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Video: What Happens When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town

2013 American Equine Summit ~ Paula Bacon We will be featuring key presentations, everyday during this upcoming week.  The information contained within each is invaluable in fighting the horse-eaters and their propaganda.  Direct YouTube link for Paula’s presentation is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ROUB_3LV4c Related Articles Video: Understanding the Forces Behind Horse […]

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Videos Released of 2013 American Equine Summit

Update from Equine Advocates April 27, 2013 Video #1: Opening remarks from Jeffrey Tucker, EA Board Member, followed by welcome remarks from Susan Wagner, and speeches from the Summit’s Keynote Speaker, NY Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (sponsor of legislation A.3905) and NYS Senator Kathy Marchione (sponsor of legislation S.4615). Video #2:   Victoria […]

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Texas Senate Wants a Slaughterhouse!

There is no doubt that a certain breed of human enjoys making beer money from killing horses. Add that fact to the horse owners who have bought the pro-slaughter arguments hook, line and sinker. Between those two, and a few politicians, we have the perfect ingredients for an attempt to do away with the current Texas law forbidding the sale of horse meat and an attempt to open a horse slaughterhouse within the borders of the State.

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