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Please Comment on the BLM’s Upcoming Checkerboard II Wild Horse Wipeout Plan


SOURCE:  wildhoofbeats.com

By Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Here I am posting again about the Checkerboard, just two years after the Checkerboard Roundup in the fall of 2014.   1261 wild horses were removed forever from their homes and families because a powerful association of greedy ranchers think that the public lands that they lease to run livestock on belong to them.  Yet again, they want all the wild horses removed from 2 million acres in the Red Desert of Wyoming.

The BLM does whatever the ranchers say, and in fact, the Field Manager of the BLM Rock Springs Field Office says “For all intents and purposes, we consider the Checkerboard private.” But it is NOT private. In fact, over half of the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin Herd Management Areas are public land, that belongs to us, the citizens of the United States of America, not the Rock Springs Grazing Association.

Now RSGA demands that 500 more horses be removed from these three huge Herd Management Areas, and soon there will be very few horses left even in the large public areas of these three areas. Because you see, horses do not stay in one place. They move where the forage is and in the winter, they move from the public part of the Herd Management Areas to the Checkerboard where the weather is milder. In the last Checkerboard roundup, which began in September, the BLM blamed advocates who brought a lawsuit trying to stop the roundup for more horses being rounded up, because it delayed the start by a week. This time, the BLM is going to start much later, mid-October, so that even more horses will have moved into the Checkerboard.

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, the Cloud Foundation, Carol Walker and Kimerlee Curyl brought a lawsuit during the last Checkerboard roundup, and it is currently in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. The issues are the same – the BLM is treating the Checkerboard as if it is all private land and the wild horses are strays that must be removed. This is not true. If the BLM is allowed to continue to remove wild horses from private lands as an excuse to remove them from public lands, then the wild horses across the West are vulnerable to the whims of private rachers who want them ALL removed from public lands.

Because the plan was to remove as many wild horses as possible from these areas, the helicopter roundup took a very different turn in 2014 than roundups I had observed in the past. Old horses who were barely able to run, and normally would not have been pursued, were chased for miles to get them into the trap. One family of wild horses were dripping with sweat and exhausted before they were finally driven into the trap after two hours of being chased relentlessly by the helicopter. Pregnant mares and mares with small foals were chased as well for many miles. After the roundup when the horses were in the temporary holding pens, many horses died from breaking their necks on the panels, and after they were sent to short term holding many more died – over 100 died in just a few months. In Rock Springs, the mare pens were so overcrowded that newborn foals died. And these horses in holding can be sold for slaughter. Only a small percentage are adopted.

When you comment, the most powerful and effective way to do that is to use your own words and send comments directly to the BLM.

Some Points to cover:

The BLM cannot use a request to remove horses from private land as an excuse to remove wild horses from public lands – this is illegal. They cannot treat the entire Checkerboard Area as if it is all private land, nor can they treat the large tracts of public land in these Herd Management Areas as if it is private land. This will set a terrible precedent for wild horses across the West – this will leave them at the mercy of livestock ranchers who want all our wild horses removed from public lands.

This plan will bring the Great Divide Basin Herd Management Area to below the low end of the Appropriate Management Level, AML for this herd – and this is a violation of the Federal Land Policy Management Act, FLPMA. The Resource Management Plan is currently being revised for this area, but until it is revised, they must follow the existing AMLs for these three Herd Management Areas.

There was supposed to be an Appendix V in the EA which covered the impacts of livestock grazing – this was not included in the EA, despite my calls and emails. How can you possibly analyze impacts upon the Environment without taking this into account?

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  1. R.T. How do I forward you something? Vilchek is speaking at Arizona State University soon.

    Diana Stuart Morristown, AZ diastu46@gmail.com On Sep 6, 2016 11:05 AM, “Straight from the Horses Heart” wrote:

    > debbiecoffey posted: ” SOURCE: wildhoofbeats.com By Carol Walker, Dir. > of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation Here I am posting > again about the Checkerboard, just two years after the Checkerboard Roundup > in the fall of 2014. 1261 wild horses were rem” >


  2. The recent actions of the Fish and Wildlife “Service” in WA state, killing 12% of the recovering wolf population (the Profanity Peak pack) by gunning from helicopters on PUBLIC lands at the behest of a disgruntled cattle rancher for supposed predation on his unmonitored cows is a good example of the egregious arrogance these livestock operators have with assuming THEIR right to public forests and lands for their profit making businesses. Western Watersheds Project and Center for Biological Diversity are leading the effort to push back against these creeps. By the way, the official agency recommending the killings—the Wolf Advisory Group—is made up of some awfully conflicted, devious “enviros”—-the HSUS, Defenders of Wildlife, and some others I can’t remember. They essentially caved to the sacrificing of these rare predators, that keep herbivores in balance and a thriving ecosystem in good health. I condemn these groups that put the knowledge of science and good sense behind the placating of renegade livestock owners. Livestock grazing allotments should be taken OFF the roles in public lands. These people are not entitled to the grazing and ruining of these iconic and precious places where wildlife needs what little is left after the humans took over.


