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Dear Horse Advocate: An Open Letter from Former Mayor Paula Bacon

By Paula Bacon, former Mayor of Kaufman, TX

The Former Mayor of Kaufman, TX Gives Tips to Help the Horses

Dear Horse Advocate,

When I was mayor of a city with a horse slaughter plant, the support, information and backing of horse advocates encouraged me, strengthened my convictions— you were essential to me and frankly kept me going. I want to thank you for your advocacy for horses. It is because of you that elected officials feel compelled or wise to support a ban on horse slaughter.

You are receiving this email because of your advocacy and because one or more members of the House of Representatives from your state is a good candidate to support and/or co-sponsor H.R. 2966 banning horse slaughter.  (Click HERE to find the Members that represent YOU)

This week congressional members are in their home districts.  This is an important opportunity for us to speak to members directly rather than trying to work through young staffers in D.C. 

Can you attend a public meeting or make an appointment to meet with the member this week? Also, do you know of other advocates in your state (constituents, friends, relatives of constituents, etc., in the member’s district) who could meet with the member?

It is very important.  We need as many people as possible advocating a ban on horse slaughter to their legislators.  We have strength in numbers.

Please call one of the Congressional member’s local district offices and find out when public meetings are scheduled for the representative. Or call and make an appointment to speak with the member personally this week. At a minimum, would you call, have others call, and speak directly with the member?

May I suggest that you choose and be ready with 3 major points, keeping your message simple and straightforward. You may want to thank the member for past support, and then to mention that…

  • Recent polls show 80% of Americans support a federal ban on horse slaughter.  Results crossed gender, political affiliation, urban and rural areas and geographic location. In our current political climate of divisiveness, a horse slaughter ban has broad political consensus.
  • The cost to taxpayers is millions annually, yet the market is foreign as are plant interests/ownership.  In these difficult economic times taxpayers would be forced to subsidize an un-American market with foreign interests and ownership that pays almost nothing literally in taxes and that represents a very small number of dangerous, minimal pay jobs, and which Americans do not support. This makes no sense.
  •  99% of horse owners choose to euthanize rather than having their horse butchered; horse slaughter is not a service offered to mom & pop horse owners.
  •  Horse slaughter is not a service or euthanasia. According to the USDA, only 4% of horses at slaughter are 10 years old or older;
  • The slaughter market encourages abandonment. Recent events in the news show horses rejected at the border are being dumped by kill buyers.
  •   Bring a copy of Trent Lott’s recent article on horse slaughter.  Lott is a highly respected former Congressman. Your lawmaker is the perfect audience for Lott’s message.
  •  If you have children’s letters, please share copies with the legislator; they are often very effective.

Practice your message aloud, anticipate concerns from your particular congressional representative.  A concise, effective rebuttal may be simply, ‘That makes no sense when you consider that…’ Stay COOL. Emotional doesn’t help us.

Remember to thank the legislator for past support and that you and thousands of voters look forward to him/her co-sponsoring H.R. 2966.

Thank you for your invaluable help. I apologize for not being more timely. All the same, Good luck! Please email me back with updates or if I can help you with any information.
Best regards,

Paula Bacon

“Write me, personally, for Paula’s email address at”~ R.T.

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  1. Thank you Paula. Unity and advocacy with numbers is power. May all horses benefit from such a vision. May horses who are starved to death such as in Bailey, CO. get help from public pressure and concerned citizens who will not tolerate such abuse/neglect any longer.
    When the system fails us, we still have our voice. Take Paula’s advice and speak to them, if you can. We here in CO. are still overwhelmed with this case, but determined to make a change.
    The cruelty and suffering to animals must end once and for all. Thank you to all who showed concern for the Bailey horses and spoke up. Monika


  2. Thank you so much for posting this R.T. and THANK YOU Paula Bacon for your advice, guidance and strength. Being in Oklahoma, where we have 18,000 wild mustangs in captivity, and in a State well known for killer buyers like George Baker out of Stroud, OK., we are deeply concerned about horse slaughter, transport to slaughter and horses being abandoned by kill buyers at the border after being rejected by Mexico veterinarians due to injury and illness. It is a very dirty business that attracts those who truly do not care about the horses welfare from beginning to end. I have scoured Dr. Temple Grandin’s web site, watched her videos on YouTube of her teaching, but there is not ONE video of her actually promoting horse slaughter, saying clearly it is or can be humane, or showing in a video how it has been humane during the time US plants were open. WHY? Because it is not possible.

    No one wants to be titled the Horse Killer State. People really do not understand what they would be inviting into their communities if a horse slaughter plant opened. And these days you cannot just open one in a rural area and go about your business. Google Maps and Satellite locations on the internet have taken that kind of “do it in hiding” off the grid so to speak.

    If and plant opens, the whole world will know where it is located, how many trucks are there, tags, how many horses in lots. The whole bit. They will NOT be able to hide this and people keeping tabs on this, will be alerting the public and media on a regular basis.

