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Longtime Horse Slaughter Radical Gets Violent at Equus Film Festival

Source: opening opinion by R.T. Fitch

“Well, well, well, guess who crawled out from underneath his moldy rock and showed his hairy backside last week?  An old, has-been topic of many an OpEd here at SFTHH who we thought died and shriveled away when his cohort in crime, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallace, literally left the planet earth to go spend eternity in that special place where killers, and consumers, of companion animals go to rot.  Drum roll please; ole Dave “Doink” Duquette, the great failure of the west, reared his ugly head and laid his hands on a member of the press asking a well thought out question last Friday.  You see, when you corner an animal abuser with an intelligent question they respond in one of three ways; either they cuss, lash out or leave the room.  Duquette was, and is, too stupid to leave the room.  Known for eating horses, not training them, Duquette considers himself a Subject Matter Expert on murdering equines and then spreading out their body parts on the table for all the sickos to enjoy.  And whenever the subject of horse and donkey murder comes to light, or attempts to, there is Duquette spouting off non-nonsensical dribble laced with expletives because he wouldn’t know the difference between a pronoun and a dangling participial if they hit him in the the head.

Please read on about Doink’s abusive conduct and the thinly veiled horse slaughter organization that he belongs to which sponsored the festival this year.  It all stinks of decaying horse flesh and will make you want to shower, or at least wash your hands, after reading about this low-life.  Duquette needs to crawl back into that slimy hole from whence he came; the world has moved on and his primal urges are no longer considered acceptable in contemporary society” ~ R.T.

An employee of Protect the Harvest, wearing a Lucas Cattle Co jacket, Dave Duquette, violently grabbed the microphone from See’s hand, and continued to bully him in an aggressive manner.

Dave "Doink" Duquette: The Bully who gives the cowboy hat a bad name...(take it off in the house, Doink)

Dave “Doink” Duquette: The Bully who gives the cowboy hat a bad name…(take it off in the house, Doink)

New York City – On Friday the 18th at the Equus Film Festival during a panel discussion of horse welfare issues sponsored by Protect the Harvest, a reporter was assaulted and the microphone violently ripped from his hand mid-sentence. Clant Seay, reporter for, asked Duke Thoreson, owner of Thorsport Farms, if he was pro-slaughter.  The moderator of the forum stated “I’m getting the hook from the management, so what I’m going to do is thank the panel,” as she attempted to close down the discussion.  Mr See asked why he was being shut down from speaking, and explained he believed he was being censored, and “I believe we have a situation where money has bought and paid for a situation to dodge the issue.”  An employee of Protect the Harvest, wearing a Lucas Cattle Co jacket, Dave Duquette, violently grabbed the microphone from See’s hand, and continued to bully him in an aggressive manner.

Protect the Harvest, $100,000 sponsor of Equus Film Festival and sponsor of Thorsport Farms, is a Political Action Committee founded by Forrest Lucas, founder and owner of Lucas Cattle Company and Lucas Oil Company.  Protect the Harvest’s goal is to round up all mustangs and ship them to slaughter, open horse slaughter plants in the United States, deny any legal rights to dogs abused in puppy mills, sue any state that passes animal agriculture welfare laws, and generally oppose any law that furthers animal welfare goals.  In their logo, Protect the Harvest has a horse head, which would indicate they are in agreement with harvesting horses for food.

Duke Thorson, owner of Thorsport Farms, is no stranger to soring allegations.  Thorsport Farm has been investigated by the Humane Society of the United States and found to sore many of their Tennessee Walking horses.  Thorsport Farm horses are routinely barred from competing by USDA inspectors for soring violations.

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  1. I just realized he wore a blood red shirt (symbolic) and flared the raging bull inside himself…..and then I noticed the reporter doesnt even try to defend himself. He just allows the harrowing ordeal to complete itself. Duquette picked on the Older reporter just for using Freedom of Speech to ASK a question. Not to tell or provoke but ASK. Duquette is known for saying he prptects Freedom of Speech for rural America. He Only means HIS FREEDOM OF SPEECH and those cottonmouth snakes that follow his horse slaughtered corpses. This is exactly the way the plant connected people Actually behaved in Illinois. To anyone who believes they are civil and decent people saving horses they are exactly this above and you cannot Save what you Kill to sell body parts from. Please look at this man the Leader of Horsemeat Regime and ask do you want him attacking people randomly in you lovely horse community? NO! The reporter had been courageous and The Equine Film Festival receives 100,000 a year to be supported by brutal abusive horse slaughter and the panel was brainwashing people to believe its a bad market for horses. The ties to Big Lick Abuse and slaughter were obvious 3 yrs ago with the first donation but became clear 2 months ago as Dave bragged of his direct involvement. Horse slaughter is NOT animal Welfare. FREEDOM of Speech applies to everyone in America regardless of race, religion, political party, employment, background, or opinion. Freedom of speech is not to be twisted to only person version of freedom and Dave has always tried to manipulate it. I now shall take my soapbox and go laugh at his lunicy for the next ten minutes as well as say to the reporter You did well standing up in the face of Bull****!

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    • I think it was smart on the reporter’s part to turn the other cheek. Animal advocates are unfairly generalized as being radical (to be fair, they are some out-of-control people within the movement) while no one seems to hold the anti-animal welfare activists to the same standard. By virtue of him keeping his cool in a violent situation, it makes him and the equine advocates looks good and the pro-slaughter folks look like bullies.


