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Pam McKissick Uncovers the Truth About Horse Slaughter

“Pam McKissick Without Reserve: Horse Slaughter” Radio Show to Air Locally in OKC on KOKC 1520-AM and in Tulsa on KTSO 94.1-FM This Sunday, March 17

NotOKTULSA, OK–(Marketwire – Mar 14, 2013) – Oklahoma House Bill 1999 and Senate Bill 375 allow USDA inspection of horsemeat… which means the horse slaughter industry can now do business in Oklahoma and horsemeat will be shipped to foreign countries for human consumption. Is that a good idea? The legislators say yes and 80 percent of the voting public say no. So how did these bills get passed? These questions and many more will be answered when “Pam McKissick Without Reserve: Horse Slaughter” airs locally this Sunday, March 17 on Oklahoma City’s KOKC 1520-AM at 9:00 a.m. and Tulsa’s KTSO 94.1-FM at 6:30 a.m. The one-hour show will also stream online at It is available free of charge to radio stations across the country through the Public Radio Exchange (

A third-generation Oklahoman, business leader, horse owner, rancher and veteran radio personality, Pam McKissick will host a thought-provoking one-hour show and will be joined by three of the most knowledgeable people on the topic who will share their insights and first-hand experiences. Her guests include Vickery Echoff, a U.S. journalist who has published 15 in-depth exposes on the horsemeat trade for Newsweek, The Daily Beast, and The Huffington Post; Mayor Paula Bacon of Kaufman, Texas who actually had the horse slaughter industry in her town along with pollution, crime and economic decline; and she’ll talk to Stephanie Graham one of the more informed horse advocates on what’s behind the rush to slaughter.

Pam and her three guests will give voice to “the other side” and will cover horsemeat in our food supply, life in a horse slaughter town in Texas and why Oklahoma legislature is putting a humane spin on an inhumane industry.

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    • these same people that promote for slider don’t care at all about the horses the pain or anything else all they are looking for is to put more money in their pockets.


  2. I am confused. Do you mean this has already passed and our tax dollars are now going to be spent for USDA inspectors so foreign business can now butcher American horses in the United States and then ship our butchered horses to be eaten in a foreign country? Why can’t they slaughter their own horses? Do you mean they can start slaughtering and causing misery,pain and horrific suffering to American horses for horse meat for foreign countries? Do you mean the American’s get to foot the bill for this, the upgraded sewer systems that will be needed and decreased property values and destruction of their town, so foreigners can eat American horses? How much do I earn off my taxes and how much money as a citizen do I earn to be horrified over all of this? I thought the majority 80 percent of citizens did not want horse slaughter. I thought the majority of Americans in this county want democracy. How did this happen. They are not getting a dime of my tax dollars to pay for this. They better hope they find some nickles up their butt, because, not mine.


    • you will not run a dime from for sliders a matter of fact you will be paying to subsidize it. and if you own a horse you stand the chance of losing it to 47 which will rise in the United States as a result of the horse slaughter plants is this what we really want?


      • Terri I stay up on as much info on horse slaughter and our Wild Horses. But I am not familiar with 47 to rise in the United States? Could you elaborate so I know how this affects all of us horse owners…Thank you


  3. I hope that whoever is investing in this “enterprise” loses every dime they have invested, and that they find it difficult to show their face in public in the future. Someone in the OK legislature has been paid off.


  4. you know why sky McNeil is doing this she wants to promote her horse auction in Oklahoma. it is big money to her and she doesn’t give a damn about the horses. the others are just looking to make massive amounts of money and avoid paying taxes and put a burn on the US taxpayer more of a burden that we don’t need. and there goes the safety of our food chain.


  5. Horses pulled the plows and buggies that made farming to feed cities possible, so that we.. in this day and age… are not STILL hunter/gatherers!

    Horses fought beside us in OUR many human wars; were terrified and suffered and died beside our ancestors.

    Horses were ridden and driven by our first settlers to migrate south from the colonies and west to spread our territories all the way to California and the state of Washington. Without horses, THAT WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE.

