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Video: What Happens When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town

2013 American Equine Summit ~ Paula Bacon

We will be featuring key presentations, everyday during this upcoming week.  The information contained within each is invaluable in fighting the horse-eaters and their propaganda.  Direct YouTube link for Paula’s presentation is:

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  1. Paula Bacon is someone to listen to carefully before passing any laws. She was on the front lines. She was in the trenches. She dealt with it all. Great speech during the Summit as well as all the others … We do LOVED Paula Bacon. 🙂


  2. Paula Bacon has given us the blatant and factual evidence and truth behind the horrors of horse slaughter which creates an invaluable educational resource of which to present and educate others. I can’t even imagine what it was like in Kaufman, TX at that time and understand that they are still dealing with the aftermath from it. Thank you so much Paula Bacon for believing in and caring about something deeply enough to fight to make a difference. We strongly agree and support you in our efforts to ban this injustice once and for all.


  3. WE LOVE PAULA! We love Kaufman, Texas. Illinois has been through it, but they took the junk in the trunk that this sinister business had to offer. The truth is NOW out there. There is no excuse for a single BLIND eye!


  4. Paula Bacon is a HERO to me…Representative Molaro also a HERO..He fought the fight and carried the bill to the end for us. Illinois fought a very courageous fight against Cavel, Intl. It wasn’t easy..Numerous trips to Springfield, listening to all the crap that the defense lawyers tried to present to our Legislators. I can’t tell you how many times I felt like jumping out of my seat listening to all the
    lies..The worse part was seeing the horses arrive day after day knowing that you could not save them on the spot. I always worried about my own horses because they were always boarded. I vowed that I would fight this inhumane and disgusting business..I don’t think that New Mexico wants to become the SLAUGHTER CAPITAL OF THE US…What’s a matter with your Legislators? Do they think she is lying about all her facts? Are they brain dead? This is a no brainer…..


  5. Yes. Hundreds of thousands of people would love to have a slaughter plant in or close to their town. Yes they would love to have a good paying job. Horses, just like cattle, sheep and goats, can be monitored at auctions. Yes processing plants can handle the amount of blood horses produce. It would actually drive down the price of your precious organic fertilizer since blood meal is an excellent “organic” fertilizer. Slaughter plants don’t smell as bad as feed lots and rendering plants. Not to mention someone isn’t going to plop a brand new plant in the middle of Chicago or NYC. It will be in an old cattle or horse processing plant, therefore property values will not be affected. As far as I and most unemployed people are concerned, an employed person is better than one who isn’t, especially the “wrong kind of people”. I have done my research and made a college degree out of it. Do your homework don’t just read propaganda.


  6. In 2003, I made this award winning short film while a graduate student at the University of Texas, featuring Mayor Paula Bacon about the efforts to shut down Dallas Crown… Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments on the YouTube site. I personally didn’t post it and had no idea until recently that someone else had done so. But I am grateful. And I am grateful to Mayor Paula and her dear friend Mary Nash, also featured in the film, who left us way too early…


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