxpayers nothing for the wild ones to live on their legal lands? And why do you think that when BLM’s Sally Spencer was proven to have sold our wild ones to a kill-buyer that it was covered up? And why do you think that when Spur livestock (a BLM holding contractor) was proven to have sold our wild horses to a kill-buyer that it was covered up? And why do you think that everyone associated with the BLM has been pushing sterilization and pesticides for our wild ones? And why has FOIA request data been ignored and covered up for years on end? And did you hear today at the meeting that our wild horses are considered by them to be valueless if they cannot be trained? So in their minds, if there is any wildlife that cannot be made to jump hoops then it is valueless? Wild is wild and should remain wild for the value of being wild. But BLM has thrown big money toward training these wild horses and burros instead of training humans to value them for what they are … which is wild for the value of being wild.

There is NO reason for these wild horse and burro removals and destruction procedures … because there are NO excess wild horses and burros on their legally designated land. In 1971, when Congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, these animals were found roaming across 53,800,000 million acres. That amount of acreage could support more than about 250,000 wild horses and burros but even after 22,200,000 acres were stolen from the American people by government agencies the remaining 31,600,000 acres could support more than 100,000 wild horses and burros today. The recent National Academy of Sciences study found no evidence of overpopulation of Wild Horses and Wild Burros. Obviously the government employees and the government’s actions toward the wild horses and burros needs to be closely and independently investigated and the animals left on and returned to their legally designated herd land. There is NO reason for these wild horse and burro removals and destruction procedures … because there are NO excess wild horses and burros on their congressionally designated land.

And on and on and on … think back now on what we have been seeing BLM do in recent years. And “we” the public have fallen for the BLM lies and so they have practiced on us to see how much we were paying attention and how far we would go to believe their lies … and we fell for it lock, stock and barrel. And it all boils down to one thing … there are NO EXCESS wild horses and burros on their legally protected lands – these are our wild horses and our wild burros and our wild lands.

The entire plan to murder all captured wild horses and burros in holding has been the BLM’s (secret) Golden Rule for a long time. And these people are all guilty of many things including violating Title 18 (18 U.S.C. § 1001). Making false statements (18 U.S.C. § 1001) is the common name for the United States federal crime laid out in Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code, which generally prohibits knowingly and willfully making false or fraudulent statements, or concealing information, in “any matter within the jurisdiction” of the federal government of the United States, even by mere denial 18 U.S. Code § 1519 – Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.) US Code Per the US Department of Justice, the purpose of Section 1001 is “to protect the authorized functions of governmental departments and agencies from the perversion which might result from” concealment of material facts and from false material representations. This violation is punishable by both monetary fines and imprisonment … but instead of that, they walk around free and spew their lies as we heard them do again today. And we fell for it … and now our wild ones will be going to their deaths because of it. I am ashamed of what I was taught and was “America the Beautiful”.

“Though men now possess the power to dominate and exploit every corner of the natural world, nothing in that fact implies that they have the right or the need to do so.”  – Edward Abbey “A Voice in the Wilderness”

Lets here your comments AND forward to the Bogus Board, please!!!

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    • Are these people above the law?? How about we put them all in a pen and slaughter them…This country was built on the back of a horse!! so ok now lets just kill them….give me a break people Leave our wild horses and burros alone!!!

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    • As a retired rancher who has lived up close and personal with the mustangs here in Nevada, witnessed more than a couple of brutal round ups, it is a no win situation.
      I am no fan of the the BLM, they are between a rock and a hard spot on this issue.
      Too many bleeding hearts seeing the noble Mustang running wild and free and never seeing the side where they have over populated the range, never rode up on a rack of bones mare laying in a gully unable to lift her head because she is starved to near death and a foal standing next to her in not much better shape.
      What policy would you have the BLM implement that would prevent this kind of scene, like I have witnessed on more than just a few occasions. The simple minded pit it as a simplistic battle between cattle and sheep ranchers over the Mustang.
      The fact is if you removed every rancher out here from off all land, not just Federal you would still have the problem, horses, like all living things, are going to to procreate, they do and will continue to over populate. Both the mustangs and ranchers are in trouble, NFWTF has bought out a bunch of ranches. Why not use those ranches to run these mustangs on. Instead of wasting taxpayer dollars to fix sewers in Cairo Egypt, buy hay from the other ranchers and farmers to feed out theses heards till they die out from natual causes, it is a long term, about 30 year project, but it it is better than wholesale slaughter.
      I would rather see sterilization over eauthanasion.