  3. These horses have been through enough! As Americans we OWE THEM FOR HELPING BUILD OUR COUNTRY, FIGHTING OUR WARS alongside OUR soldiers! They gave their lives too. We are not a village of idiots! Your ridiculous requests for M.Pickens Mustang Monument PROVE U DON’T PLAN ON HELPING HER OR ANY HORSES! The BLM HAS A HAND IN HER HORSES BEING KILLED. Imagine bein Free for centuries then a BROKEN CORRUPT EVIL GROUP OF SECRET “people” WANT THEM to suffer& DIE! Will they finally quit when they KILL their 90% of these majestic BEAUTIFUL CREATURES off? They almost there!!Mustangs under terrorism attack from Their OWN COUNTRY!SHAME ON ALL THE LIARS RUINING OUR LAND & everything on it for MONEY. FRACKING, hacking, attacking, lying denying, BOGUS Bill’s laws etc, ANIMALS feel your GREED W/ their lives!SHAME ON THESE DECEIVING CORRUPT MORALLY BANKRUPT INDIVIDUALS BENT ON USA’ DESTRUCTION! Unforgivable acts of cruelty.Anyone else b put in jail but BLM GETS PASS2KILL 800,000 innocent beautiful creatures! DISGUSTING LEADERSHIPS@PLAY


  4. Did send a comment after getting a request from Wild Horse Freedom blog. This never stops! When are we going to actually SEE consequences for the BLM and the cattlemen? It sure would be sweet to just once see them get slapped down and the horses come out on top(well, maybe lots more than once)!

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    • “When are we going to actually SEE consequences for the BLM and the cattlemen?”

      When there is nothing left but a barren martian landscape. This is what happens when you let neocorporativism take the reins. Remember that when you go to the polls in November


      • Daniel, I find both of our primary Presidential options are neocorporative-owned, so guess your comment indicates paying more attention to electing members of Congress? I can’t get any of the folks running in my state to even take a single position on anything relating to the SAFE Act or wild horses and burros.


  5. Why do we have to continue to kill our animals, they have but 1 life, cattle are raised to eat, they should die, let the horses live, & be free. We should not ship & slaughter
    our horses! Please stop this!


  6. Please leave them horse’s alone, they are doing nothing wrong, all you want is to lease public land, to anyone who can pay. U are the worst horse management I have ever seen, I will not stop writing post. Until you are gone. So you will be hearing a lot from me.


  7. It is not necessary to wipeout whole herds/families,thus attempting to “get rid” of the wild equine population;it is unethical and wrong;it is a horrid stain on the fabric of American history withhorses;we are being judged by every civilized society in one agency’s drive to eradicate one of the greatest animal species of our lifetime and it is a real shame.


  8. I am so Sick of the “BLM” Evil and Corrupt.

    Thousands of Mustangs disappearing out of facilities in Kansas, Colorado, Nevada, Montana. Obviously making room for new one’s coming in this year. Only to disappear eventually.
    In Wyoming over a year ago an Advocate was hysterical about the Mustangs disappearing.
    There are dirt pits, mounds at each of these locations questionable mass graves and burials and some burn areas with aerial footage proves this, no longer on Google earth.
    I’ve heard a reliable source seeing truck loads late night shipping Mustangs out and more likely slaughter? Why else do they ship late night?
    POS Organization……….


  9. How can we find out what is in the mounds of dirt in the drone pics at BLM facilites ? One pic shows what appears to be horses’ bodies in a pit.


    • 1) Higher resolution pictures
      2) A graphical intelligence analyst
      3) Do another drone flyby and take close in pictures

      In all cases BLM will say these horses died of “natural causes” i.e. neglection.


  10. This annihilation of our wild horses is not in keeping with the law or the wishes of the American people who own the land and who own the wild horses – it is completely biased and favored toward a special interest group – in this case the RSGA. This in itself is illegal and often called “Regulatory Capture”. Regulatory capture is a form of political CORRUPTION that occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or special concerns of interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is charged with regulating. Regulatory capture is a form of government failure; it creates an opening for firms to behave in ways injurious to the public (e.g., producing negative externalities). The agencies are called “captured agencies”. This is BLM.


  11. To the advisory board,
    No horses should be continued to be taken off the range due to the fact you have no room in holding. Start the PZP implementation and release the horses in holding back to their native lands. It seems to me after 40 years, you guys should have already come up with a plan, but now is as good a time as any to stop what your doing and follow the Academy of Sciences recommendation that we payed for and start using the PZP. You guys are either just too lazy or want to make a buck. It’s really hard for you to see the obvious? We want OUR wild horses on OUR lands. Manage don’t kill. Not part of the Free Roaming law! Assateague does a wonderful hub with it and now it’s your turn to actually get out there and manage. Feed them. Water them, manage them. Stop taking them from their homes and families.
    Sincerely, Sheryl Barnes

    Sent from my iPhone


  12. It is unconscionable to round up these animals and murder them, I assume you are doing it because of profit from cattle ranchers and other special interest groups. Whatever your reasons, they are wrong, and not only should our tax dollars be spent elsewhere, but your thinking and bases for action are purely outrageous.

    These animals harm no one, they assist in the terrain and balance of necessary ecosystems and they belong to the people of the United States. Your job is to implement the wishes of the many, though your actions here do not reflect it. It is more than heartbreaking to see this going on in all of our states, like a mass murderer insanity that I cannot understand.

    Leave the horses alone, focus on some other avenue that will help rather than destroy life and sanity. You have to know that what you’re doing is wrong, in this era of chaos step forward and do the right thing. Stop capturing, murdering and selling our beautiful beautiful horses.


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