THE TRUTH #16 – FOIA documents reveal that Dave Duquette, employed by pro-horse slaughter organization Protect the Harvest, and 2 others, bought the 12 wild mares from the BLM that were spayed and sold in the “First Annual Wild Spayed Filly Futurity”

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THE TRUTH #16 – FOIA documents reveal that Dave Duquette, employed by pro-horse slaughter organization Protect the Harvest, and 2 others, bought the 12 wild mares from the BLM that were spayed and sold in the “First Annual Wild Spayed Filly Futurity”

To give some background and put the FOIA documents below into context, on August 17, 2017, pro horse slaughter organization Protect the Harvest posted:     “Protect the Harvest presents the First Annual Wild Spayed Filly Futurity: We are very excited and proud to announce the First Annual Wild Spayed Filly Futurity!  We want to thank the Burns, Oregon, Wild Horse and Burro managers for working with us to present this unique opportunity benefiting horses of the American West.  Ten selected fillies will be offered for sale at the 2017 Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity.  These fillies are invited back to the 2018 Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity to compete in their own division for a $25 K purse.”

(Note, 12 wild fillies were offered.)  On the Protect the Harvest website, on the page called “Meet the Fillies” you can see all 12 of these once wild horses.  On the Protect the Harvest page called “Wild Spayed Filly Futurity” they promote the barbaric spaying of wild mares.

In 2016, a lawsuit was filed by Front Range Equine Rescue against the Bureau of Land Management to stop the archaic and barbaric ovariectomies via colpotomy and two other experimental surgical sterilization procedures that had never been performed on any horses, domestic or wild.

Things seem to get murky because Protect the Harvest did not buy these fillies from the BLM.  Dave Duquette, employed as a “horse expert” by Protect the Harvest, and 2 other people personally bought the fillies.  It seems that Dave Duquette and the others then had the fillies spayed and sold as an activity of Protect the Harvest.  Another murky area is the question “Are wild horses being sold by the BLM to promote or fund experimental spaying or horse slaughter?”  Also, in FOIA records that we obtained regarding the OIG investigation into the BLM selling wild horses to kill buyer Tom Davis, it was clearly stated that the BLM had a policy to not sell wild horses for use in rodeos.

According to the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity facebook page, they are already selecting wild horses for the 2019 Snaffle Bit Futurity at the BLM Burns Corrals in Oregon.  On January 22, “Chilly morning in Burns Oregon @ the Wild horse and Burro corrals. We are here selecting the fillies for the 2019 Reno Wild Spayed Filly futurity.”


From a snippet from a BLM sale log obtained by FOIA, you can see that Dave Duquette bought 4 wild mares, Mollyanna Russell bought 4 wild mares and Peter Laizure bought 4 wild mares from the BLM’s Burns Preparation facility in Hines, Oregon.

We had to match freezemark numbers to names in the FOIA request above, since the names were redacted on the FOIA documents below.  All of the applications and Bills of Sales provided in the FOIA documents below have what seems to be “United Horsemen” (another pro-horse slaughter group) at the top of all of the pages.  The handwriting on Dave Duquette’s application and Mollyanna Russell’s application appear to be the same.  Both applications are dated July 31, 2017 and state that the intended use of the animals was “competition.”  Peter Laizure’s application, also dated July 31, 2017, asks in box #7 “Do you have wild horse, wild burro or livestock experience?”  The Yes box was checked, and in answer to “(if yes, include detailed description)” the word “Roundup” was written.



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United Horsemen likes to think “You’re eating a pony!”


You’re probably not one of the less than 5,000 people in the entire U.S. that visit the facebook page of the pro-horse slaughter United Horsemen.

In 2012, The Oregonian reported that Dave Duquette (the President of United Horsemen) was trying to start a horse slaughter plant in Hermiston, Oregon.  United Horsemen now seems to be defunct and relegated to the remnants on their facebook page.

Since then, Dave Duquette moved on to greener pastures working for oil millionaire Forrest Lucas as an “equine expert” for Lucas’  Protect the Harvest, a non-profit corporation that’s trying to bring horse slaughter plants back into operation in the United States.

And, in what can only be the ultimate in irony, Duquette is trying to convince the American people that the return to horse slaughter in the U.S. would mean “much higher welfare for horses.”

Below are some of the photos posted on United Horsemen’s facebook page.