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      • Heartfelt comments, Tim, and I think we can all agree this broken system is creating mostly losers and very few winners, including small ranchers. I agree with you as well that we need to find ways to help both horses and ranchers and reduce the counterproductive animosity we are all too familiar with.

        However (to paraphrase your words) the fact is if you removed every wild horse and burro off all public land, you would still have the problem. Range and resource conditions are still responding to overgrazing events from before the Taylor Grazing Act but now exacerbated by drought, fragmentation, and “buy and dry” politics.

        Since the law allows wild horses and burros to be managed only in the areas defined in 1971, why not let put them back in the areas they once did but which are now zero’d out, and remove all livestock grazing permits from only those areas, so no designated wild horse and burro management areas would also be expected to host domestic cattle or sheep.

        I think managed contraception (and reintroduction and acceptance of apex predators) is a better course than either costly and deadly sterilization or mass killing.

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      • It all has to do with the Government and H.A.A.R.P. It needs to stop we are all going to be in trouble those poor horses are not the problem. To many chiefs and not enough Indians..I will be so happy when the Government goes down.. SOON!!!!


  1. To the BLM GRANDMA GREGG? These are the very Bastards who have ignored public comment for all these years. I’ve said fir a very long time that the BLM should be disbanded avid that horses avid burros would be in the front lines. I love your posts but being nice, playing nice just isn’t going to get it. RT I commend you for trying to be civil. I just cannot!!! These vile, thieving cattlemen should all be mailed, fined and the rest of the cattlemen must have their subsidies cut off..complete. They are NOT feeding America dammit! And they are destroying everything beautiful about America. How can we be civil?? I know I can’t anymore. Yes, she knows and she cares deeply as I know you two do. The rest of America is lounging in the comfort of their homes and apartments living out existing. I care about the plight of all horses. I’ve been in the against horse slaughter movement for a very long time. The only way to save these horses is to end slaughter. Otherwise they are only a part of our historical past. End of subject!!! 150000 horses die in slaughter houses every year. Every year dammit. No, don’t delete my post. I want every reader to listen or read this.. I don’t care if people hate me..that matters not to me. I love you both grandma and RT. I’m sorry to have too vehemently rant like this but I’ve stayed too quiet too long.. And they wonder why people turn to terrorism….. May God forgive everybody but you can rest assured that I can’t and won’t..not that I matter.. Once they destroy the horses the god damned cattlemen are next. They are in the way of big business fracking this earth into hell.

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  2. I don’t think they can get away with it – especially the BLM being involved. Hellllllloooooo? Does anyone there remember the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971? How absolutely vile of them and ignoring the law.

    I hope the BLM and this poor excuse for a board are sued from here to Kingdom Come (and beyond!) They can’t get away with this and the American public won’t let them. It’s an election year, and we should make our voices heard, staring with letters and petitions to the Interior Department.


  3. These ranchers’ power and the BLM too, is greatly reduced during an election year when politicians want to CYA to get elected or reelected. So I would say all bets might be off.


  4. I have been writing letters and signing petitions for years; and so not believe that they have made any impact. I will continue to write, but believe that there has to me a better strategy. Do any of our fellow equine advocates know of any celebrities who support and are willing to spread the word of the horrible practices of the BLM to the media? The general public is unaware and I believe that there would be a national outcry if the public was informed.

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    • Yes, Jane – THATS what needs to happen. No more disagreement between groups – that simply will do nothing but allow the BLM to get what they want. We really all have to stick together – AND write your representatives – a LOT!


  5. IF this goes through, I think it should be mandatory that each and every board member spend one entire day witnessing, up close and personal, the horrific, inhumane deaths our mustangs will suffer at the slaughterhouse. Each member will know that he/she in part, was responsible for the painful end of these majestic mustangs. I feel certain this memory would haunt their small minds for the rest of their lives.

