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Are North America’s Wild Horses Native?

paper written by Jay F. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. and Patricia M. Fazio, Ph.D. “The non-native, feral, and exotic designations given by agencies are not merely reflections of their failure to understand modern science, but also a reflection of their desire to preserve old ways of thinking… Are wild horses […]

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Endangered Wild Horses Released in China

“Its “Feel Good Sunday” and whenever I read or hear of horses being “released” instead of “captured” it always gives me a good feeling, to say the least. The stories of wild Takhi being reintroduced into the wild by Mongolia, Russia and now China has interested Terry and myself as we feel the United States may find itself in the same position, very soon, as our government removes and warehouses the last of our free roaming while equines. This past July Terry and I traveled to Mongolia to witness the fruits of their reintroduction effort, if you have not read the brief recounting of our adventures you can do so in the Sept. issue of trueCOWBOY Magazine by clicking (HERE). Enjoy your day!” ~ R.T.

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