Please Comment on BLM’s Plans to Destroy and Slaughter Three Herds of Wild Horses in the Wyoming Checkerboard


by Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

It is a very familiar and unwelcome feeling that I have, writing about the BLM’s plans to roundup and remove over 55% of the wild horses in the Wyoming Checkerboard. It seems like just yesterday I was writing about this plan that affects wild horses on 2.4 million acres in Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin. The last roundup was in 2014 when 1263 wild horses were removed from their homes and lands. 14 died during the roundup and over 100 died in short term holding facilities in the four months following the roundup.

This time, however, the situation facing the wild horses in Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Greek Divide Basin is much more dire. The consequences of being rounded up and removed from public lands could not be more serious because right now the BLM is asking Congress to lift the restrictions on killing and slaughtering wild horses, and every one of the 1560 wild horses that the BLM is planning to remove is facing imminent death. The BLM does not consider in its Environmental Assessments what will happen to the wild horses that are removed according to their Proposed Actions. They do not care about the suffering, illnesses and deaths of the horses and they do not care about you and I, the taxpayers, funding a lifetime of each horse being kept in pens, in captivity. It is a wasteful, cruel and insane policy that favors overwhelmingly corrupt livestock interests who get to graze and overgraze their private livestock on our lands, losing millions of dollars on this program each year.

In this Proposed Action, the BLM is pandering to the Rock Springs Grazing Association, which only has 24 members, and whose grazing rights on public land are a privilege, not a right – but they don’t see it that way. Land swaps could have easily solved the problem of the checkerboard of public and private lands, but it is not in their interests to cooperate. They want to control all the land. And they want the horses gone at any cost. But 70% of the land, of the 2.4 million acres in Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin is public land. It should not be managed as if it were all private land, but it is. We stopped the 2016 Checkerboard Roundup because we won an appeal which said that the BLM cannot manage all these lands as if they were private.

This time, we need your help to speak up, write the BLM and demand that they select Alternative C – no roundup or removal.

The BLM should not be allowed to move forward with this roundup only on the basis of an Environmental Assessment.

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Please Comment to Protect Wyoming’s Wild Horses from the Devastating 2017 Checkerboard Roundup


Adobe Town Family

by Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Please Comment by April 4, 2017 on the Checkerboard 2017 Roundup

The BLM was unable to roundup wild horses from Salt Wells Creek, Adobe Town and Great Divide Basin in 2016 because we won a lawsuit that prohibits the BLM from managing the wild horses in the Checkerboard using only Section 4 of the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act, which allows them to remove wild horses from private lands.  Because the Checkerboard includes public lands, it is illegal to manage them as if they were privately owned by the ranchers demanding these roundups.  In order to legally roundup wild horses from the Checkerboard, the BLM must prove that the numbers are above Appropriate Management Level, or AML.  Now, they are not even conducting a census to prove this, instead they are “projecting” that the horses are over the high end of AML.

Roundups cause the destruction of hundreds of wild horse families, as well as injuries and death to the horses as they are chased by helicopters and flee in terror into traps.  These captured wild horses are chased into trailers and taken away from the only home they have ever had to end up spending the rest of their days languishing in holding corrals with no shelter.  Only a lucky few are adopted by members of the public and these do not always mean good homes – the return rate back to the BLM for adopted or purchased wild horses is over 50%.  Many many of these horses will end up at slaughter in Mexico.  There is no good reason to roundup and remove these horses from Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin.