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    • C, you are being too kind. I would and will insist they attend and witness EVERY death their decision causes, and from near enough to hear, see, and smell what they are responsible for, and carry that with them to their own graves. Anything less is a coward’s path that avoids taking the fullest measure of responsibility for their actions. This grotesquerie should also be filmed for historical purposes, so one day in some horse holocaust museum future generations can wonder what sort of horrible people we were to allow this to happen.

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  6. Please dont delete my comment- that’s happened before and I care very much about what is going on.

    This has been the BLM plan since DAY ONE.
    Can ANYONE explain how it is useful to send comments to the very ‘board’ that has planned this killing? Does ANYONE think they care or are listening to us? I dont. They know dam well how we feel about their plan for extermination, which has always been their plan even from the beginning and they lied then even as they will lie now.

    Note: The BLM has been ignoring the Fed law prohibiting horse slaughter and reports are that wild horses taken thru BLM round ups have ended up in slaughter. No one is paying attention to laws on the books or they are circumventing these laws and NO ONE is holding their feet to the fire.

    I have been cussing up a storm at them for years now. They dont care and arent listening. This needs to go higher. Is Sally Jewell listening? No, she’s busy declaring National parks that will be devoid of wildlife. Are my Congresspeople and Senators listening? No they are pawns for rancher/hunter/fracker entities themselves. I have written the President, but didnt get a response. Maybe if a lot of you all did too it might help.

    This needs to be a public interest movement because that alone has a chance. People do care but they need to be reminded that they care. The thing they need to be reminded of is that certain privileged groups and corporate interests are waging a war on wildlife and have already succeeded in large part. Other species of wildlife have also been targeted, one in particular is the wolf. Efforts to eradicate wolves continue. Wild horses and burros ARE wildlife. They are wild and are self-sustaining. That war the BLM is waging is about as deadly as you get, complete eradication. These groups wage the war because of 1) hate 2) money. They make money off it because they sell the horses for slaughter. If anyone believes they are going to humanely gas horses and dig large graves for them think again. This is a $$$ making endeavor. These soul-less people are re-writing history for America, one that is ‘cleansed’ of the trashy wildlife they hate. And they are getting by with it. This is what the public needs to understand.

    Just yesterday the US Justice Dept in effect overwrote the decision of a federal judge and stayed construction of parts of the Dakota Pipeline. No one knows how long this stay will be in effect, BUT- it is based on the belief and understanding that Native American tribes were not being made aware of infrastructure changes that affect their way of life. I believe a similar argument could be made with respect to the way in which the BLM has decided to eradicate the wild horse population it has illegally rounded up. i.e. Because these rounds up are done in remote areas: only a small pocket of people are ever witness to, or aware that the agency is eradicating wild horses and burros.

    Environmental/Conservation groups now are highly effective with teams of attorneys who work full time on issues affecting various species. Why is no conservation group involved with countering the BLM’s actions? If they are I’m not finding that info. I have written some of them asking them to get involved. Maybe others should write them too.

    Here is one very effective group’s email: The Center for Biological Diversity
    Maybe if enough of us write them they could at least give us some suggestions or other advocate groups to contact.

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    • Advocates of the West– is a law firm out of idaho that litigates for western watersheds project, the most effective organization of all time against the BLM and public lands ranchers..There are a million law firms out there but this one has the most successful track record going up against the BLM..what have we been waiting for???

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  7. The genocidal killing of wild horses is the reason we passed the 1971 law to protect them forever from this sort of wholesale slaughter of healthy wildlife, If this is part of the “Make America Great Again” bull S### by returning to mass killings..You are going to have a fight on your hands like you have yet to witness..a bunch of backwoods constitution caring ranchers are going to be the least of the governments problems..the DOJ needs to step in here as sally jesse raphael who heads the DOI, is incompetent and hiding in a closet somewhere in her REI hiking boots

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  8. Has anyone here heard of the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests?
    The American Indian hoped that public pleas would help their cause too.
    When no one but them cared – they and other Indian Nations were forced to dramatic measures.
    The government is setting up Agenda 21 – and like the Native American only the citizens of this country will be able to stop it – no one else cares.