  2. EQUUS has lost all credibility now because they let this happen. There is little they can do now. The genie(money)is out of the lamp and EQUUS is the one who rubbed it.

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    • I just replayed the video on YouTube at reduced speed and noticed Duquette is given a hand signal to go after the reporter by an aged man in a dark purple cardigan who shows up around the time the moderater is told she is being “given the hook.” Does anyone know who this man is?

      Also noticed after DD swiped the mike he turns away, switches hands, then turns back at the reporter as though he’s about to strike him with that mike, then turns back to the “sweater guy” who adjusts his sweater and then turns away. The whole deal looks like a setup against what seems to be a pre-approved question from the reporter.


      • U ROCK ICY SPOTS WAY TO PAY ATTENTION! U saw what they thoughts are doing sneaky! And all this sneaky shady aggressive vile behavior tells me! There IS AN EVIL ORG/GROUP SECRET SOCIETY OF SUM TYPE BEHIND ALL THIS!!!!! And they like being CRUEL.HURTING OTHERS & PROFITTING OFF THEIR PAIN& MISERY IS HOW THEY ROLL!!! We Must STOP THEZ morally bankrupt scum bags ASAP!!!!!! B4 they KILL everything we love& take everything we NEED!!!


      • excellent find! Who is that sweater-person that teamed up with Slaughterhouse Sue (she is deceased) old buddie Dave D?? Sure looks like a planned set-up to keep any mention of horse slaughter out of the Equus Film Festival event. That Journalist should make much more of the assault. When Salazar threatened to punch a journalist over a horse slaughter question he wrote a story about it. Salazar ended up resigning soon after.

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  3. What a surprise!! Excellent comment and rap up of the session. He’s still a low life…And yes he needs to crawl back from wince he came!! I’m sure Sue is waiting for him Hell!

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  4. America’s finest, reminds me of how Ken Salazar reacted when asked a question by the media he couldn’t bring himself to answer honestly, either. So much for free speech and any moderating force of journalism. Interesting to see Duquette’s (wife? girlfriend? friend?) faintly try to stop him as she stood up to confront the reporter. Wonder how often she has to deal with similar dominance displays.

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  5. Since around half our ice-free lands are already being used for agriculture (and quite a lot is too steep or cold to grow anything) and we already have credible estimates of human populations reaching or exceeding 9 Billion by 2050, it’s pretty easy to understand we have to increase — double actually — food production just to feed people. Whether this is possible or not remains an open question, but it is clear that protecting species which others see as food will not be easy or eventually even justifiable. I find this prospect appalling but these realities undergird the efforts to keep the horse industry slaughter pipeline flowing, along with various income streams which perpetuate this unsustainable system.

    Nothing is sacred when people are hungry enough, least of all other people’s opinions.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  6. Like a DEVIL being excorcised they rebel, resist, deny, lie, squirm, get violent spew nasty evil words…..BUT EVEN THE WORST DEMON CAN BE REMOVED & PUT BACK WHERE MEANT TO B!!!! So is this Evil ANIMAL Torture& Murdering BULLY IS stronger/more piweeful than the most evil DEMON????HELL NO! & he’s got to go where he belongs!! With 4walls& 1door!!!!!! KILLING USA PROTECTED INNOCENT FREE ANIMALS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!! WE DON’T KILL OR EAT🇺🇸 HORSES U EVIL PUKE! But he does devils work so they will keep him 2CONTINUE being a KILLER. Bcuz they are ALL JUST AS EVIL& CORRUPT! NOT part of the solution then u r part of the problem.. 3outa4people oppose THIS “PROBLEM” but they DO NOT CARE BOUT U.S. OR OUR MAJESTIC TREASURES!!! Just GETTIN BLOOD RICH OFF OUR WILD MUSTANG$& U.S.!!!!!!!!! Same CALIBRE OF PEOPLE are in human trafficking, organ harvesting,& yes even murder2keep lies secret! They are bottom of barrel & running/ruining OUR country one horse, buffalo, fracked creek, poisoned river, broken bias courtroom, At a time!!!! WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS, TOO BAD OUR LEADERS ARE NOT!! America’s FUTURE IS IN jeopardy with them in charge. Was once told OUR next corrupt leader will make HITLER look like preschool teacher… & yes that could be trump! He has NO MORAL COMPASS& he said “u come after me, I’m gona come after you”! So we& our HORSES are screwed! & that other Nasty “man” GETTING NOTHING for his VILE ACTIONS IS UNFATHOMABLE!!!! WE allow this???We will JUST gona get MORE OF IT!!!! Then it’s our bad too!!!! PLEZ HELP CREATE A COUNTRY OF KINDNESS WE CAN B PROUD OF AGAIN! Remember HORSES built OUR COUNTRY & “They” ARE JUST wrecking IT!!! NOT ok2 ME


  7. My best guess is this “Protect the Harvest” group are the ones trying to “buy” all the 45,000 wild horses in long & short term holding and any extras rounded-up for meat slaughter, in America. The Wild horse federal advisory committee already mentioned a couple months ago they wanted to get rid of all the wild horses in holding. Lucas cattle Corporation is probably right in the middle of a new American horse meat expansion as partners with our federal government. That’s why they hired Dave D.

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