Thanks to our guest contributor, wild horse & burro advocate Bonnie Kohleriter, for writing this article.  (And, for all of the other work she has been doing for many years.)

By Bonnie Kohleriter

October, 10, 2017

They came and took 10, two year old, sale authority mare wild horses from the BLM Burns, Oregon corrals, to be sterilized and subjected to training for a year for the Snaffle Bit Futurity Event in Reno, Nevada, sponsored by Protect the Harvest and billionaire Forrest Lucas.

Horse users who appear to think only about their purse and their pleasure are delighted.  Horsemen who think not only about their own needs, but also about the needs of the horse, are disgusted.

Yes, the policy of the BLM is that, if the horse has 3 strikes against it, it can be sold as “sale authority,” which means, take the horse for $25, do with it what you want, but just don’t turn it over for commercial use, namely for slaughter.*

Some Resource Advisory Council members (RAC members) and members of the community might think colpotomies (sterilization) and two year old training for a Snaffle Bit Futurity event and purse is great.  Others think it is not so great, but why?

Surgeons in well-known, prestigious veterinarian schools appear rarely to do ovariectomies in domestic or wild horses.  Why not? Ovariectomies may cause adverse hormonal problems.  Ovariectomies can cause tubal pregnancies or fetus abortions if the mare is pregnant.  Ovariectomies are invasive surgeries so need to be done in a sterile setting, which doubtfully was done here.  Ovariectomies, including colpotomies, have “risks” of death.  Ovariectomies have risks of infections that may cause death with severe pain, so appropriate medical equipment needs to be readily available, which doubtfully was the case here.  In short, ovariectomies have “risks” associated with them, and are not to be done lightly.

Then, the 10 horses bought were “2” year olds, whose skeletons, bones, and joints are not yet mature.  Veterinarians will tell you they may be walked under saddle at 2, but they should not be cantered or galloped with weight on them until they are 4 or 5, if you want a sound horse through its long life.  Yes, race horses are run at 2, but they often are retired at 6, 7, or 8, or face death at an early age.  In spite of this knowledge and information, the 2 year old horses will be expected, between ages 2 and 3, to be ridden, to be ridden hard, to be cantered and galloped, to make angular turns, and to do herd work, rein work, and fence work.  None of these expectations are in the best interest of the horses’ health and soundness over its life, but allow only for the possibility of the purse and pleasure of the moment at the expense of the horses.

Doug Williamson and Doc At Night winners of the 2002 Snaffle Bit Futurity in Reno, Nevada

The BLM appears to have a policy that wild horses can’t be used for rodeos as they are not rodeo stock.  Yet 2 year olds can be used for Snaffle Bit Futurity events, even though they risk soundness problems.  The 1971 Law said the wild horses and burros were to be “protected.”

A strike against a horse means it has been put up for adoption and rejected.  If done 3 times, it can be considered to be sold as “sale authority,” losing many of its protections.  It is difficult to imagine a 2 year old horse was put up for adoption three times in separate events and rejected.  Recently, the BLM at Litchfield in CA hosted a three day adoption event at its corral, after which it declared the horses to have 3 strikes against them.  This was done though the BLM rule is an event of some days is considered to be one strike.  It appears the BLM is becoming increasingly sloppy in its management of the wild horses and burros as it faces pressure from those who would simply kill them.  It appears “killing” has become fashionable in America.


U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah “jokes” at the Slaughter Summit, “The French think every horse should be Sea-Brisket”

Utah’s Rep. Rob Bishop (photo: BYU)

What did Utah’s Congressman Rob Bishop, who chairs the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee, say at the recent secretive “Slaughter Summit” in Salt Lake City, Utah?  (That he likely wouldn’t say publicly.)

“U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah took the stage holding a children’s toy stick horse and cracked a joke about riding a horse to work as Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has done in the streets of Washington.

Bishop, who chairs the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee, said that despite his holding a toy, the summit was addressing a serious issue that many across the country and in Congress don’t understand because they’ve been swayed by activists “who care more about fundraising opportunities than the animals.”

“There are members of Congress who truly believe that every horse is Seabiscuit.  Of course, the French think every horse should be Sea-Brisket,” he joked.  (Source:  Las Vegas Sun)

Hey, Rob what about all the money that Dave Duquette gets paid by Protect the Harvest to pimp for horse slaughter?  Duquette is really the one who “cares more about fundraising opportunities than the animals.”  Duquette, as you can see on his facebook page, is even building himself a big ol’ house outside Hermiston, Oregon.