    • In my small way I’ve been watching. I was horrified that the oil company THUGS turned attack dogs loose on people. Even that one guard DENIED macing anyone and HE HAD A CAN OF MACE RIGHT IN HIS HAND.

      Now there questions about whether the dogs and THUGS were even legal in ND. It’s beyond disgusting. I don’t know much about the Native Americans. Other than what I was taught in school and Billy Jack…but if anyone can direct me to a good basic book for dummies…to start learning…I’m all eyes!

      Disgusting is the politess term I can think to use. Feel free to interject whatever appropriate word suits you.

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    • The UN’s Agenda 21 is on a volunteer basis and the U.S. govt would not/could not do that. But the Obama administration put a temporary hold on the construction of the Dakota pipeline while they sort out treaties, laws and all legal agreements regarding the reservation and corporations intruding on their land. Can’t believe the pipeline is to go under the Missouri River which flows into the Mississippi and could leak contaminating this great source of water.

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      • Euthanizing wild horses is on a volunteer basis also — and the government would not/could not murder 45,000 horses either—


  9. I don’t have Ginger’s email…but I thank her from the depths of my heart for standing up in the face of such ugliness. While I know she was speaking for the horses a part of me feels she was speaking for many of us.

    Clouds may be gone…he hasn’t been seen since last Nov…and I can only hope that he is. Then he won’t be alive to witness this horrible devastation. This truly ugly decision that affects his brothers and sisters in the wild.

    I wrote BLM yesterday. I don’t usually cuss in my letters…they tend to lose the reader that way. But I dropped the F bomb more than once. The gist of my letter was to kill the advisory board (minus Ginger). That those horses belonged me as a taxpayer and my vote was HELL F’ing NO!!!!!!! (I apologize to RT and fellow advocates for that word but I don’t apologize to BLM for dropping the F bomb)

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    • Have to say – what the heck do we have to lose by a little cussing – at this point! I am going to email all my reps in DC – have already sent one to blm advis.bd – doubt that will change anything. I hope everyone who comments here & on Carol’s blog & the WHE blog will take the next step & contact their reps in DC! THATS where the rubber meets the road! If enough people make enough noise!

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  10. Excerpt from yesterday’s board meeting transcript (Ginger Kathrens being the ONLY “NO” vote):
    “It’s something that we need to consider not only for the wild horses but also for the livestock…”
    >> Madam Chair, I leave it to you if you want to talk about this or move onto the other three on the block. >> We’ll take a vote. A voice vote. Starting with Ben and we’ll come down. >> Ben: I vote in favor of this recommendation. >> Aye from me. >> Aye from me. >> Steven? Steven we’re taking a vote. >> Yes, from me. >> Can you repeat that, sorry? >> Yes. >> Absolutely not. No. >> June? >> Yes. >> Yes. And I’ll vote yes. The motion is passed. >>


    • Read your letter about BLM considers a wild horse valueless if it can’t be trained. For years I’ve heard gobbling where I live. I knew there were turkeys but till two weeks ago I’ve never seen them. The day before my birthday my turkey friends dropped in to pay me a visit. 20 turkeys in my backyard! They were silent…had I not been looking out my back door I would’ve missed them. They were all over the place! Glorious!

      Then about an hour ago 11 of them returned for a few minutes! Valueless because there wild? I don’t think so!

      Sure I would love it if were horses. But that isn’t reality where I live. So I’ll settle for turkeys.

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      • Arent they wonderful? They used to come into my yard a few years ago – would show up for breakfast & supper (I feed the birds) then I imagine they either moved on or were wiped out during hunting season. Now have one lone male pheasant who comes to feed with the birds. Do get deer – but they are being very shy this summer & only come at night. Any wildlife is welcome here! It sure would be neat to have wild horses around – but wild animals should be just that – wild!

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  11. If the BLM is allowed to do this the next thing will be they will stop us from having pets and farm animals. Our government is out of control. If they had welded the stallion in the holding areas . They would not have breed the mares and added to the issue. We are trying to preserve a piece of our history, and they’re trying to eradicate it. How anti American.