    Without horses the cattle from Texas and southwestern states would NEVER have made it to the rail yards to be distributed to feed the rest of the country, allowing it to grow to what it became right up until the combustion engine was invented!

    Without horses my children and grandchildren would not have experienced the wonder of our larger wilderness areas; the quiet of rides through wooded parks where deer stand to watch us go by; the cathedral like beauty of walking a narrow trail shaded by big trees, letting only filtered sunlight reach the leaf covered ground which muffles the foot falls of our trusted riding partners. For MANY of us who love nature, THOSE PLACES are OUR church!

    Horses are large and powerful animals. They must have been created by an ALL KNOWING POWER to allow humanity to progress, because without them SO much would never have happened. They partner with us, allow us to use their strength. From birth we teach our domesticated horses to TRUST US, to put their welfare in our hands; and in turn we trust them because with that strength any one of them could kill any one of us at any time one wanted. In return, that ALL KNOWING POWER certainly must expect us to appreciate the great gifts that equines have given to us.

    Horses are herd animals, evolved over millions of years to react quickly with fight or flight reactions as if their lives depended on it… which it often does… and sending horses through a concrete tunnel following other terrified horses, smelling the blood and fear.. is NOT IN ANY STRETCH OF REASON, a humane death. IF you POLITICIANS are intent on slaughtering our beloved companions for the often maligned (by YOU) FRENCH people to EAT… at LEAST do it in a humane manner! One at a time, terror and pain free! Don’t say it is too costly as the COST of ignoring the horror that slaughterhouses perpetrate on animals that WE have depended on for our very survival over hundreds of centuries, will be truly on the soul of America if we do otherwise! It was a TRUSTED EQUINE who carried the pregnant Virgin Mother into Bethlehem! Think about what that MEANS or SHOULD MEAN to the religious among us! Think of the responsibility we should feel re: that service!

    The lucky horses that lost their homes when WE lost our jobs, homes, and the American economy, were rescued to join the ranks of those who daily put smiles on the faces of our disabled children and returning veterans; even those suffering paralysis and traumatic brain injuries, helping them emotionally AND physically to RECOVER. These horses are not MEAT. They are FRIENDS. It does not take a rocket scientist (though I wish we had more who had that kind of IQ in government!) to understand the DIFFERENCE!

    Horse owners MIGHT listen to the political ‘reasons’ why SLAUGHTER is “good for horses” (which is asking us to believe insanity!) if the reasons were not SO INACCURATE and TWISTED to suit the purposes of BIG BUSINESS. For INSTANCE: there is NO EVIDENCE that an increase in the number of abandoned horses had ANYTHING to do with slaughterhouses shutting down years ago.. Anyone with a brain and ability to reason/read/understand graphs, will instantly be able to trace the UPTIC of horses-in-need to a direct correlation to families-in-need, ranchers-in-need, farmers-in-need… ALL due to the GOVERNMENT CAUSED DOWNTURN in the ECONOMY and lost jobs and foreclosed homes! So WE THE PEOPLE must demand that our politicans at LEAST be HONEST ENOUGH to put the BLAME for our horses’ plight right where the blame BELONGS… IN THEIR VERY OWN LAPS!


  6. So how long do you think it will be before the wild horses in BLM holding facilities are sitting in the slaughterhouse lines? They’re mostly free of the drugs we may administer to our domestic horses, and gee, wouldn’t that just take care of the problem of all the taxpayer’s money being spent to hold them in said facilities? This whole system stinks, and I’m thinkin’ ulterior motives at work.


  7. I feel sick by this horrible news. I can’t believe that we live in a democracy. Our voices, our petitions, our calls to our legislators, to the governor of Oklahoma, have all been ignored like the American people’s voices don’t count. That’s not democracy. That’s dictatorship. We will continue to fight this atrocity and horse slaughter will end once and for all in America. The suffering of these magnificent and intelligent animals has to stop. It is our sacred mission.


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