This “Slaughter Summit” consisted not only of Rep. Rob Bishop’s bad “joke” and false “facts,” but also of secretive, closed-door meetings between special interest groups and the government employees pandering to them.  But, what happened in Utah will not stay in Utah.



Longtime Horse Slaughter Radical Gets Violent at Equus Film Festival

Source: opening opinion by R.T. Fitch

“Well, well, well, guess who crawled out from underneath his moldy rock and showed his hairy backside last week?  An old, has-been topic of many an OpEd here at SFTHH who we thought died and shriveled away when his cohort in crime, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallace, literally left the planet earth to go spend eternity in that special place where killers, and consumers, of companion animals go to rot.  Drum roll please; ole Dave “Doink” Duquette, the great failure of the west, reared his ugly head and laid his hands on a member of the press asking a well thought out question last Friday.  You see, when you corner an animal abuser with an intelligent question they respond in one of three ways; either they cuss, lash out or leave the room.  Duquette was, and is, too stupid to leave the room.  Known for eating horses, not training them, Duquette considers himself a Subject Matter Expert on murdering equines and then spreading out their body parts on the table for all the sickos to enjoy.  And whenever the subject of horse and donkey murder comes to light, or attempts to, there is Duquette spouting off non-nonsensical dribble laced with expletives because he wouldn’t know the difference between a pronoun and a dangling participial if they hit him in the the head.

Please read on about Doink’s abusive conduct and the thinly veiled horse slaughter organization that he belongs to which sponsored the festival this year.  It all stinks of decaying horse flesh and will make you want to shower, or at least wash your hands, after reading about this low-life.  Duquette needs to crawl back into that slimy hole from whence he came; the world has moved on and his primal urges are no longer considered acceptable in contemporary society” ~ R.T.

An employee of Protect the Harvest, wearing a Lucas Cattle Co jacket, Dave Duquette, violently grabbed the microphone from See’s hand, and continued to bully him in an aggressive manner.

Dave "Doink" Duquette: The Bully who gives the cowboy hat a bad name...(take it off in the house, Doink)

Dave “Doink” Duquette: The Bully who gives the cowboy hat a bad name…(take it off in the house, Doink)

New York City – On Friday the 18th at the Equus Film Festival during a panel discussion of horse welfare issues sponsored by Protect the Harvest, a reporter was assaulted and the microphone violently ripped from his hand mid-sentence. Clant Seay, reporter for, asked Duke Thoreson, owner of Thorsport Farms, if he was pro-slaughter.  The moderator of the forum stated “I’m getting the hook from the management, so what I’m going to do is thank the panel,” as she attempted to close down the discussion.  Mr See asked why he was being shut down from speaking, and explained he believed he was being censored, and “I believe we have a situation where money has bought and paid for a situation to dodge the issue.”  An employee of Protect the Harvest, wearing a Lucas Cattle Co jacket, Dave Duquette, violently grabbed the microphone from See’s hand, and continued to bully him in an aggressive manner.

Protect the Harvest, $100,000 sponsor of Equus Film Festival and sponsor of Thorsport Farms, is a Political Action Committee founded by Forrest Lucas, founder and owner of Lucas Cattle Company and Lucas Oil Company.  Protect the Harvest’s goal is to round up all mustangs and ship them to slaughter, open horse slaughter plants in the United States, deny any legal rights to dogs abused in puppy mills, sue any state that passes animal agriculture welfare laws, and generally oppose any law that furthers animal welfare goals.  In their logo, Protect the Harvest has a horse head, which would indicate they are in agreement with harvesting horses for food.

Duke Thorson, owner of Thorsport Farms, is no stranger to soring allegations.  Thorsport Farm has been investigated by the Humane Society of the United States and found to sore many of their Tennessee Walking horses.  Thorsport Farm horses are routinely barred from competing by USDA inspectors for soring violations.

Politics & Ranching Interests Will Overshadow Art at the 2016 Equus Film Festival

Guest OpEd by Susan Wagner, President, Equine Advocates

“Why did the organizers of the Equus Film Festival allow such a huge horse slaughter proponent who chairs and helps fund a pro-horse slaughter organization come on as its main sponsor?”

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

For a horse lover, film buff and native New Yorker like myself, what better experience could there possibly be than to see movies about horses at a film festival in one of the greatest cities in the world?