  12. This has to be the most hideous plan yet devised by the BLM. To KILL over 44,000 mustangs \ burros that are in holding pens. If they had been left free, there’d be few in holding pens. BLM didn’t get their way with the barbaric sterilization experiments so now they want to kill them. It’s way past time that the BLM gets overhauled & out of the cattlemen, ranchers, oilers & frackers pockets. There is NOT too many equines but there are too many cattle

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  13. YOU WILL NEVER SEE A MOB OF ANGRY PEOPLE LIKE US IF YOU PASS THIS. – You have had more than enough time to a quaint yourselves to the options available, and you chose slaughter. …. for what … money. That’s the bottom line.


  14. How much killing do we need?
    Just this week alone I read articles on 2.5 million bees killed, monarch butterflies killed, milk cows killed to raise milk prices, and chickens killed to get chicken prices up.
    ” We have lost the value of life”

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  15. some how we have to get some common sense back in to our every day living, we all want to live, we fight to live if we are sick and bde the best we can, how can we then kill all of these innocent horses, half we have up rooted from their own land? Help we all need help to stop this from happening, we need human feelings to come back for all of us to live and have a free brain to think with .


  16. I wouldn’t count on Sally Jewell. She was breathlessly waiting the ‘science’ from the NSA, and when she finally did receive it, has done absolutely nothing. Neither party has any idea about wildlife, when you look at their so-called platforms – the environment means to them only energy usage, for humans. It’s appalling the lack of knowledge of the environment and ecology that is presented in many (not all) news articles. They have an obligation to do better.

    In her own way, Secretary Jewell has been one of the worst Interior Secretaries we’ve ever had, because it’s about only about people with her. Luckily, after November there will be someone new, and hopefully somebody decent who knows about the job, not given the position as a reward for political support, before any more animals go extinct! I have absolutely no idea why Hillary Clinton chose Ken Salazar as her transition team leader either, other than political reward.


  17. BLM’s Wild Horse Advisory Board Just Voted To Kill All 44,000 Captive Wild Horses In Holding
    Patricia Bumgarner

    The Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board has just voted in favor of killing all the wild horses currently in short term and long term holding, approximately 44,000 horses. The only NO vote on the Advisory Board was from Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation.

    Being extremely fond of euphemisms, the BLM uses the term “euthanasia” which is incorrect – that term only applies to suffering or ill horses – these are healthy horses and it is murder.

    The intent behind this vote was to send a strong message to Washington, DC so that this might happen. Dean Bolstad, Division Chief had been alluding to killing the captive wild horses earlier in the meeting.

    This is BLM’s endgame for our wild horses.

    Please speak up – send comments to the Advisory Board ASAP at this address: whbadvisoryboard@blm.gov

    You can email the bloody-minded Advisory Board individually as well:

    June Sewing: mustangs@infowest.com; Fred Woehl: prtfred@gmail.com; Robert Cope: cowdoc75@hotmail.com; Julie Weikle: jweikeldvm@yahoo.com; Jennifer Sall: jen.sall@gmail.com; Sue McDonnell: suemcd@vet.upenn.edu; Steven Yardley: steven.leslieyardley@yahoo.com; Ben Masters:

    and you can thank Ginger Kathrens for standing strong in the face of such complete and utter disregard for the interests of our wild horses and burros: Info@thecloudfoundation.org.

    Tell Dean Bolstad what you think: dbolstad@blm.gov

    Then call Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior:(202) 208-3100

    Then write your Congressmen and Senators


  18. You don’t negotiate with criminals
    This was all planned in advance, but “they” are apparently behind schedule?

    OCTOBER 2008
    BLM Alternative Management Options

    Click to access BLMFOIA.pdf

    Page 18
    Euthanasia of Animals for which an Adoption or Sale Demand Does not Exist

    Page 19

    Page 20
    Under this option, any facility could become a focal point for public, media or Congressional attention.
    Increased levels of security would be needed at all locations, or the activity may need to be moved off-site to a more appropriate and secure facility.