I have been following and observing and photographing the wild horses in these three herd management areas for the last 13 years. These horses are uniquely suited to this sometime harsh high desert environment.  They are the last three largest herds in Wyoming, and they deserve to be preserved on our public lands.  Although the Checkerboard presents challenges to BLM management because of its pattern of public alternating with private lands, that is no reason to cave into petty demands from the Rock Springs Grazing Association, which is made up from less than 25 members.  These wild horses are valuable to us, the American public, and so every effort must be made to preserve them here where they were found at the time the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act was passed.  These horses were here long before the Grazing Association, and now what needs to happen is land swaps to consolidate blocks of public land that the horses can continue to roam upon.  Managing the wild horses on the range, on our public lands where they can continue to roam free and making these necessary land swaps happen is what the BLM needs to be working on, not perpetuating this every 3 year pattern of roundup, removal, then warehouse our wild horses.  The Field Manager of the Rock Springs BLM Field Office has been quoted as saying: “For all intents and purposes, we consider the Checkerboard private.”  But it is NOT private.  In fact, over half of the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin Herd Management Areas are public land, that belongs to us, the citizens of the United States of America, not the Rock Springs Grazing Association.

Great Divide Basin Family

This time, the BLM wants to remove 1029 wild horses: 584 removed from Salt Wells Creek, 210 removed from Adobe Town, and 235 removed from Great Divide Basin.

They are not even calculating their numbers from an actual aerial census – they are making these numbers up.  Every year, the BLM conducts and aerial census in late April, but now they are just “projecting” the numbers.

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Carol Walker on BLM’s plan to wipe out Wyoming wild horses on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 9/7/16)



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Our guest is Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

The Bureau of Land Management is planning to remove all wild horses from Checkerboard lands in three of the largest remaining herds in Wyoming: Great Divide Basin, Salt Wells Creek, and Adobe Town. This roundup is catering to the Rock Springs Grazing Association, whose members own or lease the private land parcels in the Checkerboard and graze their livestock on the public lands through grazing leases in over 2 million acres. The BLM is ignoring the fact that over half the land in the Checkerboard is public land, belonging to all of the citizens in the United States. BLM Rock Springs Field Manager Kimberlee Foster publicly states: “For all intents and purposes, we consider all of the checkerboard private.”

Even though the BLM rounded up with helicopters and removed 1261 wild horses from this area only two years ago, they are now planning to remove at least 500 wild horses this fall. While this is going on, an appeal was filed in the 10th Circuit Court by AWHPC, the Cloud Foundation, Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation and photographer Kimerlee Curyl, and oral arguments for the case will be heard in September.

Carol Walker’s website is and you can see her photography of wild horses at

16CarolWalker002      Carol Walker

This show will be hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

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Please Comment on the BLM’s Upcoming Checkerboard II Wild Horse Wipeout Plan



By Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Here I am posting again about the Checkerboard, just two years after the Checkerboard Roundup in the fall of 2014.   1261 wild horses were removed forever from their homes and families because a powerful association of greedy ranchers think that the public lands that they lease to run livestock on belong to them.  Yet again, they want all the wild horses removed from 2 million acres in the Red Desert of Wyoming.

The BLM does whatever the ranchers say, and in fact, the Field Manager of the BLM Rock Springs Field Office says “For all intents and purposes, we consider the Checkerboard private.” But it is NOT private. In fact, over half of the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin Herd Management Areas are public land, that belongs to us, the citizens of the United States of America, not the Rock Springs Grazing Association.

Now RSGA demands that 500 more horses be removed from these three huge Herd Management Areas, and soon there will be very few horses left even in the large public areas of these three areas. Because you see, horses do not stay in one place. They move where the forage is and in the winter, they move from the public part of the Herd Management Areas to the Checkerboard where the weather is milder. In the last Checkerboard roundup, which began in September, the BLM blamed advocates who brought a lawsuit trying to stop the roundup for more horses being rounded up, because it delayed the start by a week. This time, the BLM is going to start much later, mid-October, so that even more horses will have moved into the Checkerboard.

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, the Cloud Foundation, Carol Walker and Kimerlee Curyl brought a lawsuit during the last Checkerboard roundup, and it is currently in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. The issues are the same – the BLM is treating the Checkerboard as if it is all private land and the wild horses are strays that must be removed. This is not true. If the BLM is allowed to continue to remove wild horses from private lands as an excuse to remove them from public lands, then the wild horses across the West are vulnerable to the whims of private rachers who want them ALL removed from public lands.