After all, New York is home to the world-renowned Tribeca Film Festival, as well as many others presented throughout the state, including the Chatham and Woodstock Film Festivals. All are celebrations of the art of film making and premier many future award-winning movies before they are in general release.

Sadly, the Equus Film Festival which runs from November 17th to November 20th in New York City has proven that it is clearly not in the same league with the others I mentioned or with the majority of film festivals that take place throughout the U.S. and Canada every year.

I and many other horse and film lovers will be boycotting this event for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the 2016 Equus Film Festival is being sponsored by the pro-horse slaughter, pro-puppy mill and anti-animal lobbying group, Protect the Harvest.

The chairman and founder of Protect the Harvest is oilman and rancher, Forrest Lucas, owner of Lucas Oil. He recently said of his group, “…we’re out here organized…” and “…we need to get horse slaughter back.”

President-Elect Donald Trump has Lucas on his short list for Secretary of the Interior. According to Politico, that prospect is being strongly condemned by environmental activists as well as animal advocates.

It seems Lucas has become involved in film to help promote his pro-horse slaughter/anti-animal agendas, as in his world, it appears that animals are definitely not sentient beings. Politico also reported that Lucas financed and produced a film called, “The Dog Lover,” which the news agency said, “…portrays dog breeders and puppy mills as being unfairly targeted by animal rights groups. The movie was backed by Protect the Harvest.”

Lucas also funded the new Sharon Stone feature film, “Running Wild” which will premier at the festival. The film has been widely criticized by horse advocates as it is being promoted by “horse slaughter pushers” intent on rebuilding equine slaughterhouses all across America. One of them is Dave Duquette, a close colleague of the late Wyoming state representative, “Slaughterhouse Sue” Wallis who dedicated her life to bringing horse slaughter back to the U.S. Duquette and Lucas are allies with the same deadly agenda for horses. Duquette was photographed on the set of “Running Wild,” posing for pictures with its star, Sharon Stone.

If Lucas gets into any position of power, horse slaughter will surely be back in this country with a vengeance. As Interior Secretary, he would oversee the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and America’s remaining wild horse and burro herds. He could condemn the 44,000 captured wild horses being held in long-term holding facilities to death. (These animals should be released back on the range.) Earlier this year, all except one member of the BLM Advisory Board voted to kill the horses but strong public outcry prevented that from happening and forced the agency to change course.

Why did the organizers of the Equus Film Festival allow such a huge horse slaughter proponent who chairs and helps fund a pro-horse slaughter organization come on as its main sponsor? With all the great companies out there that fund film festivals and the arts, how and why was Protect the Harvest given the opportunity to invade an animal-loving city like New York, using this film festival to further its pro-horse slaughter agenda?

What the Equus Film Festival organizers have done is extremely unfair to the legitimate filmmakers who worked long and hard to get their films ready for this event. Instead of this being an upbeat celebration of the Horse and serious discussion of equine issues, it will be marred by a pro-horse slaughter theme.

New York City is no place for this kind of politically-biased “film festival.” I’m staying home and watching “Black Beauty” instead.

In the Race for the Presidency, America’s Horses Could be the Biggest Losers

by Susan Wagner, President & Founder, Equine Advocates

All of the progress that has been made since the last horse slaughterhouse operating in the U.S. closed in 2007 is in danger of being reversed. This is why we are now urgently calling on President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to end horse slaughter before they leave office with an executive order and federal policy change to remove equines from the food chain entirely.  PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE.

Ken Salazar was one of the worst Interior Secretaries of all time and a disaster for horses. If he heads Hillary Clinton’s Transition Team, our hopes to finally see an end to horse slaughter could be quashed.



Both major Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have announced some disturbing appointments. If Hillary Clinton becomes President, Ken Salazar, the former Interior Secretary, ranked by many as one of the worst in American History (along with Albert Fall, James Watt and Gail Norton), has been named to head her Transition Team. Salazar was a huge proponent of horse slaughter long before he became Interior Secretary. In 2013, he resigned his position as Interior Secretary under questionable circumstances. It was revealed that under Salazar’s watch, Tom Davis, a known horse dealer and rancher, bought  1,794 Wild BLM Mustangs for just $10 apiece  and sold them for slaughter in Mexico. We believe having Ken Salazar in any position of power would be a continued threat to the safety and protection of America’s wild and domestic equines. Please read this article that appeared in the Washington Times:

Salazar’s agenda to “industrialize” the West and America’s Public Lands amplifies the threat to America’s remaining wild horse and burro herds. We believe the damage he did while he was in office continues to have detrimental and dangerous effects on the wildlife and the land. We implore Secretary Clinton to reconsider her appointment of Ken Salazar to her administration if she wins the election.