    Page 21
    A new policy for the euthanasia of animals for which an adoption or sale does not exist could be developed and issued by JANUARY 1, 2009. A moderate increase in the number of animals euthanized across all facilities could begin SOON AFTER THIS DATE

    Euthanizing HEALTY ANIMALS creates emotional stress which can lead to compassion fatigue for those involved in the process


  19. Federal Embezzlement Laws
    Embezzling federal money or property is a specific crime, charged in federal district court.

    The key is that the defendant had legal access to another’s money or property, but not legal ownership of it. Taking the money or property for the defendant’s own gain is stealing; when combined with the fact that this stealing was also a violation of a special position of trust, you have the unique crime of embezzlement.
    Offenses That Can Be Charged Under State or Federal Law
    Federal Embezzlement Categories and Punishments
    Federal embezzlement laws are broken down by the type of money or property stolen. Here’s a short description of each category, and the associated penalties. Convictions whose fines are $250,000 are felonies; convictions with fines of up to $100,000 are misdemeanors.
    Programs receiving federal funds
    Theft of livestock
    This section addresses the embezzlement of livestock, money, or other property worth $10,000 or more, that is connected with marketing or selling livestock in interstate or foreign commerce. Penalties include a fine up to $250,000, up to five years in prison, or both. (U.S.C.A. § 667.)


  20. Title 18 or the United States Code regarding falsification of legal documents.
    Making false statements (18 U.S.C. § 1001) is the common name for the United States federal crime laid out in Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code, which generally prohibits knowingly and willfully making false or fraudulent statements, or concealing information, in “any matter within the jurisdiction” of the federal government of the United States, even by mere denial Title18 U.S. Code § 1519 – Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations
    Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)
    US Code


  21. What am I missing on June Sewing? She never seems to be in support of the wild horses. I don’t know anything about Jennifer Sall other than she has trained some mustangs for a ranch (hunting guide?). I am surprised that a veterinarian would recommend wholesale euthanasia of healthy animals. Shocked really. Or is BLM couching their requests with ‘either/or’ scenario? It seems there is quite a bit of behind the scenes skullduggery that is going on.

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  22. Media Contacts & Addresses

    To find the correct address to use when writing letters to reporters, editors, producers and executives of major news media outlets, use this directory. Staff positions at media outlets are constantly changing, so names are not listed. Many media outlets now have web sites and e-mail addresses that you can use to share your comments. Usually, newspapers list that information on the editorial page.


  23. I think that BLM should be shot, they all worst at horse management. This very bad thing there are doing they are nothing but pigs. I hate people for this, they are nothing but murders. They disguise me


  24. Can anyone elaborate on how much weight advisory board votes have on actual BLM management decisions? They have no legal authority, only acting as volunteer advisors, so this is an important distinction. We had recommendations from the NAS which were ignored to varying degrees, so how much does the tail wag the dog here?


  25. Writing letters to the “advisory” board, our reps as always is important and should be non-ending. In addition, set up a boycott of beef and let them know. It’s amazing how many people, whom I thought were dedicated beef eaters, have turned away from the product. Lastly, if all else fails, then sue the bastards.


  26. the comments here are fast and furious, as Ben Masters tries to defend his vote by rolling out the same old propaganda developed by the BLM..while complaining he has received death threats, yet defends what the board recommended- real and ongoing death threats to wild horses, being carried out by BLM in conjunction with their shoveling captured horses to slaughter buyers..go ahead-cry me a river

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    • I’m glad people are starting to speak up. Being told to be nice and try to work within a (corrupt) system only makes it easier for these people to do their dirty, evil work. Then they trot out that old vague ‘death threat’ defense thinking it will shut down any discussion, because we all know nobody wants to be associated with radical environmentalists! I’m so sick and disgusted. Well, prove it. I’m glad lots of people from all walks of life are sick of it too.

      The only ones doing any actual killing and making death threats are the wildlife haters, especially the wild horse and wolf haters, and the greedy, and some of the poorer excuses for media nowadays promote it. There are reams of proof of those kinds of threats, and with names. But somehow, that gets brushed aside.