Because the plan was to remove as many wild horses as possible from these areas, the helicopter roundup took a very different turn in 2014 than roundups I had observed in the past. Old horses who were barely able to run, and normally would not have been pursued, were chased for miles to get them into the trap. One family of wild horses were dripping with sweat and exhausted before they were finally driven into the trap after two hours of being chased relentlessly by the helicopter. Pregnant mares and mares with small foals were chased as well for many miles. After the roundup when the horses were in the temporary holding pens, many horses died from breaking their necks on the panels, and after they were sent to short term holding many more died – over 100 died in just a few months. In Rock Springs, the mare pens were so overcrowded that newborn foals died. And these horses in holding can be sold for slaughter. Only a small percentage are adopted.

When you comment, the most powerful and effective way to do that is to use your own words and send comments directly to the BLM.

Some Points to cover:

The BLM cannot use a request to remove horses from private land as an excuse to remove wild horses from public lands – this is illegal. They cannot treat the entire Checkerboard Area as if it is all private land, nor can they treat the large tracts of public land in these Herd Management Areas as if it is private land. This will set a terrible precedent for wild horses across the West – this will leave them at the mercy of livestock ranchers who want all our wild horses removed from public lands.

This plan will bring the Great Divide Basin Herd Management Area to below the low end of the Appropriate Management Level, AML for this herd – and this is a violation of the Federal Land Policy Management Act, FLPMA. The Resource Management Plan is currently being revised for this area, but until it is revised, they must follow the existing AMLs for these three Herd Management Areas.

There was supposed to be an Appendix V in the EA which covered the impacts of livestock grazing – this was not included in the EA, despite my calls and emails. How can you possibly analyze impacts upon the Environment without taking this into account?

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Wild Horses: Wyoming’s Governor Seeks Complete Annihilation of His State’s Wild Horses

By Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation


Wild Mares In Salt Wells Creek rounded up in December 13, given birth control released, then rounded up again and removed two months ago

It was not enough for Wyoming Governor Matt Mead that 1263 wild horses were removed from Wyoming’s Checkerboard lands just two months ago. Right after the roundup was completed, he complained that in another few years there would have to be another roundup, and also whined about the public not being on his side. Well now Wyoming has filed suit against the BLM claiming there are too many wild horses in Wyoming, even though after the recent roundups, according to the BLM’s own figures, the current wild horse population of Wyoming is only 2508, which is far below the state’s Appropriate Management Level for wild horses. Press release from Mead’s office:

Family of wild horses in Adobe Town 1 week before being rounded up and sent to Rock Springs corrrals

It was not enough for Mead that the BLM spent $535,000 of our taxpayer money two months ago rounding up wild horses in the Checkerboard to appease the Rock Springs Grazing Association.

Somehow Mead has also conveniently forgotten that two of the BLM’s Field Offices in Wyoming are very successfully using birth control to manage wild horse populations – the McCullough Peaks Herd managed by the Cody BLM Office and the Red Desert Complex, managed by the Lander BLM Office. But Mead has no interest in controlling populations of wild horses using birth control – he just wants them gone entirely.

Mead seems good at completely ignoring facts when it suits him – this is my favorite:

“Herds will continue to exponentially grow beyond what the BLM determined is ecologically appropriate for each herd management area (HMA). These herds have population growth rates that range from as low as 25% to as high as 58% each year.”

In order to attain a 58% population growth per year, the stallions would have to become pregnant and bear foals.

Older mares in Canon City - many have freeze brands - they were treated with birth control but removed anyway

If Mead wants the BLM to remove all the wild horses removed from Wyoming, there is a problem. Currently, there are over 50,000 wild horses in holding facilities, and most of them are bursting at the seams. There wasn’t even room for all the wild horses rounded up from Salt Wells Creek, Adobe Town and Great Divide Basin in the Rock Springs and Canon City corrals, so they had to send 100 youngsters to a burro facility in Utah. Perhaps Governor Mead would like the wild horses to be gunned down by helicopter like they do in Australia.