    Everyone who is pro slaughter needs to work one day on a kill floor. Especially any legislator that supports it.


  3. I recently wrote to my Rep and both Senators. All three of them support H.R. 2966.
    I received pretty much the same reply letter from both senators.
    (quoted)Thank you for contacting me in support of preventing horse slaughter. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue, and I share your concern for our country’s horses.

    We must continue our efforts to establish a permanent ban and stop the export of horses intended for slaughter abroad. That is why I have co-sponsored S.1176, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011. This bipartisan bill would prohibit the transport, export, or sale of any horse to be slaughtered for human consumption.

    The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act has been referred to the Senate Commerce Committee. As a member of this committee, I will keep working with my colleagues to see that S.1176 is passed by Congress and signed into law. (end of quote)

    It sounds encouraging!


  4. @ Horseshoe…your idea of the so and so’s working the floor is a good idea..but my idea is making it a family day; so the spouse and kids can join in…If there was some way to get to the wives of these political puppets …things would change pretty quick….


  5. Although I didn’t live in Texas, I sent a donation in for her campaign. She took on the misfits owning and operating the two slaughterhouses in Texas. I read her articles which told nothing but the truth about this. When Texas pushed to close the slaughter houses down, we too in Illinois sought to rid our state of this foreign company that did nothing but cause environomental problems and kill American horses. It was also not known to many that hundreds of horses were sent here from Canada to be slaughtered too. Pull up the story about Montana, who was purchased by the
    Killer Buyer who promised she would be going to a forever home. The owners found out three days later that she was sent to Cavel, Intl in DeKalb, Illinois to be slaughtered. She was one of the lucky ones who was saved thanks to an agressive DeKalb County Sheriff who would not leave Cavel, Intl
    until the horse was found. These kind of stories are not just isolated instances, but happened many many times and are documented. I will fight to the bitter end to protect our horses both Wild and Domestic, little burros and any other equine friend. Mr Trent Lott needs to step up to the plate big time because he did not help us years ago to get this bill passed. To my knowledge both my Illinois senators and my representative are totally supportive of this bill. However, you must keep the calls coming because as we have seen the twist of an arm could change a vote in a jack second. No slaughter or transportation out of this country EVER!!! Horse Illustrated has two articles, one in support of and one well written indicating why slaughter should never return to this
    country. Comments are also encouraged, so lets all get something in to them..


  6. I heartily agree with both Horseshoe Angel and Jim Tourangeau. If a slaughterhouse were to be installed anywhere in the State of Oklahoma, the State will immediately be blackballed; not only as an undesirable tourist destination but for her beautiful name will be sullied before the international community. Property values will plummet, major crime and gang activity will increase and it will bring an element of undesireables in to do the grisly work of the actual killing. Right now, Oklahoma has a reputation as a good place to find work, build and raise a family. Our climate is healthy, we have unpolluted waterways and endless trails, wilderness and wildlife. The slaughtering of horses will blacken our good name, mar our reputation and, instead of the wind sweeping down our wonderful, pristine plains, we will have rivers of blood and things will never again be as we now know them in the State of Oklahoma…


  7. Dear Paula Bacon,

    Good Morning Dr. Dodman,

    My name is Angela Garfinkel, I’m the Lead Equine Volunteer for the Agoura Shelter and the Treasurer of Healthcare for Homeless Animals a (501)c. It is my understanding that you are on the Advisory Board of Wild for Life Foundation located in Southern California. On Feb. 25, 2016 a non-profit affiliated with the Agoura Shelter, Friend of Homeless Animals hired a commercial hauler and we placed one pony mare, one miniature gelding and two goats with your foundation. Recently Katia Louise was evicted from the location in which our animals were placed in Anza, CA I contacted Katia via Email with concern for the animals, she simply responded that, I was misinformed and that the animals are fine. I know for a fact that the animals were removed from the above mentioned property along with approximately 85 other animals. The Riverside County Care and Custody has gotten involved and did in fact inspect one facility in which some of the animals were moved to. The officer involved counted approximately 40 horses and a couple of donkey’s. They reported that the horses were in very good condition. Sadly when Katia applied for the animals at Agoura Shelter her application stated that she had 72 horses. Of course myself and the Manager Denise Rosen of Agoura Shelter are concerned about the welfare of all the animals and would like to know where the rest of are.

    I’m hoping you will assist us in the location of the rest of the animals so that they can be inspected. I would like to visit any or all of the facilities in person and I’m more than happy to meet with Katia, but at this point I don’t believe she would allow me on the property(s).

    I sincerely hope you can help. I’ll look forward to hearing back from you.

    Most respectfully,

    Angela Garfinkel, Lead Equine Volunteer, Agoura Shelter (3 years)
    Treasurer, Healthcare for Homeless Animals, (2 year)



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