  27. the fact is-Congress has directly addressed this “solution” by denying the use of funds to euthanize healthy wild horses..The fact that this board is so ignorant of the actual law, and would exceed their power and authority in this manner-puts them in the driver’s seat of the clown car..This board was put in place as a PR move by the BLM..to try and build a wall between them and the angry public..so go ahead and put your blindfold on and back up to that wall and take your medicine for blindly following where you have been led by the nose..Its embarrassing to have to beat up on stupid people, but better them than innocent wild animals who have no voice

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  28. I don’t know about any of you – but I am finding the advisory boards decision to kill the mustangs on venues all over the internet—the comments are what we would expect–maybe they finally overstepped their bounds.
    Let’s hope

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    • Lots of comments, Gail – but remember when Cecil, the lion was killed? Unbelievable number of comments – but where were these people for all the years and animals killed for trophies before that? Before social media! You’re right – I think if people don’t just comment, but write their DC representatives – MAKE NOISE! The thing is – stopping the killing is important, but more so – Making enough of a change that just maybe in all those millions of public land acres – finding a place for the horses to live – free! There are several zeroed out HMAs, I believe. Have to
      admit – wouldn’t be easy – but I think that was what Ginger’s work group on the Board was set up for!

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  29. Just so we all know how the advisory board is chosen, here is the answer from BLM which proves it is not a representation of the public, but instead they are chosen “BASED ON THE NEEDS OF THE TEAM” and we all know that management toward extinction is the objective of “the team” as instructed by the heads of the BLM & DOI & DOA.

    I asked BLM’s Debbie Collins awhile back, what the process was for the decision of the Board’s new members and here is her reply (and notice there is NO mention of members of the public volunteering or even being considered … so much for democracy and the American way):

    “Hi. No we can’t share who applied, only the final selectees. The selections start with recommendations from a BLM-FS team and moves up from there. The White House and DOI/DOA have the final say. The BLM-FS team memebers change based on the needs of the team. Selection process is still moving forward, but has not completed the process yet. Thanks.”

    Debbie Collins
    BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Program
    Marketing and National Information Center

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  30. DONT why would you do this? We protect manatees, wild dophins, birds, insects but you would kill horses and burrors who for many years were are only means of transportation… wake up DONT do it


  31. what is the reason for the BLM wanting to kill these horses? Leave them run free.These animals are a big part of our AMERICAN CULTURE and HISTORY. It is horrendous what they suffer at the hands of man!!!!! PLEASE LEAVE THEM LIVE AND BE FREE>


  32. With amazing public outcry beginning in April of this year, with 50,000 emails and letters sent and three legal actions filed, the BLM finally got the message that the American public would not stand for the barbaric sterilization experiments they had planned for 225 wild mares in a filthy holding facility in Burns, Oregon. The BLM called off the Wild Mare Sterilization Project at 3 am on Friday, September 9, 2016.

    I personally want to thank all of you who wrote, emailed and called, some of you every day, Oregon State University to try to discourage them from participating in this inhumane butchery that the BLM had planned for 225 wild mares. Thank you to those of you who wrote articles in magazines and newspapers, who told your friends, and who spread the word. Thank you to the three groups/organizations who filed legal actions: Front Range Equine Rescue, The Cloud Foundation, American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and Citizens Against Equine Slaughter, Oregon Wild Horse & Burro Assn., Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition, and Wild Equid League of Colorado.

    We do make a difference and we can make a difference.

    When in late June this year, Republicans on the Federal Lands Sub-Committee launched a full out assault on wild horses on public lands in the West we found out what the plan was – to eradicate wild horses on our public lands using sterilization, and to euthanize the 45,000 wild horses and burros in holding facilities.

    We have stopped the first part of the plan, now it is time to work on stopping the second. When the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board voted to recommend on Friday, September 9, 2016 to euthanize (actually the correct word is kill) all 45,000 “unadoptable” wild horses that have been stockpiled over decades in BLM holding facilities, (the lone “no” vote being Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation) the gauntlet has been thrown down, the challenge is on for the second part of the plan.