Older wild stallions now at Canon City

Governor Mead’s plan for Wyoming will leave a special interest wasteland devoid of wild horses, with drilling pad after drilling pad and public lands grazed down to the dirt by livestock. What he fails to understand is that these are NOT Wyoming’s wild horses NOR do these public lands belong to Wyoming – the wild horses and the public land belong to all of us, the taxpaying citizens of the United States of America.

Small family of wild horses in Salt Wells Creek a week before being removed

Greedy welfare ranchers dictating public land use…Wyoming wild horse roundups to begin


PLAINTIFF Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation writes:  BLM is being “very vague even about when they will allow public observation, saying it depends upon weather, if it is on private land or not, and told us they will inform us the night before public observation is available – basically making it as hard to get there and be there as possible.”


Appellate Court Denies Emergency Motion and Allows Unprecedented Wyoming Wild Horse Roundups On Public Lands At the Request of Private Landowners

Denver, CO (September 10, 2014) – Today the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit denied an emergency motion to block the Bureau of Land Management”s (BLM) wild horse roundup in the Wyoming Checkerboard. The motion was filed by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC), The Cloud Foundation, Return to Freedom and wild horse photographers Carol Walker and Kimerlee Curyl.

The one-sentence decision by the Tenth Circuit does not address any of BLM’s admitted violations of the Wild Horse Act and clears the way for the roundup of more than 800 wild horses from public and private lands in the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin Herd Management Areas. The helicopter capture operation is scheduled to begin this week after being twice delayed by the lawsuit filed by the wild horse preservation groups and advocates on August 1, 2014.

Read the rest here.

Court Grants Emergency Injunction to Delay BLM Wyoming Wild Horse Roundup

An update from Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, who is a plaintiff in this Wyoming case.


Salt Wells Creek Wild Horse Family

For Immediate Release

Court Grants Emergency Injunction to Delay BLM Wyoming Wild Horse Roundup

Cheyenne, WY (August 29, 2014)…..Late yesterday, the U.S. District Court in Wyoming granted an emergency injunction to delay until September 12 the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) planned roundup of more than 800 wild horses from public and private lands in the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin Herd Management Areas (HMAs) in an area known as the Wyoming checkerboard.
The injunction allows the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, The Cloud Foundation, Return to Freedom and wild horse photographers Carol Walker and Kimerlee Curyl the opportunity to appeal the district court’s denial of our motion for a Preliminary Injunction to stop the roundup, which was also issued late yesterday.

In response to the rulings, the plaintiffs issued the following statement:

We are pleased that the district court in Wyoming has temporarily enjoined the roundup, but are disappointed in the court’s denial of our longer-term preliminary injunction request. This decision illegally elevates the interests of a small group of private landholders and ranchers over the broader interest of the American public and our federally-protected wild horses.

We look forward to the opportunity to challenge this decision in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. The ruling fails to hold the BLM to account for its flagrant violation of the National Environmental Policy Act and the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. Over 40,600 citizens have signed a petition opposing this wild horse roundup. Their voices are being ignored as the BLM marches to the tune of the Rock Springs Grazing Association, whose members view America’s cherished wild horses as competition for cheap, taxpayer-subsidized livestock grazing on our public lands.

We are hopeful that the Tenth Circuit will reverse the district court’s decision to allow the BLM to trounce federal law and the will of the people by proceeding with this unprecedented wild horse roundup without even attempting to comply with governing laws on federally protected public land. At stake is the integrity of well-established laws that govern the BLM’s management of our public lands.



BLM Delays Wyoming Wild Horse Roundup As Preliminary Injunction Motion Filed

Adobe Town Mares in 2010 Roundup

Adobe Town mares in 2010 roundup (photo by Carol Walker of Wild Horse Freedom Federation)

The update below was sent to us by Plaintiff Carol Walker, the Director of Field Documentation for Wild horse Freedom Federation, who has been documenting these Wyoming wild horse herds for 10 years.  