Equally horrendous is the list of horse slaughter proponents that Donald Trump has selected as part of his “Agricultural Advisory Committee.”  They include:

  • Forrest Lucas, oilman (Lucas Oil) and rancher- His political action committee (PAC), Protect the Harvest is, in our opinion, the most dangerous anti-horse/anti-animal PAC in the nation. He said of his PAC, “…we’re out here organized…” and “…we need to get horse slaughter back.”
  • Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma, who had signed a bill to legalize horse slaughter in her state
  • Bob Goodlatte, Congressman from Virginia and former chair of the House Agriculture Committee, a major force in blocking legislation to ban horse slaughter for years.


Forrest Lucas, head of the anti-animal/ pro-horse slaughter PAC, Protect the Harvest, is on a mission to bring horse slaughter back to the U.S. He is just one of numerous horse slaughter proponents named to Donald Trump’s Agriculture Advisory Committee.

For a complete list of Trump’s proposed Agricultural Advisory Committee members, click here:

In addition, Trump has former Georgia Congressman, Jack Kingston as one of his advisers and also as a media spokesperson. Kingston was a member of the infamous 2011 Congressional Conference Committee that voted 3-1 (along with Senator Ray Blunt and former Senator Herb Kohl) to bring horse slaughter back to the US. They based their votes on the special interest-driven Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report #11-228 on Horse Slaughter. John Holland, President of the Equine Welfare Alliance successfully proved that the GAO Report was, in fact, fraudulent:

Read the rest of this article HERE.

Pro-Horse Slaughter propoganda film “Horses in Crisis” backed by Super PAC & cattle activists


by Debbie Coffey         Copyright 2014           All Rights Reserved.


Boyd Spratling (Photo: BLM)

Boyd Spratling, a past President of the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association who’s currently serving as a BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board member, manages to further undermine whatever shreds might be left of BLM’s credibility by taking a seemingly prominent part in the pro-horse slaughter propaganda film “Horses in Crisis,” made by a group called Protect the Harvest.

At the end of this film, credits show the Protect the Harvest logo “in conjunction” with United Horsemen (the pro-horse slaughter group whose President is Dave Duquette).

The horse-eating "Doinkster"

The horse-eating “Doinkster”

This propaganda film is shockingly inaccurate.

While rancher Mike Stremler talks about horses starving on the range, the film shows a photo of a foal that was taken INSIDE of a BLM facility AFTER a roundup.

And you might wonder if Protect the Harvest bothered to get releases signed by wild horse advocates before inserting their images into this film.  Or, don’t they even know enough to Protect their Asses?

The film states that there are about 52,000 and possibly up to 100,000 wild horses on the range.  I wish.  But “Where’s the beef?”  This film omits any mention of the huge numbers of cattle and sheep that are devouring forage on public lands in the West.

Protect the Harvest was founded in 2011 by oil magnate Forrest Lucas (Lucas Oil Products), who also serves as its President.  Lucas also owns the Lucas Cattle Company of Cross Timbers, MO.  Lucas Oil has investments in Professional Bull Riders, Inc., and sponsors professional bull riding stars.

forrest-lucas Forrest Lucas (photo:

Protect the Harvest formed a “Super PAC” (a political action committee that can raise unlimited amounts of money) called “The Protect the Harvest Political Action Committee.”

This Super PAC’s treasurer, Brian Klippenstein, also serves as the Executive Director of Protect the Harvest.  Klippenstein spent 26 years in Washington D.C., and worked for Senators Roy Blunt and Kit Bond.

While the word “harvest” in “Protect the Harvest” may sound like it’s about protecting crops, most likely it’s the definition that means “to gather, catch, hunt or kill for human use, sport or population control.”

It appears that “Horses in Crisis” promotes the slaughter of wild horses.

Last year, Protect The Harvest aired radio ads in Oklahoma promoting legislation to re-instate horse slaughter.

Pro-horse slaughter groups seem to consist of cattle ranchers who dislike “animal activists,” so it’s ironic that since cattle and sheep are animals, and since the ranchers are cattle and sheep activists, the ranchers are actually “animal activists” themselves.