    Hundreds of people have been writing me “what can I do to help?”
    Here is my answer.

    Write, call and visit your Senators and Representatives. Call the White House. Any action like this on the part of the BLM is going to require Congressional Approval.

    Here are the ways to contact them:




    Contact the press. Tell them what is happening, give them information, give them my contact info I am happy to be interviewed. Get this out in from of as many people as possible.

    Petitions – usually a waste of time. People sign them and think they have helped – no – we need you to start talking to people.

    Spread the word with your friends, family, groups, schools.

    Educate yourself. The issue is NOT that there is an overpopulation of wild horses and burros on our public lands – 70% of our wild herds have below 150 horses, which is below the level needed to maintain genetic viability.

    The BLM has been rounding up and stockpiling our wild horses and burros for decades, and they are continuing to round them up this year and even this fall! This must stop immediately. Wild horses need to be managed on the range, in their homes, with their families. They should be managed as the principle species in the Herd Management Areas on our public lands.

    What about the 45,000 wild horses and burros in holding? they should be returned to the 22 million acres that have been taken from our wild herds, that belonged to them at the time of the passage of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, and they should be allowed to live our their lives in peace and dignity, and freedom.

    These are OUR horses – they do not belong to the BLM, and we must take action to save them.

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  33. I am an American citizen and taxpayer.
    The BLM has no right to kill my wild horses. I propose the BLM BOD be disbanded and fired for bad management and illegal use of power and be investigated for fraud, corruption, and misuse of funds, power and management.

    In summary, the BLM’s master plan for decades has been to roundup, roundup, roundup until holding pens are busting at the seams to make it a crisis situation and at the same time do sterilization, selling to kill buyers to the slaughter house pipeline, gelding, spaying, busting up families, darting with birth control, running foals till they drop by helicopter, pushing herds out of safe protected areas, possible fire starting to burn grazing areas, fencing out of water areas, cutting fences of protected areas, destroying watering systems, to actually shooting and total eradication of wild herds. Along with selling out the public lands to cattle association members, oil, gas and mining corporations, and a full scale publicity campaign that blames the wild horses and burros for every problem on the public lands…from effecting hunting, populations of or antelope, sage grouse, cattle and ranchers welfare and future, to deterioration of the range and water holes and everything else they can think of to possibly kill off the wild mustang and burro. In-house BLM documents show their studies to complete this bizarre, inhumane, needless plan which is completely unacceptable to the American public who owns these wild horses the burros and the public lands.

    Why have the advocates have hit so many brick walls after thousands of letters and public outcries to protect these wild horses and burros? The BLM’s masterminded plan, funded by big interests like the Cattleman’s Association, oil, gas, and mining groups is a hidden agenda that must be uncovered and exposed by the national media.

    This internal BLM file is unbelievable. it is a road map plan to euthanize, sterilize, geld, zero out, spay, made 100% permanent infertile mares, big stallion to mare ratio and sale of all horses in holding pens without limitation. A MUST READ FOR ALL ADVOCATES TO UNDERSTAND the SERIOUSNESS and MASTER PLAN of the BLM now, not tomorrow, NOW!!!!!
    OCTOBER 2008
BLM Alternative Management Options


  34. RT,

    The transcript from Day 2 is cut off, the words don’t display on the right side. I’ve tried saving it, copying the full doc, copying it by page, and I still can’t get it to display properly. Call me paranoid but I think this was done intentionally. Do you have a copy that is complete?



    In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

    There is no person more hated in modern society than someone who tells the truth.

    There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true. Soren Kierkegaard


    • Not sure, but I just clicked on the transcript box and saw that the right hand side looks cut off – as you said. But there is a button that says “download” and when I did that (downloaded it) then the entire transcript is there with nothing cut off. Hope that helps you.
      BTW, RT posted BOTH day’s transcripts on his blog.
      PS I do think there is a section (page 60?) that is a duplication … but better these transcripts than none at all. BLM should have posted the entire video and all transcript for the public because certainly most people don’t have time to listen to it all “live”. Since ALL the public comment period (Thursday afternoon) was blacked out (how convenient) they have said they are going to post the entire thing online. We will see.


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