For Immediate Release

BLM Delays Wyoming Wild Horse Roundup As Preliminary Injunction Motion Filed

Rock Springs, WY (August 11, 2014)….The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has agreed to delay the proposed roundup of more than 800 wild horses in Wyoming to allow the court time to rule on a motion for a temporary restraining order and/or preliminary injunction filed late Friday by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC), The Cloud Foundation, Return to Freedom, and wild horse photographers Carol Walker and Kimerlee Curyl. The plaintiffs have requested a decision by August 29th.

The motion seeks to halt the roundup in the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Divide Basin Herd Management Areas (HMAs), which had been scheduled to begin on approximately August 20. In response the BLM has agreed to postpone the roundup until at least September 1, in order to give the court time to rule on the motion.

“This proposed roundup threatens to permanently remove all of the wild horses from the private and public Checkerboard lands within the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, and Great Divide Basin HMAs. BLM authorized this drastic management action without analyzing any of the environmental consequences of a wild horse roundup of this magnitude, or reasonable alternatives to this action, as required by [the National Environmental Policy Act],” the motion states. “Nor has BLM even purported to make certain statutory determinations required by the [Wild Horse Act] prior to the permanent removal of any wild horses from the range. . . . These clear-cut legal violations demonstrate that BLM’s decision is nothing more than a flagrant attempt to skirt the procedures dictated by governing law in a rush to permanently extirpate nearly a thousand horses from the range, including from public lands.”

The plaintiffs maintain that they will suffer irreparable harm if the roundup takes place and are asking the judge to enjoin the BLM from proceeding to remove the horses until after the merits of the case are heard.

The motion is the latest in the ongoing legal battle about the future of wild horses in the Wyoming Checkerboard, a more than 2 million acre swath of public and private land where more than half of the state’s remaining wild horse herds reside. In 2013, the BLM entered into a consent decree with the Rock Springs Grazing Association agreeing to remove all the wild horses from RSGA’s private lands on the Checkerboard and to consider, through the appropriate public process, zeroing out the wild horse populations in this area. These actions will essentially turn the public lands over to ranchers who graze livestock on these lands at taxpayer-subsidized rates.

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, The Cloud Foundation, and Return to Freedom, Carol Walker, and Kimerlee Curyl are being represented by the public interest Washington D.C. law firm of Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal.

BLM’s National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board Meeting in Riverton, Wyoming Aug. 25th

In the heart of Wyoming (and greedy cattle and sheep activists), the wild horses desperately need your voice and your presence, so please try to attend this meeting in Riverton, Wyoming on Aug. 25th (hotels/motels listed HERE).  Also, if the roundups are not stopped, please try to go to the roundups that are supposed to start Aug. 20th.  Bring a friend.  Invite media to both this meeting and to the roundups.

If you can’t be at this meeting, send the media and your Congressional representatives the article about this written by Carol Walker and the press release by the Cloud Foundation that were posted here the past week.

Again, here in America, you can make a public comment and say anything you want (brave Americans have died so we could have fee speech), even if the BLM wants you to think your comment “should” only pertain to topics listed on their agenda (per statement written below).   -Debbie



Bureau of Land Management

[LLWO2600000 L10600000 XQ0000]

Notice of Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting

AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior.

ACTION: Notice.

SUMMARY: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announces that the Wild Horse

and Burro Advisory Board will conduct a meeting on matters pertaining to management

and protection of wild, free-roaming horses and burros on the Nation’s public lands.

DATES: The Advisory Board will meet on Monday, August 25, 2014, from 8:00 a.m.

to 5:30 p.m. Mountain Time. This will be a 1-day meeting.

ADDRESSES: This Advisory Board meeting will take place in the Little Theater

(SC 109), located in the Student Center Building of Central Wyoming College, 2660

Peck Avenue, Riverton, WY 82501, telephone 1-800-735-8418.

Written comments pertaining to the August 25, 2014, Advisory Board meeting can be

mailed to National Wild Horse and Burro Program,WO-260, Attention: Ramona

DeLorme, 1340 Financial Boulevard, Reno, NV 89502-7147, or sent electronically to  Please include “Advisory Board Comment” in the subject line of

the email.


Burro Administrative Assistant, at telephone 775-861- 6583. Persons who use a

telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) may call the Federal Information Relay


Service (FIRS) at 1-800-877-8339 to contact the above individual during normal

business hours.  The FIRS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to leave a message

or question with the above individual. You will receive a reply during normal business

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board

advises the Secretary of the Interior, the BLM Director, the Secretary of Agriculture, and

the Chief of the Forest Service on matters pertaining to the management and protection

of wild, free-roaming horses and burros on the Nation’s public lands.  The Wild Horse

and Burro Advisory Board operates under the authority of 43 CFR 1784. The tentative

agenda for the meeting is:

I. Advisory Board Public Meeting

Monday, August 25, 2014 (8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.)

8:00 a.m. Welcome, Introductions, and Agenda Review

8:40 a.m. Approval of April 2014 Minutes

9:00 a.m. BLM Response to Advisory Board Recommendations

9:20 a.m. Wild Horse and Burro Program Update

12:00 p.m. Lunch

1:00 p.m. Public Comment Period Begins

2:30 p.m. Public Comment Period Ends

3:00 p.m. Working Group Reports

3:45 p.m. Advisory Board Discussion and Recommendations to the BLM

5:30 p.m. Adjourn


The meeting site is accessible to individuals with disabilities. An individual with a

disability needing an auxiliary aid or service to participate in the meeting, such as an

interpreting service, assistive listening device, or materials in an alternate format, must

notify Ms. DeLorme 2 weeks before the scheduled meeting date. Although the BLM

will attempt to meet a request received after that date, the requested auxiliary aid or

service may not be available because of insufficient time to arrange it.

The Federal Advisory Committee Management Regulations at 41 CFR 101-6.1015(b),

requires the BLM to publish in the Federal Register notice of a public meeting 15 days

prior to the meeting date.

II. Public comment procedures

On Monday, August 25, 2014, at 1:00 p.m., members of the public will have the

opportunity to make comments to the Board on the Wild Horse and Burro Program.

Persons wishing to make comments during the Monday meeting should register in

person with the BLM by 12:00 p.m. on August 25, 2014, at the meeting location.

Depending on the number of commenters, the Advisory Board may limit the length of

comments.  At previous meetings, comments have been limited to 3 minutes in length;

however, this time may vary.  Commenters should address the specific wild horse and

burro-related topics listed on the agenda.  Speakers are requested to submit a written

copy of their statement to the address listed in the “ADDRESSES” section above or

bring a written copy to the meeting.  There may be a webcam present during the entire

meeting and individual comments may be recorded.


Participation in the Advisory Board meeting is not a prerequisite for submission of

written comments.  The BLM invites written comments from all interested parties.  Your

written comments should be specific and explain the reason for any recommendation.

The BLM appreciates any and all comments.  The BLM considers comments that are

either supported by quantitative information or studies or those that include citations to

and analysis of applicable laws and regulations to be the most useful and likely to

influence the BLM’s decisions on the management and protection of wild horses and

Before including your address, phone number, email address, or other personal

identifying information in your comment, you should be aware that your entire

comment—including your personal identifying information—may be made publicly

available at any time.  While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your personal

identifying information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to

do so.

(Authority: 43 CFR 1784.4-1)


Gregory Shoop

Deputy Assistant Director

Resources and Planning

[FR Doc. 2014-17378 Filed 07/24/2014 at 8:45 am; Publication Date: 07/25/2014]